Pacquiao doesn’t need a KO to beat Floyd – Koncz

Manny Pacquaio stretches prior to a training session at a gym in General Santos City, Mindanao. AFP PHOTO

Manny Pacquaio stretches prior to a training session at a gym in General Santos City, Mindanao. AFP PHOTO

MANNY Pacquiao’s long-time adviser Mike Koncz believes that the reigning World Boxing Organization (WBO) welterweight champion doesn’t need a knockout to give Floyd Mayweather Jr. the very first defeat of his boxing career.

Koncz, who served as Pacquiao’s eyes and ears in the United States during the time when the mega bout was still in the negotiation process, said that the Pacquiao camp already has a strategy for the Mayweather fight.

“Manny [Pacquiao] doesn’t need to force himself to knockout Floyd and I truly believe that we can win also by decision. It [knockout win]is not necessarily needed,” Koncz, told The Manila Times in a phone interview on Tuesday. He just arrived in General Santos from the United States on Monday.

“We have a very good strategy as we prepare for the fight, but of course I cannot reveal it to anybody,” added Koncz. “Manny also looks good in training. I see his determination. His condition is getting better each day.”

Koncz said that they would not focus on the judges when Pacquiao (57-5-2 win-loss-draw record with 38 knockouts) fights Mayweather (47-0 with 26 knockouts) on May 2 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

“Our focus is to win [the fight]and that’s Manny’s focus too. We’re not thinking of other things,” said Koncz, noting that Pacquiao’s hand speed, head and body movement will play a vital role in the fight against Mayweather who is known for his shoulder-roll defense strategy and counter-punching style.

“The training camp is also doing very well.”

Pacquiao’s business partner former world boxing champion Gerry Peñalosa, however, thinks otherwise.

“Las Vegas is Mayweather’s territory and his manager Al Haymon is also influential there that’s why I’m thinking that Manny needs a convincing win,” Peñalosa said. “If the fight goes the distance, Mayweather has a very strong chance [of winning]. But I still believe Manny will win the fight.”

“Manny needs to work very hard in his power, speed and stamina to beat Mayweather, which I’m very confident is doable,” added Peñalosa, a former WBO bantamweight and World Boxing Council (WBC) super flyweight champion.

Mayweather, who turned 38 on Tuesday, is the present WBC and World Boxing Association welterweight champion. His father Floyd Sr is training him.

Koncz also said that Pacquiao’s long-time coach Freddie Roach would come to Macau first to attend the fight of his Chinese ward Zou Shiming before flying to Los Angeles, California on March 8, to start Pacquiao’s training.

“We still have no any idea when we’ll leave [the Philippines]maybe a week or two since Coach Freddie will be coming from Macau,” Koncz said.


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  1. Koncz saying this makes me think the strategy is an early knockout. Keep in mind what a seasoned team says to the press, and what it does, are two different things. Mayweather is usually susceptible early in a fight– an over-the-hill Mosely nearly dropped him. Then he recovered and adapted; coasting to a decision. I think Roach will have Manny going for early stuns– tying up Floyd, using angles, combos starting with QUICK straight lefts– basically bringing the fight as much as possible without leaving Manny open for a big counter. Then if he does break through, bring the heat like he was 26-year old Manny. I believe if the fight goes past 5, Mayweather wins, and likely not because of corrupt judges. I can’t stand him personally, but Mayweather is an amazing boxer. He adapts to an opponent’s rhythm like no fighter I’ve ever seen. Manny has a good chance for an early stoppage though. He will need to be relentless when he hurts Mayweather (and he will at least once) early in the fight. Otherwise, Mayweather weathers the storm and wins.

  2. The judges will screw this fight up–no ?– I’m gonna throw something out there–a DRAW!! Just wait and see:)

  3. Manny gonna win inside six all this mayweather tricks coming to an end I believe he was forced to sign by showtime but seems he caught his confidence to beat manny but it is to his demise I believe all the lies and putting himself above boxing is going to be humbling, I hope he doesn’t get hurt too bad just stopped after a couple knockdowns!

  4. Manny has a very good chance to knock out the wife beater.
    I reckon Bradley is a tougher individual than Mayweather.
    Mayweather is skilfull but Manny is right up there with him on that as well as in experience.
    Everyone knows that………
    Manny won both his fights against Bradley convincingly.
    The knockout against Manuel was a fluke lucky shot –
    Manny needs to win convincingly because we also know that the US boxer will be favoured-I am certain Manny will pull it off-
    Great movement determination timing speed and power -a much more complete boxer than Mayweather-who really is a bore to watch
    Manny by knockout fair chance-OR manny by convincing points win

