• Pacquiao leads UNA Senate slate


    Manny Pacquiao

    A mix of veterans and stars led by eight-division world boxing champion Manny Pacquiao compose the senatorial ticket of the opposition United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) for next year’s elections.

    Reelectionist Sen. Vicente Sotto 3rd—the frontrunner in pre-election senatorial preference surveys—will lead the 12-man line-up that includes former senators Panfilo Lacson, Richard Gordon and Juan Miguel Zubiri and Leyte Rep. Martin Romualdez.

    Pacquiao, an incumbent congressional representative of Sarangani, meanwhile, leads the stars in the ticket, which include former actress and now Parañaque City (Metro Manila) Councilor Alma Moreno and radio announcer Rey Langit.

    Among the new faces drafted by UNA are former Philippine National Police-Special Action Force commander Getulio Napeñas; Jacel Kiram, a member of the royal family of the Sultanate of Sulu; labor lawyer Allan Montaño; and former Labor undersecretary Susan “Toots” Ople.

    Navotas City (Metro Manila) Rep. Tobias Tiangco, the party president who made the announcement in a statement issued on Monday, said “the composition of UNA’s senatorial line-up is illustrated by each candidate’s personal advocacies and the legislative agenda their respective organizations would advance in the Senate.”

    “All are one in the objective of the party under the leadership of Vice President Jejomar Binay to improve the lives of the Filipino people anchored in programs and initiatives that will provide solutions to unemployment, low wages and rising prices of goods,” Tiangco added.

    “They share the same vision with Vice President Binay of a pro-poor and reform-oriented legislative agenda that would advance a responsible and transparent governance, create more job opportunities for the Filipino workforce; address our [countrymen’s] need for responsive health, education and other social services, uphold the rights and welfare of women and children, persons with disabilities and OFWs [overseas Filipino workers]; improve peace and order, fast-track the delivery of government services, be energy-independent by 2020 and attract more investments,” he said.

    The UNA slate is led by Vice President Jejomar Binay and Sen. Gregorio Honasan, who are running for President and Vice President, respectively.

    Grace to unveil ticket
    THE tandem of Senators Grace Poe and Francis Escudero is set to announce its senatorial slate this coming Thursday, October 29, and all candidates are expected to be present in the event.

    This was confirmed also on Monday by Escudero during an interview with the members of the Senate media and, according to him, the senatorial candidates were personally chosen by Poe herself.

    “We decided to do it on Thursday because it is the most convenient date wherein most of the candidates will be able to attend the event,” Escudero said.

    He denied earlier news report enumerating the names of their tandem’s senatorial ticket, saying they only completed the list just recently.

    “The names that came out earlier are not yet final. In fact, the list has no basis because we only completed the line-up just a few days ago,” Escudero said.

    He admitted that most of the candidates included in their slate were personally chosen by Poe.

    Escudero said Poe was the one making the decisions not only on the senatorial line-up but also on other major matters.

    “From the very start, it was always her decision, contrary to the claims that somebody is making the decisions for her. I only give my opinion when I am asked,” he added.

    When asked if he could give some names included in their ticket, Escudero said it would be better if Poe will be the one to give the names on Thursday.

    Poe and Escudero already endorsed the senatorial bids of party-list Rep. Neri Colmenares and lawyer Lorna Kapunan.

    A reliable source from the Poe-Escudero camp disclosed that Manila Vice Mayor Isko Moreno and Valenzuela City (Metro Manila) Rep. Sherwin Gatchalian will also be included in the line-up along with incumbent Senators Vicente Sotto 3rd and Ralph Recto.

    A source of The Manila Times said Poe has also invited Susan Ople to join its ticket as a guest candidate.

    Ople, daughter of the late senator Blas Ople, is an advocate for migrant Filipino workers’ rights and welfare.


