• Pacquiao in superb condition – Sternburg


    Pacquiao20150323Top Rank Promotion publicist Fred Sternburg described the training camp of reigning World Boxing Organization (WBO) welterweight titlist Manny Pacquiao as “the best ever” since 2009 when the Filipino champion defeated Puerto Rican Miguel Cotto.

    The 36-year-old Pacquiao has already completed two weeks of strength and conditioning training and one week of sparring session at the Wild Card Gym as part of his build up for his mega bout against unbeaten American Floyd Mayweather Jr. on May 2 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

    “To me he looks to be in superb condition. I haven’t seen Manny work this hard and look this good since his training camp for Miguel Cotto,” Sternburg told The Manila Times on Sunday (Saturday in US) via email. “This is the best training camp. It looks really good.”

    Pacquiao annihilated Cotto via 12th-round technical knockout in November 2009 to capture the WBO welterweight belt at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

    Sternburg said that Pacquiao, who holds a 57-5-2 win-loss-draw record with 38 knockouts, is way ahead of the training schedule since he already started working out last month in General Santos City.

    “As for sparring, Manny has had only one sparring session,” he said. “He went five rounds against two fighters. He did well but it is early in training camp. Freddie Roach was pleased. He is the expert.”

    Pacquiao, who trains under long time head trainer Freddie Roach and strength and conditioning coach Justin Fortune, had sparring sessions against American Kenneth Sims Jr. and Rashidi Ellis on Tuesday. “Manny looks very tremendous. Justin Fortune and Freddie Roach told me he is way ahead of schedule. I have never seen him (Manny) enter a fight unprepared. He and Freddie are working on a lot of strategy. Manny will be ready.”

    Sternburg, who started working with Pacquiao since 2005 in his first fight against Erik Morales, refuse to give predictions on whether Pacquiao would win by knockout or by unanimous decision.

    “It’s a tough fight but Manny and his trainers are convinced that Manny’s arm will be raised in victory,” said Sternburg. “Based on what I have seen the past 10 days in training camp at Wild Card Boxing Club, I have to agree. Manny looks great.”


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    1. Barry Gil Pilar on

      Memo has been working with Mayweather long before this fight have been formally announced. John Gatling of Examiner.com has said that it was Floyd who introduced Memo Heredia to Marquez after their fight wherein Floyd cheated Marquez in the scale. He added that Alex Ariza have been seen with Memo when Pacquiao has been preparing for the 4th encounter agaisnt Dinamita. Marquez wasnt clean! Victor Conte knew this, Chael Sonnen knew this and even Max Kellerman doubted his new found power. The appearance of so much acne all over his body was a concrete results of PEDS,!,

    2. There is only one way that Floyd could win his fight against Manny–by CHEATING. Freddie and Bob should cover all grounds on how this charlatan champion would cheat, from controlling the number of fans of Manny who will be at the ringside to paying off sparmates to drug testing and during the actual fight.

    3. What a load of idiots responding to this post. alfredo, floyd said if manny fails a drugs test he will have to pay a lot more than $5,000,000. Now its also so easy for manny to say the same. Plus if this is important, why wasnt it asked for in negotiations. It seems to me team manny might be looking to get off very lightly with just a $5,000,000 fine if caught. I say if a fighter is caught juicing stop the fight ( as it isnt a fair fight ) & the juicer has to pay all aggrieved parties. Pay all involved all monies lost, all expenses & recompense to all involved, yes it will surely be in the 10,s of millions at least.
      Thats why manny wants just a $5,000,000 fine for testing positive.
      Almera so take M from floyd & P from manny & that tells you he will win, what an idiot. If thats how you pick a winner i wonder how many winners you have picked.
      Ramon so you think usada will cheat to help floyd. Well i understand that from a pinoy as thats how you all think, you think every person in the world is the same as here, this country is full of liars & cheats & thieves to get to the top, i mean remember manny wouldnt take rbt to fight night in 2009, i wonder why & how he wants to only get a $5,000,000 fine if caught cheating. & you think its floyd who might be cheating. Let me tell you floyd isnt a drugs cheat & he started this testing so anyone fighting him is also clean from juicing. If manny tests positive the fight will be off. Floyd wont tst positive as he tests for all his fights & no usada doesnt chat to help him, when manny gets beat its because floyd is the better fighter full stop.

    4. Why in the heck Floyd refused to honor the deal that there would 5million fine if either one them come out positive on drug test after the fight. Is that mean Floyd is planning to use illegal drugs before the fight?.

    5. Almera Morales on

      For the Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight who will win? Look at the first letter M for Mayweather and the second P for Pacquiao put this to two letter together MP, so, it’s Manny Pacquiao who will win this fight. It’s a presidence and I believe it will. Go Manny.

    6. I’m just worried with the inclusion of Memo Heredia in Floyd’s camp! He is an expert in juicing boxers! Remember what he had done with Marquez? Suddenly he became like an Incredible Hulk with much power, while in the past he can’t hurt Pacquiao! With the USDA doing the testing, Manny is at a disadvantage because USDA is rumored to be under the pocket of Mayweather!

    7. So glad to hear that Manny is doing well in his training. It’s hard not to root for a man like him. I am not a Philippino but Manny transcends race and borders, he is a source of pride for all people around the globe. Go Manny!!

    8. Barring anything illegal on the part of ployd and his gang, Manny should win this match easy.