  5. The only chance Pac-Man has is a knockout. People act like he’s been knocking everybody out lately. Since the juicing talk started its been pretty much all wins by decision when he was strecthing out boxers before. It’s been years since that last happened. He’s fought Algieri, Bradley twice, Clottey, Mosley, Margarito, Rios since his last knockout plus he’s been put to sleep. Yet people are saying he’s going to knockout out Mayweather. Anything can happen in boxing but to say that is clearly ignoring Mayweather’s defense. Mayweather is a better counter puncher with better defense than Marquez and Marquez gave Pac-Man hell. He’s actually won about the same amount of rounds as Pac-Man has in there 4 fights. Pac just has more knock downs so he has more lopsided rounds won. Example 10-7 10-8. Don’t let your dislike for Mayweather ‘ personality or our displeasure of this fight not happening sooner cloud our vision. The hype for this fight will actually be bigger than the fight. It’s going to start fast paced. It should take about 3 rounds before Mayweather gets Pac ‘ rhythm and then class is going to start. The missed punches Pac throws and the counter punches landed by Mayweather will frustrate and tire Pac in the latter half of the fight and Mayweather will school Pac-Man possibly stopping late if he decides to put his foot on the gas. If it goes to decision it will be no doubt who was the better fighter just like in the first Bradley – Pac fight. The decision of the judge I have no control of because whenever this much money is involved combined with the politics of boxing, any decision can occur. One thing no matter how Mayweather wins, he won’t get his due from the haters.

    • Pacquiao would be the last boxer I would suspect of taking anything.
      He is a decent human being and an incredible talent .
      No one should be implying he has ever taken any kind of enhancing drugs.
      A man who has won eight diivisions is rather special and he will prevail over Mayweather.

  6. Nana from Ghana on

    Interestingly, most of the comments above are not objective. I will predict an easy win for Mayweather because he is very good at keeping fast fighters like Manny of balance. He can also punch very hard.The only way Manny can with this fight is if he allows Floyd inside, and then he can counterpunch. Other than that i see the fight going for Floyd.

  7. I strongly disagree with Koncz, just because where the fight is taking place. Pacquiao can’t leave it to the judges to decide the outcome of the fight. If Mayweather has enough clout to bring up the demands on how, when, and where this fight will take place….he HAS the power over these judges. He brings in a lot of $$$$ to the economy of Vegas….so I would NOT leave it to the judges decide the outcome of the fight.

  8. The smart Moneyman will bet 40M against himself. If he wins the fight, that means 48-0, and a minimum of 80M (from the 120M guaranteed purse).
    If he loses, 47-1, and a minimum of 120M guaranteed purse pluse another 120M (winning odds 3:1, from 40M bet) for a whopping total of USD240M!
    That’s why the guy’s so rich!

  9. Mayweather’s brittle hands would not last 12 rounds if not only for this illegal PED Xylocaine.. only approved and allowed for Mayweather by the Las Vegas Corrupt Commission…

    Copy Paste and let the world know.and expose this protected fraud..

  10. Both of them are very intelligent boxers. It is going to be a tactical fight. For Mayweather to beat Pacquiao easily, he needs to move backward and give counter punch frequently. This is Mayweather usual strategy, that’s why he wins every time with a decision because his boxing timing in counter punching and his relflex is very fast. On the other hand, in order for Pacquiao to beat Mayweather easily, he needs to allow Mayweather to come to him and then he needs to throw a combination of punches. In addition to this, when Mayweather lunged at him, Mayweather’s moves is in a very specific and predictable pattern. Pacquiao needs to dodge at the lunging and counter punch at the same time hoping to catchMayweather’s face. This is a take-risk punching. This is the only way to beat Mayweather. Pacquiao is very good at dodging and punching while the opponent punching at him. They both know each other’s strength and weakness. What I’m afraid is that both of them are afraid to take risk and the fight is going to be a boring fight.

  11. We want to see a knock out.. Doesn’t matter which one. We have waited for so long for this. We don’t want to see a boring fight and controversial ending. This is one fight deal. We do not want Part 2 or a trilogy.

  12. A KO is a much reliable formula to win against Floyd or at least 2 knockdowns! Las Vegas is Floyd’s home court & we don’t know what the plot is! The first taste of this bad decision in Vegas is when Bradley, an American, won by a very questionable & controversial Split Decision over Manny, in a fight perceived to be a shutout win for Pacquiao! What more with Floyd who is very influential & well connected in Vegas! Like you are in Korea, Japan or Thailand that as long as their boxer is still standing, no matter how badly battered, will still win! So Manny must seize every opportunity to KO Floyd or win very convincingly so as not to be a victim again of a bum decision by judges in Las Vegas!

  13. So Koncz says Manny doesn’t need a KO to give Floyd his first defeat….Hmmm?!? so that”s why Floyd went over to Manny’s Hotel suite to say his last demands, ” No attempt for a KO and I’ll sign the contract and the fight is on.” LOL

    My advise to Manny is ” Mayweather will do anything to keep his zero so no more Mr.Nice Guy and when opportunity knocks go for the KO….Stupid Koncz.

  14. May 2nd cannot arrive soon enough, this is gonna be an epic fight, a classic. I’m so excited for this fight, I still believe Manny Pacquiao will beat Floyd Mayweather.

  15. Did you advised Manny Mr. Koncz not to knockout Mayweather? If you do you, is not a good advise. Manny must Knock out Mayweather if not Mayweather will try to knockout Manny. Mr. Koncz, you make me confuse.