• Pacquiao, Manolo, Bongbong and Imee


    THE times they are a-changing, if only in terms of the ways in which Pinoy social media come alive – ALIVE! – in light of the 2016 elections. Take the week that was. It started off with Manny Pacquiao doing a one-on-one with Karen Davila, and ended with the Marcos children Bongbong and Imee on our minds.

    In between there was Manolo Quezon of Malacañang’s one-of-three communications office going up against Noemi Dado and Michel Eldiy on Twitter, with the latter two refusing to let Manolo off the hook about the use of government sites and social media pages for the Liberal Party campaign.

    There was also blogger Tonyo Cruz calling out anyone who questioned Pacquiao’s senatorial ambitions, saying the social media “aristocracy” strikes again, effectively turning the criticism of Pacquiao into a class issue, calling him “uring anakpawis,” and pointing out that the boxer had supported important bills for wage increase and took a stand against Kentex.

    Which got me thinking: ako ba ang aristokrata? LOL.

    About Pacquiao
    And then I thought: no. Also it’s just too easy, turning this into a class thing, and pointing out that Pacquiao has his heart in the right place on issues, therefore no one should question his senatorial ambitions.

    Rapper Gloc-9 has his heart in the right place on issues. You don’t see him running for the Senate.

    And this is really the thing here: why does Pacquiao think running for the Senate important? Why did he think becoming a Congress Representative was something he needed to do? Why does he think that selling everything from car batteries to deodorant, milk to transnational brand Nike – all emblazoned on his boxing shorts when he fights by the way – acceptable?

    Because we let him think so. We let him off the hook because he is Pacquiao. The boxer who has brought honor to nation. Never mind that he’s treated being a Congressman like a hobby (as Rene Saguisag has said), or part-time raket, attending just FOUR TIMES in one year.

    You wonder why we can accept that of any Congressman. You wonder why we failed to criticize the fact that while Congressman Pacquiao was buying a $12-million dollar mansion in Beverly Hills early this year – which was of course televised for all of the Philippines to see – Sarangani was in a state of calamity due to drought.

    While athletes like Rafael Nadal are building tennis schools across Spain for scholars to learn the sport, Pacquiao built a boxing school with Chinese businessmen in China – to train Chinese boxers.

    You see, even his heart ain’t in the right place in many instances. We’re not even talking about his mind yet.

    If thinking this about Pacquiao, is being artistokrata, then … I LOL yet again.

    About Manolo
    It’s also been quite a show watching Manolo Quezon 3rd of Malacañang responding to the criticism of Eldiy and Dado about the use of public funds on what has become the Liberal Party’s campaign on social media. After all, as head of the LP, the President’s activities as reported on his Facebook page can only be seen as part of the party’s campaign.

    Quezon responds by putting together a list of instances in which presidents from the past have done the same and says “a president is indivisible from his role as proponent of a party/coalition/platform.” He also lists down the responsibilities of the Official Gazette, and how it has functioned as such for all presidents from Manuel Quezon to Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo by posting speeches that are now up on their website.

    What they have yet to discuss of course is how the Communications Team of the current president is totally different from the presidents before him, as they’ve used social media like no other president has. Certainly publication of speeches and photographs were different when there was no internet to speak of? Certainly, pre-Facebook, the public was not bombarded by images of the President raising the hands of his anointed candidates? Pre-Facebook, the campaign colors of the President’s political party was not something that was easy to propagate?

    One also wonders how much cheaper it was when a president did not need three communications offices as the current President does. Because as Eldiy has revealed, the 2015 budget for President Noynoy Aquino’s communications offices is P193,868,000.

    One hundred ninety three MILLION PESOS. Of tax payers money, by the way.

    ‘Yan ang aristokrata!

    About Imee and Bongbong
    They must have thought the timing perfect: Bongbong would announce his Vice-Presidential candidacy, and Imee would come out with her Philippine Tatler cover story where she talks about her support for Philippine designers. It could have been a one-two-punch.

