Pacquiao has proof of tax payments


Manny Pacquiao’s promoter says he expects certified United States (US) tax paperwork for the Filipino boxing to be received by Philippine authorities “very soon” after they froze the fighter’s assets.

Bob Arum said that allegations of P2.2 billion in unpaid taxes from US bouts in 2008 and 2009 are false and that his Top Rank agency made certain the proper money was paid to US authorities just to avoid such problems.

“Filipino authorities confirmed that Manny is not required to pay double tax,” Arum said in a statement from Las Vegas on Tuesday. “If Manny paid US taxes for fights and endorsements that occurred on US soil, he is not required to pay double taxes in the Philippines.”

Pacquiao, 34, said the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) had rejected the documentation he provided to show payments had already been made to the US Internal Revenue Service, a claim Arum supported.

“For each of Manny’s fights that occurred in the United States, including those in 2008 and 2009, Top Rank withheld 30 percent of Manny’s purses and paid those monies directly to the Internal Revenue Service [IRS] via Electronic Funds Transfer [EFT].

“Top Rank has deposit confirmations for each payment. Top Rank has done the same for all US endorsements it has facilitated on Manny’s behalf.”

But Arum said the BIR wanted certified paperwork of those transactions from the IRS rather than deposit confirmations.

“Top Rank submitted copies of the EFT deposit acknowledgements to the Bureau of Internal Revenue [BIR] as proof of payment. The BIR received the documents but directed Manny to obtain ‘certified’ documents directly from the IRS itself. Obtaining certified copies of documents from the IRS takes time. Manny made the formal request to the IRS and we have every expectation that the necessary documents will be furnished to the BIR very soon,” he added.

Malacañang defended the BIR, saying that Pacquiao was given enough time to prepare the paperwork.

“As a public official, it will be well for him to demonstrate that he, too, is a law-abiding citizen,” Presidential Communications Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr. said in a text message to reporters.

“[The] actions taken by the BIR have adhered to what the law requires. He [Pacquiao] has been given ample opportunity to comply,” Coloma said.

He, however, assured that the lawmaker “will continue to be treated fairly.”

BIR Commissioner Kim Henares said on Wednesday that Pacquiao only submitted a letter from Top Rank certifying that he paid the proper taxes in the US.

“The case has been going on for two years and we have always given him all the considerations. The question is until when should we wait? It’s simple, if the papers are really there, then he has to show us,” Henares said.

Some lawmakers are willing to help Pacquiao settle his tax debts.

Rep. Silvestre Bello of 1-BAP party-list said he is ready to give legal assistance to Pacquiao.

“[O]f course I can provide legal assistance. But we must know the facts because if we read all the news items about the problem of Congressman Pacquiao, you will not really know what is the problem,” Bello told reporters.

Bello believed that the problem may have stemmed from the insufficient documentation of his income.

Minority Leader Ronaldo Zamora shared Bello’s sentiments and advised the boxing champion to get a good accountant and lawyer.

“We gave what we thought was [a]reasonable advice, which is that he should get a good accountant and a good lawyer. And the reason is many of his problems are really documentary in character,” Zamora said.

“I don’t think he owes the Philippine government anything,” he added.



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  1. For Pinoy daang matuwid, it is now time to create an independent commission to review and check whether all BIR tax assessment and compromise agreement were properly collected and goes to the national treasury 100%. Many stories were heard that scalawags made an imaginary sizable assessments and require taxpayers to pay a compromise amount but receipted only a small portion as what I understand from Mr. Papelito.

  2. They can print original copy on IRS site for $50. Why took so long? Besides for thousands of tax evaders only one person is being named at the certain time? Where are the others? To them that clearly evades tax, we know who are them. If the BIR really plays its role, then be fair, shutdown the accounts of those evaders. e.g. Enrile, Estrada, Revilla, SY, Tan etc. In this case BIR laments on bribery.

    • are you asking the agency to make the request from the IRS just to have the documents…this is self-serving…don’t you think it is unfair for us…we complete our ITR and attached all pertinent documents and we fall in line for about half or an hour just to do our part as a citizen…here…the government gave pacman more than enough time to comply yet he failed…if his intention is to serve the government and the people he should be a good example the same as those Filipinos who comes out of their offices and houses just to follow the rule on tax law.

