Pacquiao deserves highest honors


LAS VEGAS, Nevada: I am convinced that Manny Pacquiao did not feel too sore in the shoulder, so he decided to push through with his bout with Floyd Mayweather, Jr. last Sunday in Las Vegas.

With what were at stake, to call off the fight was unimaginable.

After over five years of waiting, he probably thought, “It’s now or never.”

But Pacquiao showed good faith in disclosing the “torn tissue” in the right shoulder, which did not stop him, anyway, from aggressively pursuing the undefeated Mayweather.

Unfortunately, the elusive opponent may have taken advantage of such injury which the Pacman aggravated during the intense fourth round.

There are claims that Mayweather may have known about the injury, in fact, the American was repeatedly warned by the referee for clipping Pacquiao’s right arm.

During my interview with the Filipino champ at his Beverly Hills home Tuesday (Wednesday morning in Manila), he told me he believes in his heart that he outpointed Mayweather enough to have been declared the winner.

Even some of the biggest names in the boxing world like Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield and Oscar dela Hoya are convinced that Pacquiao fairly won.

For how could Mayweather have prevailed with more hits when he retreated and clung to Pacman for the most part of the match?

But, the Filipino champ himself graciously abided by the judges’ unanimous decision in favor of homeboy Mayweather.

Lapses committed by his handlers in properly disclosing the shoulder ailment prior the fight are insignificant in that Pacquiao clearly brought the fight to Mayweather.

It is Floyd who should be made to answer to the outrage over the uneventful boxing match dubbed as the “fight of the century.”

It is the so-called “pound-for-pound king” that single-handedly killed the thrill for the sport.

In the wake of the controversy over Mayweather’s questionable victory, the five-year old rivalry remains an “unfinished business.”

And, only a rematch can set the record straight.

* * *

Such malicious and frivolous “class suit” for perjury filed against Manny in Vegas will not prosper.

And, it will not in any way diminish the appreciation and admiration the Filipino nation has for the Pambansang Kamao.

Sans the stunning championship belt that was stolen from him on Sunday, Pacquiao triumphs as the great fighter of the century.

Instead of unjustly portraying and demonizing this world sports icon as a “tax evader,” the Noynoy administration should instead pay tribute to Pacquiao as a living legend.

In fact, the Philippine government must bestow Pacquiao the highest honors for earning the country accolades that no other Filipino in any field of endeavor has ever accomplished in the same magnitude.

I humbly propose that the 16th Congress take the initial steps to make this possible.
For once, do the right thing!

* * *

In a related discussion, I would like to echo the timely commentary of my colleagues at TV5, Atty. Mel Sta. Maria and my co-host Martin Andanar, that it is high time that the government give all-out support to the sports sector.

The issue, of course, came up after last Sunday’s Pacquiao-Mayweather bout that practically held the world on a standstill and “froze” time, particularly in the entire Philippine archipelago.

Metro Manila’s streets were literally deserted that morning.

As a consequence, there was “zero crime incidence” for the duration of the 12-round chicken run by Mayweather and foot chase by Pacquiao.

“If such a feat as zero crime incidence can be achieved by a single sports event, imagine what a fully supported sports program can accomplish,” says Atty, Mel.
Martin concurs, “A no-nonsense sports program, in fact, could be the key to the elusive peace that all the while we’ve been searching for.”

I agree a hundred percent that both the government and the private sectors must pursue this stroke of genius by my colleagues.


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  1. Mang Karpio, don’t waste your energy on a moron like dustin.Morons do not deserve this kind of attention. Hello dustin boy,eat your vegetables so that you may grow big and smart-you might still have hope.

  2. It was a close fight. the reason Mayweather keep on running and hugging Manny is because he is afraid from the solid punches of Manny might KO him. It does look boring but that maybe that’s the strategy of Mayweather, as with Manny he did not fight wisely and counter Mayweather tactics, secondly, size matter in boxing, Manny is shorter which means his reach is shorter, and have difficulty making a hit while mayweather has a longer reach that he does not have to come closer to make a hit. lastly, it looks like a hometown decision. In a close fight it usually favors the host fighter which is an American fighter in American soil. yes the judges maybe biased. fights like this should be done in a neutral country like Macau. as for his lawsuit on his injury, the Nevada Commission maybe in cahoots with continuing the fight regardless because this mega fight brought a lot of revenues to Las Vegas and postponing will only hurt or maybe cancel the fight altogether losing these revenues. so the fans should also file a lawsuit against the Nevada Sport Commission. if this is one of the reason and defense tactic of Manny for sure the lawsuit will be dismissed. lastly, Manny should have not complained about the injury since he decided to continue the fight, instead he should have complained about the judges biased judging and want a rematch in another country. I am not in favor of Manny being honored since he broke some of our laws already and that is tax evasion, gambling in cockfighting, and no shows in congress and have not passed any bill, instead he went playing basketball in PBA that contributed to his injuries. He is a bad example. But he is one of the greatest fighters I admit. just not too smart. The one to be honored should one and only our Flash Elorde, he was disciplined and just focused in boxing nothing more nothing less and he is one of our greatest world class champions in boxing.