    Except that Bongbong decides to shoot-from-the-hip and say that he “congratulates himself for choosing his parents well.” Other than the fact that uh, we don’t choose our parents (well, except in an esoteric sense), he failed yet again at admitting, even via silence, that his parents did the nation wrong.

    The wrong being, as posted by Susan Quimpo on the Philippine Tatler FB page: 75,730 human rights violations including rape, extra-judicial murder, illegal imprisonment and torture as filed by 75,730 claimants under the new Compensation Law (Philippine Daily Inquirer, 29 Sept 2015) <… and> the $4 billion dollars stashed away in the Swiss banks of the Marcoses (News 5 Kontrabando, 24 Sept 2015).

    This is also the weight on the butterfly sleeves of the blood-red terno that Imee wears on that Philippine Tatler cover.

    It seems the magazine did not know what hit them, seeing as their FB page has been bombarded with comments on the choice of cover girl. What does not surprise is that this cover happened at all: after all, how many of us actually care about the Philippine Tatler? It’s a magazine that is specifically for an elite market – i.e., the real artistokrata! – and generally they get away with putting every other member of the oligarchy on their covers.

    Ah, but the Marcoses remain different, and thankfully so. We do not forget. And we cannot forget.

    Sometimes, Pinoy social media gets it right.


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    1. Anong MALI ang ginawa ni PFEM …hmmm let me count the ways …

      1. nag declare siya nang MARTIAL LAW …. siya lang ba ang nag desisiyon nito? journalist ka mag research ka at buksan mo lang mata at isip mo ..para malaman mo ang TOTOO .

      2. Mga infrastructure na ginawa during Marcos time .. kung mali bakit hindi niyo ipagiba lahat

      3. Mali din ba nuong pinapatay niya ang Chinse Drug Lord na si Lim Seng … kaya pala ngayon talamak ang addict ! IKAW NGA KAYA MO BANG MAGLAKAD SA KALSADA NG MAG ISA PAG HATINGGABI …


      • nadia bustamante on

        For Sancho: I agree with you in all matters, I could see the difference between now and then…the mere fact during Marcos everything was under control and no rampant killings compare to the current situation. My family are under Liberal Party during those days but this time we realized that the EVER BEST PRESIDENT OF THE PHILIPPINES was FERDINAND E. MARCOS, and IMELDA MARCOS have also done a lot of project i.e. LRT, BLISS HOUSING, etc.

        We could figured out the term of Gloria Arroyo, tho she was accused of corruption but she have done huge projects i.e. bridges…now if you dig online its international donation by cash or goods, it was massive but where are those now?

        My colleague family after the 1 1/2 months of typhoon/Yolanda in Roxas have received only 3 small tins 555, 1 kg rice, 3 cups noodle…I’ve asked my Boss to give him loan as his family living in the tent wherein when it rains…also raining inside, my Boss said “Where does the donation of my country gone???” is there anyone have the right answer?

    2. Uh…An apprentice writer! How many more headless like you? People who are governed by emotion and feeling rather than facts! Is the Philippines any better 30 years ago? And who are those victims of Martial law anyway? Majority of them are leftist movement (CPP-NPA) who wants to overthrow the government. And CPP-NPA also committed horrible crimes to those who opposed them! Do you have figures about it? You know what, “human rights” do not exist to this group. Their law is the “law of the jungle”.

    3. Marcos was right, life was much better then. The Aquinos brought the demise of our democracy, they practically destroyed the country. We need another Marcos to get us back on the right track. Down withe corrupt LP.

    4. I agree with Mr. Jo.. Mabuti pa ang mga social media, alam lahat ang katotohanan at nakikita ng mga mata. hindi puro lang sa salita at pamamalita ng media na Attack and Collect, Defend and collect. (A/C, D/C,).
      Ano ang nagawa ng mga dilawan after EDSA Revoulution 1..?? Sabihin nga ninyo ng mga taga media ng dilawan..?? Inubos ninyo and pera ng bayan.. Lahat ginawang private ang para sa publico na institution, hospital, etc. Nasaan ang mga bagong infrastructure para sa mamayang filipino?? meron ba.. ang itaas ang bayad sa kuryente at marami na pahirap sa mamayang filipino na ang nakikinabang ay mga kaibigan , kamaganak na abnormal na Presidenteng ito. Lahat ng proyekto ni Ferdinand Marcos ay pinagbili ng familyang ito mula kay Corykong… Tanong mga kababayan, may nagawa ba ang mga Liberal Party o si na corykong na nadagdag sa proyekto ni Marcos. What about the malampaya fund?? As per the law of FEM , the malampaya fund must be used for the additional Power Generation project for the people….nasaan ang pondo nito

