Pacquiao in Binay’s Senate line-up

Manny Pacquiao

Manny Pacquiao

Filipino boxing superstar and Sarangani congressman Emmanuel “Manny” Pacquiao is among the big names being considered by the opposition in its senatorial line-up for the 2016 elections, Sen. Joseph Victor “JV” Ejercito said on Tuesday.

”As of now, we have not talked about it but there’s a lot of possible names like Manny Pacquiao. Yes, Manny is being considered,” Ejercito told reporters in an interview.

According to him, the opposition is yet to start its full preparations for the next elections.

”As of now, we have not really started our preparation although our titular head is doing very well in the survey,” Ejercito said, referring to Vice President Jejomar Binay who declared his intention to run for President as early as 2010.

A recent Pulse Asia survey showed that the Vice President remains the top presidential choice for the 2016 elections.

But Ejercito said Binay will not talk about his possible running mate until “probably next year.”

”It’s too early to prepare for that. Perhaps in January next year. Anything can still happen,” he added.

Aside from Pacquiao, Ejercito said former senators Juan Miguel Zubiri and Richard Gordon are also being considered as opposition senatorial candidates.

Zubiri and Gordon failed to make it to the Magic 12 in the mid-term 2013 senatorial polls dominated 9-3 by administration candidates.



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  1. Cecilio Q. Tuanquin Sr. on

    Because of these INTELLIGENT, SMART LAWMAKERS who made a lot of LAWS… nagka-LAWko-LAWko ang interpretation nina President Aquino at mga Justices sa ating napakaraming “LAWS”…. he he he he he he….. LEE KWAN YEW, the first prime minister of Singapore, once said that WHAT IS WRONG in the Philippines is THERE ARE TOO MANY LAWS !!! …. Siguro yong mga katulad ni Manny Paquiao na lang ang ibubuto natin para hindi na ma-dagdagan pa ang mga nakaka-litong mga ”LAWS” na yan !!! He he he he he

  2. We need to blame stupid voters and idiots what happened to our country. Theyve elected govt morons and evil ones. Now whos suffering? Layo kayo din = ) esp mga squatters di na cla na dala? Erap sa mahirap…. tuwid na daan.Nasan na? My God, maawa kau sa mga kabataan na nakapila para sa kanilang future. Pacquiao.. pls lng wag ka na mangarap. Mabaet kang tao, pero hanggang dun k nlng. Pde ka nana 2mulong ng kht di ka 2makbo. Napag hahalatang di ka pa sawa mag paka yaman. Kawawang pilipinas kung si binay ang ptesidente. Kawawa den tau kung si poe. Dapat iboto nyu yung mga candidates na marami ng nagawa para sa tau. Wag tau paka bobo pls lng. I love my country, but i hate the people who ruined it.

  3. Majority of Filipinos do not read the newspaper. Manny will win if he runs for senator of the country. There are more idiot voters than intellects in the PHL. Honesty is not enough to hold a higher post in the country.
    We need a person like Duterte or even Miriam Santiago.
    I hope that MP does not join the party of Binay.

  4. if there’s anyone who will vote for binay if he gets pacquaio on his senate list,and they vote for them, they are the idiot, stupid, moron, uneducated voters. If you are therefore, an intelligent voter and loves your country, dont align yourselves with them. Tama na, sobra na, enough with binay. Unti unti nang lumalabas yung tunay na pagkatao ni binay, maybe someone may dig dipper on the comelec hocus-‘PCOS’ – he had all the money to pay the highest bidder then so the machine had to be re-programmed and calibrated in his favor.

  5. Si Juan Ponce Enrile at karamihan sa congressmen ay mga de campanellang abugado, ngunit ano ang kaunlarang naidulot nila sa massa? Ang talino o edukasyon ay tunay na mahalaga, pero higit na katangian sa pag-ugit o panunungkolan sa bayan ay katapatan at ugaling may takot sa Diyos na Lumikha. Ang tanong si Pacquiao ba ay may sariling paninindigan na isulong ang kapakanan ng bayan o papayag na gamitin lamang siya ng mga TRAPOs? Sa mga nag co-comment po sa forum na tulad nito, pwede bang iangat natin ang ating mga sarili sa pagbibigay ng ating mga kuro-kuro, gaano man aalab ang damdamin, sa tuno ‘di makakasakit ng damdamin. May urbanidad wika nga ang paghataw o palitan ng opinion. Salamat po.

