Pacquiao mega bout too pricey


    Many lawmakers want to watch the megabout between eight-time world champion Emmanuel “Manny” Pacquiao and undefeated Floyd Mayweather Jr. but won’t be able to because they can’t afford the costly price of a ticket, Speaker Feliciano Belmonte, Jr. said on Saturday.

    Belmonte said many of Pacquiao’s colleagues at the House of Representatives would want to witness the Filipino champ’s biggest fight because it may be his last. However, the Speaker said even lawmakers may not be able to buy tickets.

    “Nobody has requested for a travel authority just yet, but I know people will come. The biggest deterrent is the expensive ticket which already reached as high as P1 million,” Belmonte told reporters.

    He admitted that he himself would like to watch Pacquiao-Mayweather clash, considering that the undefeated American fighter could be the Sarangani lawmaker’s last remaining foe since no other boxer in history has achieved the Filipino champ’s record of being a world champion eight times in as many weight classes.

    “If there is one fight [that I’d like to see]. . . I really see this as Pacquiao’s last hurrah. He knows that he has to give his all. I’m very confident that he knows it. So I wish we could be of more help,” Belmonte said.

    Based on his Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth, Pacquiao is the richest member of the House of Representatives with a net worth of P1.35 billion as of 2013. Coming in second is former First Lady and Ilocos Norte Rep. Imelda Marcos with P922.8 million, followed by Belmonte with P819.7 million.

    In fourth place is Negros Occidental’s Albee Benitez with P713.8 million, followed by Negros Occidental’s Jules Ledesma with P617 million.

    Mark Villar of Las Piñas City (Metro Manila) is sixth with P526.4 million, while Congresswoman Marcos’ nephew Ferdinand Martin Romualdez of Leyte was seventh with P475 million.

    Rounding up the top 10 richest lawmakers for 2013 are Joel Roy Duavit of Rizal (P273 million), Enrique Cojuangco of Tarlac (P217.5 million) and Zajid Mangudadatu of Maguindanao (P215.8 million).


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    1. Iriga city boy on

      What this Speaker must be concerned,since he is talking about aborted sojourn to Vegas due to “pricey ,out of reach tickets”, is a way instead of making Metro Manila clean by asking the Congress politicians to call for an all volunteer citizen cleanup of the esteros in the Metropolis a day or two before Pacquiao’s bout with Mayweather.
      That will foster national unity,service to the country and patriotism.The metropolis is due for cleanup.Ang “baho” na.Even the air that permeates does “stunk”.The streets are so dirty and trashed.
      How about that,Mr.Speaker!!! Unahin muna natin ang kapakanan ng. Bayan.Hindi yung isyu kung papaano liligaya ang mga Politiko!!! Hindi naman ma mi miss nila ang laban
      ni Pacquiao. Maski maliit na TV. Nandoon yan.Eh, yung ” century old ” na rodent infested na Manila Bay at esteros ay ma aapektohan ang kalusugan natin.

    2. Mang Eugenio on

      Kunwari ka pa belmonte…ibawas mo lang yan sa PDAF mo at sabihin mong special project….solb na!

    3. Bumaha ng pondo gawa ng DAP, sino naman niloloko ninyo na kunyari namamahalan sa ticket?

    4. I don’t think it’s the cost; rather, the ability to score tickets. Tickets are in extremely high demand and unlike in the past, both Pacquiao and Mayweather will not be provided free tickets to give out.

      • Sabagay tama ka, naka-book na ang mga yan. Malalaman na lang sa araw nang laban dahil absent sila. Akala yata ng mga Tongressmen at Senatong, ‘di pa rin sila buking.

    5. Do not be hypocrite Belmonte! U know very well that you and your fellow crooks in the congress can very well afford it!! pdap and the other bribes from Aquino talks!!!

    6. It shows how the filipino thinks. They think watching manny is more important than running the country. he is just a fighter thats all. & since he stopped juicing when floyd called him out in 2009 he has never been the same. I just watched manny v cotto & watch manny since that fight after floyd mentioned rbt & you will all see the difference, well you will if you watch with an open mind & thats something a filipino cannot do with anothe filipino
      Anyway i think you will all be very dissapointed come may 3 as i think floyd wins this fight & maybe inside the distance.

    7. Those congressman that are going are the one voting for the BBL,P-NOY providing their expense money.

    8. chthonic monster on

      come on this is crap, the last week of April hordes of them buwayas will be making their pilgrimage to the city of Las Vegas along with their gf, bf, kabit, alalays you name it! but before they board the plane in NAIA they usually make a famous/standard statement: “we are spending our own money” and i know and you know and we know it is a lie!

    9. Maybe the tongressmen are waiting for complimentary tickets or no pdaf to collect?

    10. These congressmen are just waiting for Pacquiao’s free tickets. Nothing would be too pricey for these people who receive bribes from Pnoy to impeach Corona. They have become richer many times over.

    11. Except for those with legitimate successful business, where did these pork barrel-fattened lawmakers get their millions?

    12. It’s ridiculous for members of congress to fly and watch the fight at the ring side not just for the price but not attending to more important problems in our country. They could watch the fight through pay for view. They do not need to fly to watch. Whilst Manny is mega rich and famous he should show humility and austerity to demonstrate his leadership in his province. He could wisely spend his money to charity and economic development in his hometown. I like Manny for bringing honor to our country but also would like to see him as humble and show simplicity.

    13. P, Akialamiro on

      Baloney, Belmonte! It’s only pricey because people would know how members of congress spend millions just to watch a boxing bout abroad. How many Filipinos believe him?

    14. Roldan Guerrero on

      How much is 1M Php to Speaker Belmonte? What is the use of PDAF, DAP and BUB? Oh! there are so many projects around. Belmonte is the 3rd richest lawmawker, I`m just curious what legitimate businesses does he have…. it must be very profitable becoming a lawmaker….Speaker Belmonte, have you already spent all the 50M plus bribe you got in impeaching Corona?