    5. To the Marcos haters only the choir boys of Filipino Pol Pot Joma Sison and his ilk have human rights but the defenders of the Republic don’t have any, right? Also, they don’t let the facts get in the way of their deafening narrative, like the fact that they cannot prove that Marcos’ money was ill-gotten. The trial in New York produced a not guilty verdict because they could not link any of Marcos’ money to any anomalous, illegitimate source. The civil forfeiture case that is their only “victory” against Marcos was a summary judgement because they refused to accept Marcos’ reply to the charges against him. Im sure a bright girl like you can easily deduce why. As for Pacquiao, the wealth he is flaunting, which is now the source of deep envy by many especially his critics, did not come from stolen government funds. You cannot say the same thing about the other government officials of today, including NPA leaning leftist party-listers can you? How sure are you the none of their pork went to the Joma Sison cultists who show their devotion to “Pol Pot” by practicing ambush, assassination, extortion and false flag attacks ( like bombing Plaza Miranda and blaming it on the government). Is Manny unfit because he is of the masa, cannot speak English like the local ingleseros, does not mouth the usual western liberal democratic drivel, does not promote gay rights? In short he is basically an unwesternized Pinoy who does not deserve to live well but does, and therefore gets the goat of “aristocrats.” I don’t know if I will ever support Manny for the presidency although I will gladly vote for a dog if the only other candidate is a yellow, but just to give his haters a lifetime of constipation maybe I should.

    6. 75,730 human rights violations including rape, extra-judicial murder, illegal imprisonment and torture..Just wondering, did Marcos commit all those crimes himself? Human rights violations are still happening until today yet you don’t hold your president accountable for all those crimes.

    7. The writer needs a deep researching here. The younger generation do not believe your preaching. This is a fact, just open social media and you can see the younger generation arguing Marcos as the best President of the nation ever produced. Take a look: the airport, it was Marcos who build. Who ruined: Aquino. Not only the building but the people working there. Naging ganster na with laglag bala gang, magnanakaw gang, huthot gang, etc. The Philippine Kidney Institute, PICC, need I mention them all. Halos lahat sinapribado na at napahirapan ang mga tao. Hello, nagbabayad ka ng tax ng 32 percent plus 12 percent EVAT. Meron bang ganyan kay Marcos noon? ang LRT na pinagawa ni Marcos sira sira na. Anong nagawa ng mga past administrations after the EDA revolution. Almost 30 years na, nalublob lang tayo sa kahirapan. Ang Japan binomba but after 10 years nakabangon. Si Marcos ang may kasalanan ulit. Mag isip ka nga. Magresearch ka. Ang mga media di yata gumagamit ng utak. Nakakahiya kayo. Mabuti pa mga nasa social media mas may utak na!

    8. “…he failed yet again at admitting… that his parents did the nation wrong.”

      You expect him to say, “Sorry, people, for the wrong done by my mother and father did to you and our country!”? Are you kidding?

      Let history be the judge.

      As for the 75,000 or so claimants, I hope their claims are properly processed.

      I hope someday there will also be an effort to hear from our soldiers and law enforcers who were in the frontlines during those years. Meanwhile, Marcos has to take all the blame in their stead.

    9. 1> A potential Pacman presidency makes me shudder, I wish to perish the thought and will not vote him to the Senate.
      2> For this three-headed media group who are very flexible when interpreting propaganda issues inclusive of right and wrong and charging the costs to the taxpayers their next career move would be as spokespersons of the “survey organizations” !
      3>I was invited to an event where Ferdinand,Jr. was the Guest of Honor/Speaker and this was last month and I did want to hear his spiel but I rethought participation as I realized that I could not in conscience clap for him or shake his hand in the light of his family’s and their oligarchs and partner’s/dummies(pre and during Martial rule) debts to the Pilipino.