  6. Children, didn’t we learn anything in our prior lesson. To be cool you must stay in school but when you are talking about MP you are definitely cruising for bruising. When a bully has all the money and voted top billionaire in sports. Impressive in that field but being a senator then I must say he needs to go back to school and learn the Philippine Constitution. In fact, let him serve in AFP like all citizen should to learn the discipline and take orders from superior officers. That’s totally “lame” if he becomes a senator who could hardly understand tagalog let alone english. If you let this fool enter the real world of politics then I must say that “winter is coming” to the Philippines.

  7. Hayy naku!!! kawawa naman ang bansa natin. What grade in school did Pacquiao reached?
    I’m a fan of Pacquiao only in boxing. Pls. don’t vote Pacquiao he doesn’t deserved it.
    Please GOD help our country

  8. I rather elect Pacquaio than those corrupt talented politicians. Those politicians do you think have done anything? The only thing I heard popular they have done is stealing people’s money.

  9. Vladi Celestino on

    We are self destruct country because many of us are ignorant and uneducated.

  10. Thank god I’m living in the USA for the past 43 years, all I can say is this is a man made disaster.

  11. If Filipinos continue to chose to vote for Pacquiao in the collegial body of lawmaking, as they had done in previous elections, there will be no end in sight that the powers-that-be in the executive branch will toe-the-line when it comes to accountability for any acts in violation of the constitution. Filipinos who continue to support the idea that it’s congress job to build roads, bridges, hospitals and such are the ones putting down the country, because the main responsibility of congress (lower & upper house) is that they are entrusted to be lawmakers, who can draft a bill that can serve the national interest.

    There is a distinct difference in being a popular personality in a certain undertaking (like sports), and that of a person who understands law and can uphold its principles and ideals, that will benefit the entire country and its national interest – its time Filipinos should wise up and pick candidates who are worthy of leading us out of this infernal rut.

    • Joaquin Fernandez on

      Manny Pacquiao a good congressman? He cannot even make a good attendance how can he be a good congressman. Only a fool could ever consider that fallacy.

  12. I think this shows very clearly Ejercito is not competent to run a government. How on earth could you even for a split second think manny pacquiao is even remotely qualified to understand all thats involved in running a country. But i also think the filippino people are stupid enough to vote for him as thats how they have always voted throught their lives. They are always swayed by success & money & fame. They need to change drastically if they want this country to move forward, but the media wont tell them how stupid they are if they vote for him as they want to keep the peace.

  13. Let Binay gets the brainless bunch. Hope voters will not be swayed by money and corruptions, plunders, etc,

  14. Samuel Santos on

    Pacquiao’s candidacy for senator will serve as a gauge on how “educated” Filipino voters are at present.

  15. I foresee the big issues in the Presidential election in 2016, are the continuing battle against corruption, will the next President pardon the Legislators accused of plunder if they are convicted?, political dynasty and FOI should be passed, and become the law of the land, and among others.

  16. darwin morales on

    i think VP Binay wants a popularity senator is his ticket, and not according to the capacity of an individual to be in the position, Pacquiao is not talented enough to be a senator. He don have the talent to be on the senate. Look his attendance n congress
    he is always absent doing his personal thinks.
    He is not a high school either. He just want to have everything for his personal gain

    • May I add, and those talented senators like Drillon is a big joke. Why not Manny as Senator. He may be the most honest of them all.

    • You are correct. Get any popular name in your line up. He or she knows nothing about the Philippine law and almost everyone will cast their vote for him/her. Pacquiao will be like someone in senate, who always plays his ipad while on duty. Maybe he will always be shadow fighting, coaching his basketball team and get promoted to General. I just hope and pray that voters will think real hard before casting their votes.

  17. Peter Gonzales on

    Pacquiao as candidate for senator???
    Another idiotic and moronic choice. No wander, the Philippines still remains at the bottom of the gutter. It is a shame that we have lots of bright, smart and honest
    people to choose from, yet this boxer whose only ability to offer is his pugilistic
    prowess is being considered. Filipinos should wake up to the reality that if this trend of electing individuals devoid of ideas for good governance, our people will remain even more poorer and their number will just increase.

    • “When responsibilities are to be entrusted to an individual, the question is not asked whether he is eloquent or wealthy but whether he is honest, faithful, and industrious, for whatever may be his accomplishments, he is utterly unfit for any positions of trust.” EGW