  3. Mr. Pacquiao, makabubuti sa iyo na sumunod ka sa request ng BIR. Isa kang Congressman pero bakit ini-ignore mo ang isang ahensiya ng gobyerno for 2 years? Isa lang ang dahilan niyan. Sobra ka nang mayabang. At hindi lang iyon. Bakit ka sumapi sa grupo ng mga corrupt? Kahit hindi mo sagutin ito, ay isa lang ang nasa isipan ng mga nakaka-alam.

    Ang hindi pagbabayad ng tamang buwis ay pagnanakaw rin yan. Sa 24 horas interview ay binanggit mo pa ang ating Panginoon. Kung hindi ka nagsisinungaling ay bakit hindi ka humarap agad sa BIR at kailangan mo pang ibulgar ang lahat na ito sa Balita?

    Sa palagay ko ay may ugnayan kayo ni Binay para ipahiya ang pangalan ni PNOY pagkatapos mong manalo sa boksing. Alam naming lahat na kayang-kaya mo ang kalaban kaya hinintay mong matapos ang laban. Sabi mo ay maka-Diyos ka subalit ang iyong ginawa ay Gawain ni Hudas. Sinamantala ni Hudas and kabaitan ng
    Diyos samantalang ikaw ay sinasamantala mo ang iyong papularidad at kabaitan ni PNOY.

    • i do agree with your comment…but, i hope you are not speculating about the relationship/affiliation of pacman to binay…what is understand is the BIR is simple doing its function…

    • Wow naman Ang daming magnanakaw Sa govt nang pilipinas bakit pag-initan si Manny na nag hahanap buhay Ang Tao inilalagay niya Ang buhay niya.Nung mahirap lang si Manny may govt bang pumansin Sa Kanya Saka matulungin din iyong Tao.

      Iyong presidente mismo alam niya Kung sino Ang mga magnanakaw Sa govt bakit Di niya ilalabas Ang mag baho noon Kung talagang magaling si yang presidente?Ang dami yatang Di nag babayad nang taxes ah why only Manny then Pnoy sasabihin pang Wala siyang dapat I worry Kung talagang nag babayad siya nang taxes anong klasing sagot being a president? kahit ang response Sa bag yo Ang Hina.

      Our govt is just corrupt Kung sino iyong Malakas u can escape walang Laban.Isa pa Manny gave HONOR to the Phil as one of the best fighter in boxing history he is a Pilipino pride so why not help him settle his taxes?In the states u can pay taxes via electronic and why BIR needs more than that as evidence?

      JUst too much, so many corrupt govt officials were able to escape wrong doings and Mariam Defensor knows this iyon Ang dapat ilabas and habulin.

    • Dude,that’s not how the justice system work and we are talking about billions of pesos and not a centavos. Pacquiao tax issue is now on Tax Court Of Appeal and that’s his right to stop Kim Henares from double taxing his hard earned money in America.

    • Joel R——- you should refrain from making out of line comments and learn how to give Manny Pacquiao Dignity and respect. I mean dude,Manny Pacquiao has paid 1.2 Billion Pesos for a period of 2010, 2011 and 2012 alone at hindi pa kasama yung ibang taon. Sa history nang Pilipinas mayroon ka bang narinig na nag bayad nang buwis na ganoon kalaking halaga kahit yung mga na Publish sa diyaryo na mga intsik na Billionaryo sa Pilipinas, wala kang nabalitaan na nagbayad sila nang ganoon kalaking halaga. Kaya yan ang isipin mo at huwag kang magbitiw nang mga nakainsultong salita dahil Pacquiao has done an extraordinary contribution for our country and has helped a lot of needy people especially to a victim of several calamities in the Philippines…Let me ask you this? Anong nagawa sayo si Manny Pacquiao at galit na galit ka?

      Ang issue dito ay Henares audited Pacquiao sa period nang 2008 at. 2009 and she believed Pacquiao has not paid for that period kaya siya humingi nang proof para patunayan if he paid taxes in America. Nagbigay na nang copies of Alien Income Tax return si Pacquiao Kay Henares but she rejected it dahil she claimed those copies of Alien ITR ay sulat lang daw ni Bob Arum. What is she talking about?

      Mabuti na dinala ni Pacquiao ang Tax issue sa Tax Court Of Appeal. At least doon ay walang halong politics and I expect justice must prevail and the redicolous Tax issue must end.

  4. @ Alex;
    you are right, that Bob Arum say that theirs no double taxation for pacman, the question is why it take you more than two years and still you could not provide a supporting document. Maybe Bob Arum is using his money and did not pay the IRS. Just think about this with a person like Bob Arum who has so many connection and people to move just to get the document to be done, until now nothing happened, that’s a big mystery.

