Pacquiao may retire if he loses to Bradley – Roach


FORMER pound-for-pound king Manny Pacquiao will consider retirement if he loses to reigning World Boxing Organization welterweight champion Timothy Bradley in their rematch on April 12 at MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

American trainer Freddie Roach said it is an important fight for the 35-year-old Pacquiao, who holds a 55-5-2 win-loss-draw card with 38 knockouts.

“This is a ‘must-win’ situation on Saturday night, and if we don’t win this fight we have to consider maybe retirement,” the six-time boxing trainer of the year told reporter Gareth Davies of the Telegraph

Roach, 54, also admitted that in the past, Pacquiao’s extra-curricular activities such as politics and Bible studies have affected his aggression and killer instincts inside the ring.

“Not right now. To be fair, he doesn’t have too much on, because he is very focused on this fight. The thing is The Bible is getting in the way a little bit, but I showed him in The Bible there is violence and there is payback.”

”I’ve had to work on that with him, because it does take his attention and can affect his mindset [for training].”

But Roach said a more aggressive Pacquiao may be seen in the ring because the boxing champ wants to teach Bradley a lesson.

The trainer added that he was amazed when he heard Pacquiao saying, “I will knock this guy out.”

”He was not too happy about the way Bradley was talking about him, he said he felt disrespected. You see, Manny is a good guy. He doesn’t talk bad about anybody, but he felt disrespected by [Bradley]. That switches on something in him,” Roach explained.

Bradley has also said he is keen on crushing Pacquiao.

“Winning is the only thing that matters,” Bradley,31, has said. “This fight is the only fight I care about in my whole career.”

“It’s a must-win for me and very important. I have to win this fight and I’m going to win this fight and anything after that is just gravy,” he said. Bradley boasts an unbeaten 31-0 slate with 12 knockouts.


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  1. I think Roach is right. Manny as religious as he is, should understand though that God ONLY
    WORKS in those WHO HELP THEMSELVES. In other words, FAITH WITHOUT WORKS IS DEAD. St. Paul said this. There’s nothing wrong by reading the bible. In fact, this is what a christian is supposed to be doing everyday. However, when you are a professional of any sort, you have to do it in such a way that your training is done properly without any interruption and then you can read your bible. The PASTORS should understand Manny and they shouldn’t be INTERRUPTING his training if they are for real. I hope the close family, especially JINKEE should tell the pastors in a nice way not to get in the way of Manny’s training. Plain and simple.

  2. Roach’s sayin somethin won’t make Manny lose like not sayin nothin is gonna make him win. What’s for sure is Roach ain’t fightin. Manny is..

  3. Wow so team pacquiao are talking about retirement if he loses. Thats so strange. Freddies answer should have been he isnt going to lose this fight so lets not talk about that. To me talking about retiring if he loses tells me they arnt as confident as they have lead us to believe. Then freddie had to explain to manny about the bible & things in it & what they mean, my god since when has freddie been a bible reader, surely manny who is supposedly very religious knows more of the bible than freddie.
    Im sorry guys but i fear you pinoys will all be very sad come sunday as i think timothy bradley will beat manny pacquiao. I also think manny wont retire, he will say something like he doesnt want to retire on a losing note & will have at least one more fight. I also think its possible he will think of the millions of dollars & mentally change them into billions of pesos he can still make fighting even if he is losing & that will keep him fighting. He knows to stay in politics will cost him a lot of money & if he isnt earning it from boxing where will he get it from. Will he be tempted to also take a cut like others have done in the pork barrel scam. Think about those things with a clear mind & see what conclusions you come to but please dont tell me his religious convictions wont allow him to steal as they didnt stop him from cheating on his wife.