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    1. The UNA candidates from the President down to its Senatorial line up are a bunch of corrupt rotten trapos, unqualified celebrities with no potentials as productive lawmakers and potentials for statesmanship, like the Recto, Laurel, Tanada, Diokno, Osias, Paredes Puyat, Pendatun. Their lead candidate Vp BINAY is corrupt to his black bone, while Sotto and Honasan are the “poster boys” for pork barrel plunder (Napoles PDAF and Corona Dap malversations). Sotto Has nothing concrete or substantial in the Senate except to act lik e a TV hosts of Eat-Bulaga that makes him popular to the poor electorate. Honasa who himself is greedy for political power by leading several coups with ENRILE his benefactor and another corrupt person, had nothing of value in the Senate, just act like a real protege of ENRILE. Look at this line up of unqualified celebrities like Pacquiao, Alma Moreno, Princess Kiram, Rey Langit, who do not have good education and experience in government to handle the big task and responsibilities of a Senator but banking only on their popularity to get elected, and there in the chamber will do nothing. It is better for them to just serve in the TOILET. Chamber not in the Senate chamber. Alma Moreno, wow sexy and a flirt, the symbol of sex once upon a time, but has balloon to elephant-like body and prefers the “ambiens”
      Of the Senate ha ha ha! What will she do there, spread her legs? No wonder BINAY the womanizer puts her up in the line up! Langit the radio personality is a perennial Senatorial candidate and political power seeker with no experience at all but lucky enough to be in everybody’s line up every election. You an see the overall line up of BINAY is a list of people in desperation that shows BINAY can not encourage descent and knowledgeable people to join him.

      I pray nobody from BINAY to Sotto to Honasan, Pacquiao, Moreno, Langit and in his line up get elected for we will just have CLOWNS in the Upper Chamber and in Malacanan!

    2. Arturo Tolentino and Jovito Salonga are enshrined in the annals of RP senate as the greatests who served. Now these names will be tarnished more by pretenders who are willing to serve the senate but their intelects would not permit. My innards would grumble and my bowels will swell for reasons beyond acceptance for these pretenders to the august hall of senate. Now show me the CR……..

    3. The inclusion of Pacquiao, Sotto and Moreno, in the senatorial slate of Binay, can be only for two objectives – Pacquiao will provide sizeable amount of money into their campaign kitty, and the other objective is that both being celebrities will draw in the crowd to watch their campaign. Sotto, of course can be relied on to copy speeches of people of great minds, and he will express these words like he wrote or thought of it. While, Langit on the other hand will be a good stage announcer with his booming voice, but other than that nothing can be expected out of these characters when it comes to lawmaking.

      Should these four charlatans ever win the election and become lawmakers because of unthinking Filipinos voted for them, then 99 percent of Filipinos can only expect to continue to suffer the pangs of destitution for another six agonizing years. We can consider the oligarchs as the evil doers for pushing these people to run as public officials of the highest government position, but we can fault the unthinking Filipinos for picking and voting these unqualified bunch of loonies, to craft bills and legislate laws.

      Lurking on the horizon are issues of grave importance, like BBL, the Spratly Islands, the VFA, the increase in taxes, which is just among the crucial issues to be debated in congress – will any of these four have enough of what it takes to interpellate on the floor and lead it to victory for the struggling Filipinos? Think, before it’s too late, to choose your poison.

    4. Rodan Guerrero on

      Manny Pacquiao continues to bastardize our political system. Why are people who have not even completed formal elementary education allowed to run for high level political positions? In my opinion he does not even qualify to run as a baranggay captain. What the heck can Pacquiao has the courage to become a senator if he does not even understand the functions of a lawmaker? Lawmaking is not as easy as smashing opponents face in the boxing arena. Of course Pacquiao maybe is the world`s best boxer but he must accept his educational misfortunes and handicaps and stop meshing with politics which is not his world. A vote for Pacquiao is a barometer for Phil. politics STUPIDITY!. I wonder so much why Binay choosed him to be a part of the UNA Slate.

      • Absolutely agree! It’s desperation, fame, fortune and vengeance is at the core of their agenda.

    5. As I said, dont elect Idiot and stupid people. No to celebrities, personalities, media man for the government position… Naku nmn… isip isip isip mga kababayan.. Kawawa tayong lahat. ilan dekada na ang nakaraan at hindi pa rin kayo nadala sa pagboto ng mga artista, mga personalities, celebrities, median men na wala naman ginagawa para sa bayan.ang hinihintay lang nila ang pork barrel, para ibulsa….

      • Agree. agree and agree. NO TO ACTORS, ACTRESSES AND SPORTSMAN. These people need to submit their CV, educational attainment and qualification certificates. If not, the security guard will have better qualifications… “you know” (as MP always say).