    • Kim Henares was interviewed in the ABS-CBN channel and
      She said, all she asked from Pacquiao is to present an evidence that he paid taxes in America for the period of 2008 and. 2009.
      Pacquiao has done that by providing a copies of Alien Income Tax Return for the audited years.Somehow Kim Henares rejected the copies of Alien ITR claiming it was just an ordinary letter coming from Bob Arum. What is she talking about? If she doesn’t know what to do with those Copies of Alien ITR then, Pacquiao made the right decision to bring the tax issue to Tax Court Of Appeal so he can be treated fair and square with no Politics are involve.

      I’m an American Citizen and I’m certain Pacquiap paid taxes in America for the period of 2008 and 2009. Pacquiao lawyers should be
      Able to handle the case by presenting the Alien ITR (that Kim Henares rejected) to the court to prove that Pacquiao already paid taxes for the audited years and stop Kim Henares from ordering double taxes.

  5. Kayo ang Boss Ko! on

    There is no such thing as certified copy of the income tax return; the copy itself, is certified. Walang peke peke dito ano? Sa America pa, makakalusot ka na hindi magbayad o madeduct ang income mo considering that boxing here is a well known sports na malaki ang kinikita ng bawat boxer. Nonetheless, ok lang kung makakakuha sila sa IRS ng certified copy.

    • Yeah correct Sa States ka pa.I think Manny deserved to be treated fairly Phil Govt known to be CORRUPT internationally esp with what is going on with pork barrel.Those who have kapit Sa govt tutulungan!

      If Manny showed IRS proof he paid via electronic then he paid he won’t escape that from the states as a boxer.BIR officials can check his status by communicating with IRS officials is that hard for them to do if they have doubts he is not paying his taxes on those incurred years?

  6. kung meron talaga siyang ebidensya, bakit di pa nya ilabas para walang away. di ba? nagrereklamo na iniipit sya e sya naman nag di tumutupad sa reglamento!!!

  7. Some people yesterday were slating the bir, & i dont know why. They are only doing their job. Do they believe that people like manny pacquiao is above everyone else. They have rules in place to help stop fraud & we have seen what happens with the pork barrel scam when people dont follow the rules. I would have thought it was commoin sense that after each fight in the united states manny would have paid his taxes & get certified paperwork from the usa tax dept. If he didnt he was very lax & if he is very lax in things like that why on earth would you want him in government. Think about it, its very simple. If he was lax in getting his income tax documentation where else might he also be lax. Is he up to the task of any form of government, remember he didnt go to college, he didnt graduate, he isnt that intelligent. People get what they deserve & i for one wouldnt vote for pac in politics, yes hes a nice guy but you want competent people & i think th people with him will be able to run rings around him with their brains.

    • Wh
      y came into this. If B.I.R. wants confirmation, then They can immediately contact their counterpart in the US to see if Manny;’s paper are authentic as simple and fast as that. That is if you want to make it straight. But if you want to demonize Manny then this is the way, freeze his assets.

    • The BIR seem to be telling the people that it is more strict in tax implementation than the US IRS. People should know that when the BIR becomes overly strict in going after tax cheats is because it presents its officials an opportunity to dip their hands into dirty money! That is to squeeze the taxpayer into coming across with settlement payment with a hefty portion of the assessment going to their pockets! The MO here is to assess the taxpayer a much lower settlement but only half will be paid and receipted by the BIR with the rest pocketed by the BIR officials. . . Kailangan pa bang imemorize yan?

    • Dustin—-the issue here if Pacquiao has paid taxes in America for the period of 2008 and 2009.

      Kim Henares has said (in ABS-CBN TV channel) that All she asked from Pacquiao is to present a proof that he paid taxes in America.
      Pacquiao has done that by providing a copies of Alien Income Tax Return and was given to Kim Henares. Somehow, Kim Henares rejected the copies of Income tax Return claiming it was just an ordinary letter coming from Bob Arum. What is she talking about? If she doesn’t know how to handle those copies of ITR by giving Pacquiao a hard time, then it’s best that Pacquiao brought the tax issue intoTax Court of Appeal so he can be treated fair and square and no Politics are involve.