    10. If for the good intention alone, Pacquiao is a lot better than most senators. Unlike Trillanes, he can hire just 10 consultants to help him craft the laws he thinks will alleviate the plight of the poor. It is all in the heart. As senator, the brains do not matter anymore as proven by the present crop in the senate.

      • This is possibly the lamest excuse for having Pacquiao in the senate. It’s synonymous to saying that it’s all right to steal since everybody is doing it anyway.

    11. Mistakes by former Pres. Marcos? When I was young w/ full emotion I will believe anything against the former Pres but not this time. Let us put this way, you were overwhelmingly elected and proclaimed as Brgy Chairman in your community; therefore, you have an electoral and legal mandate By that you have duties and responsibilities to do for the betterment of the majority of your ka-brgy. But there are some pwerful and not so much in your place who dont like yourface and could not accept and respect you as Brgy Head. These minority of powerful and loosers united together to make like a hell your brgy admin. Kung ano2x ginagawang panggugulo,pambabastos at paninira kasama ng mga alagad nilang mga pasaway. 24/7 ka kung siraan at ilang kagawad sa buong barangay at gumagawa pa ng gulo sa loob mismo ng opisina mo. 24/7 ang sponsorship rally kc maraming pera at connection ang very powerful and rich mong ka-baranggay who looked you down pati asawa mong Mr.Philippines ay pangit daw. Gusto kang palayasin sa Brgy Office kahit d pa tapos anf term mo. Ang nakararamng peaceful citizens ay naguguluhan na din sa mga nangyayari. My question is – You, as the Brgy Chair, what legal and extra-legal action you will do to depend your mandate and to make your neighborhood a peaceful, progressive with respect to the authority? Will you place them in the proper place those uncivilized at mga mal-edukadong ka-brgy mo with the full extent of the law applied? Kung nag-riot sila, do you think all your Brgy Tanod tutunganga na lang habang nasasaktan sila pati Leader nila?

      • Bonifacio Claudio on

        The Marcos Martial Law fought the armed rebel NPA who are engaged in aggressive attacks against the institutions destabilizing peace & order, demeaning economic & political sanity. All NPA & elite personalities were in cahoot before and after the declaration of Martial Law to overthrow the Marcos gov’t & supplant it with communism. Marcos Martial Law SAVED & MAINTAINED Democracy as our preferred way of life of Filipinos.

        Yun lang mga vested elites & pasaways have had to be confronted & made to come back to civility to protect DEMOCRACY where the haves & the have-nots live in all security, fairness, dignity, freedom, equality, & fraternity to usher an era of grandstanding & well-being of Inang Bayang Pilipinas.

        Itanong ninyo kina Enrile at Ramos kung anong dahilan at kanilang iminungkahi kay Marcos na ipasa-ilalim ang buong Pilipinas sa Martial Law. Buhay pa naman sila, ‘di ba ?! ‘Di ba sila rin ang nag-protekta at naglunsad sa mga Aquino bilang mga BAYANI NG EDSA 1986 para daw sa mga nakararaming mahihirap na Pilipinong kumain-dili na tulad ko at mga manggagawa at magsasaka ?! Bakit halos 30 taon na ang nakararaan eh talaksang dumami pa nga ang mga kumain-dili at mahihirap, dumami pa ang mga walang trabaho, at hindi pa rin naililipat — ayon sa desisyon ng Korte Suprema noong panahon ni CJ Corona — ang pagmamay-ari ng mga malawakang hacienda sa mga magsasaka ?

        Makaraan ang 30 taon ay hindi pa rin natitikman ng sambayanang kumain-dili ang mga pangako ng kagalingang pang-masa yung mga PANGAKO NG MGA BAYANI NG EDSA 1986 !!! Oh, Diyos na mahabagin, “dito sa bayan naming sawi, KALILUHAN ang siyang nangyayaring BAYANI” !!! Oh, ‘di bah?!!!