Manny Pacquiao will be getting a smaller paycheck in his rematch against reigning World Boxing Organization welterweight champion Timothy Bradley on April 12 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas USA.

But the reduced purse does not bother the Filipino champ, according to his business partner Gerry Peñalosa.

Peñalosa said Pacquiao is well aware that his popularity has gone down after suffering back-to-back setbacks including the sixth round knockout loss to Mexican Juan Manuel Marquez.

“Manny knows that his stocks went down after losing to Marquez via knockout but I’m pretty sure he will get a chance to get what he lost,” Peñalosa told The Manila Times on Tuesday.

“It’s also less dangerous for Manny to have a rematch with Bradley because this will be an easy fight,” he added.

Based on the agreement signed recently by Pacquiao (55-5-2 win-loss-draw slate with 38 knockouts) and Bradley (31-0 card with 12 knockouts), the former will receive a guaranteed $20 million while the latter will get $6 million in their rematch.

In their first match in June 2012, the 35-year-old Pacquiao got a guaranteed $26 million while Bradley received $5 million.

“I think Manny is not concerned about the money but for revenge,” added Peñalosa, also Pacquiao’s promotional partner in the Philippines. “He really wanted to get his belt back and I think that’s very possible to happen.”

Pacquiao lost to Bradley via controversial split decision before losing to Marquez in December 2012 via technical knockout in the sixth round.

Bradley said he is very satisfied with his fight purse.

“They gave me everything I asked for,” Bradley told Ring Magazine’s reporter Lem Satterfield. “I’m not going to get this kind of a deal anywhere else. I’m satisfied and ready to move forward with my career and to fight Manny Pacquiao again.”

Bradley defeated Ruslan Provodnikov via unanimous decision and Juan Manuel Marquez via split decision both last year that increased his stocks.

Pacquiao, on the other hand, came out of a one-year hiatus to beat Brandon Rios via unanimous decision last November in Macau, China.


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  1. I want Pacquiao to win but I have a doubt that he will win against Bradley. If he can’t knock out Bradley, surely Bradley wil win at the end.

  2. John, you don’t know what you are talking about. Manny’s mistake was that he was trying to hit Bradley on the head all night. Punches landed but they did not land cleanly because of the head movement. Pacquiao was aggressive and effective. Bradley just ran! You can’t win a fight by running and not hitting back.
    On April 12th, you will see a different strategy and Bradley will turn into a punching bag. The fight will be stopped by either TKO or KO.

  3. Well, you’re entitled to your own optical observation. Although majority of those who watched the Pacquiao vs Bradley fight think otherwise.

  4. I totally agree with you John doer, timothy bradley did win that fight. The compu box figures say manny hit timothy bradley with 190 power punches. Well we all know manny was then the hardest punching welterweight in the world, look at the faces of nearly all his previous opponents & you will see all the marks bruises swellings & blood. Yet not a single mark on timothy bradley. Now Josef T Ramos i think you should research what you write as you say & i quote ” Pacquiao lost to Bradley via controversial split decision before losing to Marquez in December 2012 via technical knockout in the sixth round “.
    Techinal knockout ( tko ). I have to tell you that was not a technical knockout it was one of the best if not the best ever single punch clean knock out that you will ever see. A technical knockout is when the referee steps in to save the fighter from further punnishment but the fighter isnt knocked out cold. Manny pacquiao was completely knocked out cold. Also i think in their rematch you will see timothy bradley beat manny pacquiao again only this time much more clearly.

  5. $20M is not small compared sa mga nanakaw ng 188 Tongressmen at 20 Senatong na PDAP AT DAP. At least ito ay malinis galling sa dugo at pawis ni Manny pero yuon mga nagpa impeach at convict kay CJ Corona LAWAY LANG ANG PUHUNAN at walang pawis at dugo dumaloy sa kanila at PDAP AT DAP ANG PINALAMON SA KANIKANILANG PAMILYA, DI BA?

  6. pacquiao did not loose to Bradley by controversial split decision, i watch that fight slowmotion many time, what ever angle i look, Bradley really out-box pacquiao, all the Fans of pacquiao think that he was cheated, but he was not. Bradley is not a knock out artist but he is fast, he move allot, he punch multiple. I watch all of Pacquiao fight in-fact i was watching boxing since the age of 7 years old, now i’am 59 years old, in my point of view pacquiao is a straight puncher, most of his opponent dont move so much, So! if you match pacquiao to a fighter that move a lot and punch multiple, pacquiao is in a lot of trouble, one of the reason, he avoid bradley for a remach, just only now he dont have no choice, but pacquiao knew that if he could not solve bradley movement, he is done.