Pacquiao may retire after fighting Mayweather


Philippine boxing hero Manny Pacquiao hinted on Monday his long-awaited fight against American Floyd Mayweather could be his last, saying he would head into the May bout with retirement on his mind.

“It is coming close. We will announce it,” the 36-year-old told ABS-CBN with a meek smile when asked about retirement. He gave no further details.

After years of failed negotiations, Pacquiao and Mayweather hammered out a deal to face each other in Las Vegas on May 2 that will finally give fans the chance to see the best “pound-for-pound” fighters of their generation face off.

Pacquiao said he agreed to take a smaller cut of the purse just so the fight could push through.

“If we only thought about our pride, there would not be a fight. If we had equal pay, the fight would not have pushed through so for the fight to push through, I agreed to it,” he added.

US media has reported that the undefeated Mayweather, who turns 38 this week, will receive 60 percent of the purse and stands to make some $120 million with the Filipino taking $80 million.

But more important for fight fans, the match will finally show which of the two boxers can really be called the best.

Pacquiao has held world championships belts in an unprecedented eight divi-sions, and will go into the Mayweather fight with a record of 57-5, with two draws and 38 knockouts.

Mayweather has a 47-0 record with 26 knockouts. He is homing in on the iconic 49-0 record of 1950s legend Rocky Marciano, who retired as an undefeated heavy- weight champion.

Pacquiao, a devout Christian, said he was confident of winning because he had God on his side.

“God is with me and I believe the Lord will deliver him into my hands,” he added.

Pacquiao said he expected to head to the United States late in the week to resume full training under the guidance of his long-time mentor, Freddie Roach.



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  1. Floyd has been lucky a few times. I can easily see 3 losses on his record. Great fighter, but the true essence of this fight was lost years ago. The real winner will never be known.

  2. Manny blessed no matter what happens but I believe Manny will stop him inside of six, read book of proverbs it’s about good vs evil, Floyds arrogance about to catch up with him it is due.

  3. It’s true that Marciano didn’t fight title bouts until late in his career, and that the biggest names on his resume were past their primes when he fought them. But Jersey Joe Walcott, Ezzard Charles, and Archie Moore were all still very dangerous, hard-hitting, and superbly skilled world champions, and I suspect a level above most of Floyd’s foes. My guess is that Floyd will be too cute, but my hopes are with Manny.

  4. Dustin, please dont mix opinion, with facts. How do u know that the road to 49-0 was harder floyd? That makes it very hard for me to take ur posting seriously. Marciano fought everyone in his era. Wolcott, charles, moore, even the great joe louis. Name me 1 fighter floyd has fought that was more accomplished? Also, marciano was quite raw, and even small for a hw. Its my opinion that he faced alot of guys who were more talented than himself. Tell me 1 fighter floyd has faced with more gifts than he has? If we have an opinion, state it as so and why. But a spade isnt a spade just because someone says it is….

  5. You missed out a few facts that are important. Along with those 5 defeats manny received 3 of them were by ko, & 1 of them was not to long ago & was a devastating ko.
    Floyd reaching rocky marcianos record of 49-0. Well its been twice or more as difficult for floyd to get to this record as marciano didnt fight for a world title until his 43 fight. & as a world champion only had 6 fights over 3 years. Well look at floyd, fighting at world championship level for 17 years & i think he won his first world title in his 18th fight. So its around 27 times over about 17 years he has been fighting at world championship level. Rocky never did anything like that.
    Its hard to get to the top & its even harder to stay there. After retiring most fighters who make a comeback usualy dont last long & most are not usually as good as they were previously. Floyd is the exception to that rule without any opposition.
    Now we also have manny talking of retiring after this fight, that isnt a good sign. What it tells us is possibly his mind wont be 100% on this fight, he knows his huge income is guaranteed. Along with that just look at how low his opposition has been for the last 4 years & all of these things together should tell you manny is getting beat on may 2 & will retire after their fight.

    • This fight will never meet the hype because it should have happened 5 years ago when both fighters were hungry! The only losers are the fans and if Pacquiao is talking retirement already his heart wont be in the fight.

      Julio Cesar Chavez reached 89-0-1 before he was defeated by Frankie Randall and had a 87 fight winning streak.

    • Manny’s retirement also sounds like he does not want a rematch. Meaning he wants to take the money and run….like Mayweather did to Oscar several years back.

  6. About time! Specially if he gets knocked out again..he might as well retire from politics and just concentrate on his devotion to spread the word of God and his wealth.