  3. Laguatan zen, you are an idiot. Floyd won the fight. Let me tell you manny doesnt stand toe to toe in any fight, he lunges in & out, zips from side to side, & when he sees the opportunity he throws combinations of punches. Now most of his opponents have been slow & he is able to land those combos, but floyd isnt an ordinary opponent. He is the guy that can make you miss whilst at the same time he can hit you, & that is the art of boxing. Floyds art is just better than mannys art.
    The reason the action is being taken is team manny knew he was injured & kept telling everyone he was the best prepared for this fight over any other fight. He was expecting to win by ko. They knew he was injured & wouldnt tell the fans & so the fans listened to the lies & the hype & backed manny & lost a lot of money. I know people who made a killing betting on floyd. So you filipinos wont sure manny but the americans will as they dont accept being lied to by someone that then costs them money. If it was floyd you had bet on & had lost money for exactly the same reason im damm sure every single filipino would also want to sue him, well sue manny like the americans are doing.

  4. Its not aggressiveness that scores points its effective aggressiveness. You can land 1,000,000 punches per round on the arms & shoulders & gloves of your opponent but they wont score you a single point. Your punches have to hit the scoring target. & irwin this is where im upset with you, it seems not a single one of you can graciously accept defeat. He at most won 3 rounds. Floyd won every other round. Listen to any impartial commentator on that fight, & thats people who do that for a living & every single one of them had floyd convincingly winning it. They were calling it a master class. Floyd made manny look average.
    & now it seems with manny himself disrespecting floyd in saying he won the fight it looks like floyd now wont give him a rematch, he only has himself & his ego to blame for that. Team manny told us day after day what they would do right up to fight night & they didnt deliver a single thing. He lost by a mile, get over it, floyd is & always has been the better fighter. If manny had been more aggressive he may have been kod by floyds straight right & thats why i personally think he wasnt so aggressive.

    • Mang Karpio on

      Listen dustin, I’m sick and tired of your moronic comments. Your un-american ways simply does not cut it Boy! You’ve always been a hater and yet you continue to participate and render your poor & demeaning sense of hatred against Filipinos. You should find yourself another website with people your kind who hates americans. I heard they’re looking for a mascot like YOU. Boy, you should be ashamed of yourself! For you dustin you should meet your friends broom and pan to sweep all the dirt coming out of your little kokote. Stop making your stupid and hateful comments. Listen to your mother that if you’ve gotten nothing good to say then shut-up and wash your mouth with soap…superwheel would do the trick.

  5. P.Akialamiro on

    Unless the basis of scores in boxing matches are changed to consider aggressiveness and active engagement are pluses, and, too much running and clutching are minuses, it was quite clear that ‘May-whatever’ won the fight held recently.

    While boxing is a physical sport, it’s primarily one of “brains”, and secondarily of “brawns”. Winning is the name of the game and not entertainment or viewers’ satisfraction. I hate to see Manny lose but, if I were ‘Money’, I would have done the same. Simply, “inutakan ni ‘Money’ si Manny at Freddie”. No sour griping!

  6. I appreciate Erwin Tulfo’s incisive commentary on Pacman’s achievements in the field of boxing. Although Pacman was already suffering from the excruciating discomfort of his shoulder injury, he still continue to finish 12 rounds of boxing just to please his paying fans, but unfortunately the performance of Mayweather is a dud, a running coward who did not live up to his promise in the pre-fight presscon to start the round aggressively at the opening bill. The “class action” filed in the U.S. District Court of Nevada against Pacquiao should have been brought against Mayweather who did nothing but run around the ring. That frivolous “class suit” will eventually be dismissed. There is no actionable ground to pursue the case.

  7. adam_d_langgam on

    pacquiao lost. mayweather was at his best. he was able to control the fight and implemented his fight plan to a “t”. pacquiao was the volume puncher that never was and money’s smarts negated all of pacquia’s attempt. the rematch will only result to the same boring fight and again mayweather’s victory. the only chance of pacquiao winning the rematch is if mayweather engage. fat chance. mayweather is too quick, too smart and too cunning for pacquiao.