• Pacquiao emerges as underdog in Vegas betting stations

    Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr. AFP FILE PHOTOS

    Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr. AFP FILE PHOTOS

    UNDEFEATED American Floyd Mayweather Jr. got an overall 2.5-to-1 edge over Filipino ring icon Manny Pacquiao in most betting stations in Las Vegas even though there is no confirmation yet if the mega bout between the two boxers will push through.

    Popular betting stations Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook, Wynn Las Vegas Race and Sports Book and William Hill US have already opened their respective betting prices for the mega bout after learning that Pacquiao agreed to the terms of the fight with Mayweather.

    Westgate declared Mayweather (47-0 win-loss record with 26 knockouts) as favorite with -275 while Pacquiao (57-5-2 record with 38 knockouts) got a +235 as underdog. For the Wynn price, Mayweather is ahead at -260 while Pacquiao is at +220.

    It’s the same with William Hill with Pacquiao, 36, as an underdog at +210 and the 37-year-old Mayweather as favorite at -250.

    Local boxing promoters Dennis Cañete, the vice-president of ALA Promotions, and Sammy Gello-ani said that they are not surprised that the World Boxing Council and World Boxing Association welterweight champion Mayweather emerged the betting lines’ favorite fighter.

    “Mayweather, of course, is the most favorite in most betting lines because he is undefeated and that’s very natural. It is up to Pacquiao to step in the plate and prove those bettors wrong,” Cañete told The Manila Times in a phone interview.

    “For my part, I really love to see Pacquiao beat Mayweather.”

    In other betting stations in Las Vegas, Mayweather is a -300 favorite while Pacquiao is a +250 underdog.

    It means that a winning bet on Mayweather’s $300 would only win $100, while a $100 winning bet on the reigning World Boxing Organization welterweight champion Pacquiao would take $250 in return. If the bout won’t materialize by the end of May 31, 2015, all bets will be refunded.

    “To tell you honestly, Mayweather is really competitive, wise and very technical in his boxing approach that’s why most people will most likely put their money on him. Pacquiao should train very hard for this fight and prove himself as a true pay-per-view elite fighter,” said Gello-ani.

    Pacquiao left Manila on Wednesday for Los Angeles, California to meet Top Rank chief Bob Arum to discuss the ongoing negotiation on the mega bout.

    Pacquiao will meet Prince Harry in London on the 22nd before returning to Miami, Florida to judge in the Miss Universe Pageant Night on the 25th.


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    1. Manny will beat Gayweather because his style is just the same as his father… The SR Gayweather keeps on saying that why Pacman cannot knock out opponent nowadays… How about his son? when was the last time he knocked down opponent… Gayweather win by decison while Pacman win convincingly by deforming the face of his opponents.. Of all the trash talks Gayweather gave to Pacman, this Gayweather know that Pacman will have no mercy on his face and will crash his face tha’s why he is so afraid to sign a contract.

    2. let the fight happen… Manny loves it being the underdog.. After all he was considered underdog to Ledwaba and other world champions whom he took the crown with.

    3. Tommie Ancheta on

      Why can’t Mayweather be juicing too? Paquiao is a champion and WBA/WBC boxing does a routine check up on their champions, how would that be possible? When was the last time a title holder got away or caught for juicing for so long being a champion? Why won’t all Floyd’s easy opponents do the Olympics style test? How many excuses Mayweather needed? Why couldn’t he just fought next best thing just out of the heart of a champion?

    4. The reason floyd is the favourite isnt guided so much by he 47-0 its because they have seen both fighters fight & they analyse the outcomes. Also most people when putting their hard earned money down use their brains. If they fight i will be having a very big bet & it will be on floyd mayweather to win. His skills are better than mannys. Now it would have been a much closer fight if they had fought in 2009. Manny wouldnt take rbt, was that because he was juicing & knew if he couldnt juice he couldnt win. I think so. He still has to take rbt for this fight so he cant juice or he will get caught. But i havent yet seen a single pinoy who would even consider manny might cheat. Very stupid as where there is money we know people will cheat. I think rbt should be for fighters like it is for olympic athletes, then it would almost guarantee a level playing field for all fighters.
      I have seen so many filipinos slagging of floyd & saying how easy manny will beat him, well lets see if you have the courage of your words, put your money on manny. But i doubt that manny will as im sure they know floyd will win & who wants to lose money, i know i dont.

      • Manny will defeat Mayweather by knock out to prove that he is the real pound to pound boxer….before 7th rnd…

      • duckin dustin… your argument of rbt is 5 years ago… Until now you cannot find words to protect your duckin master? using the same unproven allegations again and again? nothing new? Mayweather Sr and Junior suffered defamation in court already for this accusation. Mayweather and YOU just cannot believe that Manny is very strong that all his wins you attribute to illegal substance. Manny will destroy your duckin master and all his cars and jet will be sold and the money will be used to repair his face that Manny will destroy.. Cant you see until now he has response to Pacman? This is a clear sign of cowardice.