• Pacquiao to judge Miss Universe pageant


    FILIPINO boxing icon Manny Pacquiao is thrilled that he was selected as one of the judges in the 63rd Miss Universe pageant to be held in Miami, Florida, on January 25.

    The event comes after his scheduled dinner with Prince Harry of Wales in London.

    Team Pacquiao Officer Joe Ramos said Pacquiao has accepted the invitation to be one of the judges. He will be joining TV host and shoe designer Kristin Cavallari, TV and film actor William Levy, reality star Lisa Vanderpump and fashion journalist Louise Roe.

    “He [Pacquiao] is really excited and he is going to be there in Miami together with wife Jinky after his dinner with Prince Harry of Wales,” Ramos, also the assistant team manager of KIA basketball team, told The Manila Times.

    The couple will fly to Los Angeles on January 14 then go to London on January 22. They will return to the US before the 25th to attend the beauty pageant.

    “After that, Manny has also a scheduled appointment with US President Barack Obama,” Ramos said.

    Pacquiao’s long-time business manager Eric Pineda believes that Pacquiao’s participation in this year’s Miss Universe pageant will boost his stock in the US not only as a fighter but also as an international sports celebrity.

    “He (Pacquiao) was chosen because he is very popular in the US,” Pineda told The Times.

    “This is a big boost to Manny’s popularity since Miss Universe is a popular event,” he said.

    The Philippines will be represented by Mary Jean Lastimosa, who will join 88 contestants at the FIU Arena in Doral, Miami. The pageant will be broadcast on January 26 (Manila time).

    The World Boxing Organization (WBO) welterweight champion will have dinner with Prince Harry and will likely meet Queen Elizabeth on January 22.

    Mike Koncz, Pacquiao’s long-time adviser, will join the Sarangani lawmaker. He said a possible fight or boxing event in London may be discussed during the dinner.

    “I have no any idea what we will talk about but I certainly will question them about holding a boxing event there and what concessions we can get,” Koncz, told boxingscene.com.

    A fight against British rising star and former Pacquiao sparring partner welterweight boxer Amir Khan in London may be discussed since it s not yet clear if Floyd Mayweather Jr. will fight Pacquiao on May 2 this year.

    The 28-year-old Khan (30-3 with 19 knockouts) defeated Devon Alexander in December via a unanimous decision in their welterweight bout.

    He considers Pacquiao as his next potential opponent.


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    1. iriga city boy on

      And that “coward’ boxer who enamors himself with the title “The Best Ever” would be as jealous as could ever be because he is being upstaged by the little man from Asia again.

    2. Roldan Guerrero on

      I support ex-Senator Saguisag`s call for Manny Pacquiao to give up his post as congressman. Aside from being unqualified for the position, (he just finished 4th grade int he grade school) he devoutes his time in other activities mostly on his boxing prefesion…social gatherings, religious activities etc. making his elective position as a congressman a part time job.I regret so much that many people in our society the ones who are moneyed and popular do things they are not meant to be. Is being popular or rich is enough as a passport to meddle on critical positions where qualifications, competence and most of all intellectual ability are sidelined? Of course I idolize Pacquiao as a boxer but no more no less.I am very proud of him being a Filipino and I share honors of his exemplary achievements in the boxing world, but he should not mess with things he is unprepared to do. His money wont help his educational misfortunes. He will gain more honors throughout the world by ruling out hypocricy and embrace his real personality.

      • Mr. Roldan,

        Wake up. Most of the politicians in our country ( from the top to the bottom elected position) are bunch of thieves. At least Pacquiao earned his money the hard way and helped a lot of our countrymen already. Guys like you who think of so much stupidity and naivety are the reason why our country will always be a third world country.

        Corruption is so rampant in our country, that it’s already a hopeless case. It’s deeply rooted. The only way to change it, is if our country will submerge and float again and whoever survives will start a new generation of politicians.

    3. My God it is really a rare honor to have dinner with the Prince of Wales Prince Harry and a possible meeting with Queen Elizabeth on January 22, 2015 and then proceed to Florida to be one of the judges in the 63rd Miss Universe Beauty Pageant. I take my hats off to you Manny.