      • nicolas centeno on

        Let us not blame the damn candidates who want to get rich, but blame the fucking stupid voters

    6. Rosauro Feliciano on

      What the h*ll this man can do for the Phil in the Senate hall who cannot even know a bill introduced in Congress becomes a law? No doubt he is good in the field of boxing but not in the field of making a single meaningful law. Yes he has the money but that does not mean he has the privilege of fooling the electorates.

    7. Bert Hernandez on

      We Filipinos always complain about the corrupt official we elected, but comes election we again select the wrong officials. The political parties in our country are the main corruptor of the people. Political parties select the candidates based upon their personalities, the likes of Paquio, Alma Moreno, the Estradas, and other celebrities. Their main qualification is known or movie personalities. Manny,bring recognition because he is a boxing icon, but other than that he is none performer in the house of representative. If he rally wants to help as a senator, first he should quit boxing and devote 100% as a legislator. He does not deserve his salary as a legislator, as a Christian he should return his salary while he is absent from congress. We Filipinos should elect candidates , the likes of Claro Recto, Laurel, Tanada and other who serve the country honestly, sincerely, dedication to the well being of the country. Let us stop Trapos , dynasties and corrupt candidates, we know who they are. Don’t sell your votes for a few pesos. The money buying your votes will be recouped by the corrupt elected officials. God Bless us all!

    8. Sotto – corrupt trapo who gave his pork barrel millions to Napoles for kickbacks.

      Pacquiao-It’s really a plum job when one is a Philippine Congressman. One of the perks is that one only has to be present in Congress 70 days out of the 365 days in the year

      Between Jan. 20, 2014 to Dec. 17, 2014, Pacquiao showed up for work four days.

      2015 showed up for work 7 days out of 70.

      Talk about useless.

      These clowns are the best the UNA offers ?

    9. As stated somewhere, to vote for Pacquiao is a good barometer of national stupidity.
      He is doing a national disservice knowing too well that he is not qualified, in all sense of the word. With his popularity and money, he could help and serve a lot better in some other ways. His salary as senator, if ever he wins, is a waste of the people’s money. The ‘shoe of a senator is too big for him to fill’.

    10. This is not a so becoming Philippines…I do not mean ill towards the author but the characters !…they are like halo halo nilugaw especially Paquiao and Poe.

    11. Ronaldo Valdes on

      What a joke line up for UNA…Voters please be smart.. wag kayong pumayag na tawagin kayung BOBOTANTE.

    12. Ang mga pilipinong botante, hindi na natuto. Kelan lamang, nasangkot itong si Sen Sotto sa DAP at di umano ay tumanggap ng 50 milyong pisong suhol mula sa Malacanang. Pagkatapos ay nasangkot uli sa isyu ng pangongopya ng speech ng ibang tao, pero ngayon lumalabas sa survey, siya pa ang nangunguna sa darating na botohan sa pagka senador!
      Kailan pa kaya matututo ang sambayanang Pilipino sa pagpili ng tamang mga opisyales ng gobyerno?

    13. Nancy Bulok Cake on

      The UNA slate has the following senatorial slate:
      1. Pacquiao – who cannot express himself in English (how can he introduce laws, bills), the number 1 absenteeism in senate
      2. Sotto – Eat Bulaga TV personality, copied speeches, Pepsi Paloma case, PDAF case
      3. Alma Moreno-actress
      4. Romualdez-nephew of Imelda
      5. Rey Langit-radio announcer
      Can you imagine how will these candidates legislate laws of the Philippines? They are just pork barrel in the hundreds of millions of pesos allotted to them if they become senators. Where on earth do you find the IQs of these candidates to become senators? Only in the Philippines. Why don’t they have at least the “delikadesa” not to pursue their dreams of getting hundreds of millions of pork barrel? Why does Binay not STOP dreaming of having more wealth through CORRUPTION? Let us continue praying to save the Philippines from the Binays, Sotto, Romuldes, Tiangco, Remulla, Estrada, Revilla, Enrile and the corrupt lawyers of Binay.

      • Nancy..you’re absolutely right in your assessment. This is the reason why we need urgently to get these candidates to participate in a debate with Miriam and in the process expose their weakness or state of mind.