  8. Congressman Paquioa paano ka gagawa ng Batas or Bill sa Congress at Ikaw mismo di marunong sumunod sa Batas at paawa epect ka pa sa TV kasama yan Nanay Mong walang alam din sa Batas at Batas mangkukulam ang Bunganga. Eh ngayon pinapakita mo sa TV lahat ng evidencia mo eh bakit di mo kausapin si BIR Chief Henares para makita ang mga yan. Yung mga taong me simpatya sa boxer na Ito ay yung mga taong wala din alam sa Batas ng BIR. Nakakahiya ka Pacman at gusto
    Mo pang lumusot at naging Pabaya ka at akala mo Lusot kna at Sikat ka eh nagkamali ka. Nagbanggit kpa na Hindi galing sa PDAF or DAF or nakaw yan mga PERA mo at Hindi yan ang usapan at nilalayo mo ang usapan para lokohin mo ang mga Tao at kumuha na awa. Nakakahiya ka at yan Nanay mo pagsabihan mo at mabunganga eh walang alam sa Batas. Shame on you Pacman!!!! Mag resign kna as congressman at u are not deserving to be one at mga bobo ang bumoto sau. Shame on you!!!

  9. Pacquiao should be treated as a Filipino citizen, not as an opposition lawmaker. We already know about the vindictiveness of this administration. But including a Filipino icon who has brought honors to the country on its list of targets is just beyond human decency.

    • failure to pay the right amount of tax is a crime…so if kris aquino did not remit the right amount of tax money you will call that mistreatment?

      the agency is simply asking for the documents to support that manny pacquiao did comply with the tax law…

    • In the ABS-CBN TV news of thePhilippines there were report that In the period of 2010, 2011, and 2012 alone,Pacquiao has paid 1.2 Billion Pesos to BIR excluding other years.

      It’s amazing what a man can do for his country by bringing pride and
      Honor and paid huge amount of taxes but still treated him like a thief or criminal.

      Wake up Philippines!!!!!! Pacquiao should be treated with dignity and respect and refrain from making comments that’s too personal or totally out of line and not relevant to tax issue.

  10. BIR is correct, all you need to do ask the IRS to give you a true certified copy that you paid your tax, and he was given two years to do that, he just ignore them, because he is a celebrity and a lot of people idol him, remember what happen to Al Capone, they can’t find evidence of money laundering, but he was imprisoned by us goverment because of tax evasion

    • A high profile fighter like Pacquiao cannot escape paying the right taxes in USA. His prizes in any of his fights are well documented and it is surely being monitored by the IRS. It should be noted that 50% of the Fighters prizes are deposited at the office of the regulators in boxing which are also mandated to look after tax payments. Anyone who thinks that tax payments from boxing are not strictly monitored are not thinking enough . .

  11. NIRC Chapter 2 Sec 253 states “…in addition, he shall be dismissed from the public service and perpetually disqualified from holding any public office, to vote and to participate in any election.”

    I think they just want Manny out of the way by hook and by crook. Maybe this tax evasion case, if he is found guilty will do that. It has happened in Russia, Thailand, elsewhere where aspiring leaders has been stripped of their wealth, jailed and prevented from achieving their destiny.

    • Kim Henares, the BIR Comissioner obviously has that in her mind to put Manny Pacquiao in all kinds of trouble. At first, she announced in live inter view that all she wanted from Pacquiao is the proof that she paid taxes in America for the period of 2008 and 2009. Manny Pacquiao has done that by presenting to Kim Henares the Alien ITR ( income tax return). We all know that Henares rejected the Alien ITR for claiming that it’s just an ordinary letter coming from Bob Arum. What is she talking about? In America, the IRS recommend that a taxpayer should always retain a copies of ITR that has been accepted and approved by IRS people and that’s should be considered a receipt of paying the right amount of taxes.

      Dealing with Henares can be very stressful especially if there’s politics involve. She is on a mission to try to put Manny Pacquiao into all kinds of trouble. However, Manny Pacquiao decided to stop dealing with her and
      Took the Tax Issue into Tax Court Of Appeal.

    • You are way so pessimistic for just a very simple case of Manny Pacquiao. Even if those evil people working in the Government succeed and your imagination become true,The Philippine Government don’t gain anything but embarrassment from the watching eyes of American people. Philipine Government should avoid this type of human right violation!!!!!

  12. Now, Bob Arum is speaking the right thing. There’s no double taxation for Pacquiao for those years under question. Pacquiao only needs to submit his IRS certified tax return. Period. Why make a big issue out of this?