• Pacquiao to move down weight class


    REIGNING World Boxing Organization (WBO) welterweight champion Manny Pacquiao is planning to move down weight class from welterweight to junior welterweight after his bout against unbeaten Chris Algieri on November 23 in Macau according to his long-time adviser Mike Koncz.

    PACMAN’S FURY Manny Pacquiao hits Timothy Bradley with a solid right during their battle for the WBO welterweight crown.

    PACMAN’S FURY Manny Pacquiao hits
    Timothy Bradley with a solid right during their battle for the WBO welterweight crown.

    “Moving down to 140 lbs is good for Manny [Pacquiao] since that’s his natural weight,” Koncz told The Manila Times in a phone interview on Thursday. “We already talked about it many times and we’re expecting that’s also a good division for him.”

    Koncz explained that Pacquiao felt that there are no longer worthy opponents in the welterweight class except undefeated Floyd Mayweather Jr. hence he wants to move down weight class.

    “There are many names in the light welterweight class like Danny Garcia and most of them wanted to fight Pacquiao,” said Koncz, who will watch Pacquiao’s debut as KIA playing coach in the opener of Philippine Basketball Association Season 40 on Sunday at the Philippine Arena in Bulacan.

    Freddie Roach’s assistant trainer Buboy Fernandez believes that the eight-division world champion would have no problem when he goes back to 140 pounds from 147 pounds, “I don’t think so. Manny’s speed and power will not be affected if he ever he moves down to junior welterweight. He knows his body and he’s comfortable [with that weight].”

    Boxing analyst lawyer Ed Tolentino agreed that it would be advantageous for Pacquiao to fight in his natural weight of 140 pounds.

    “The late Emanuel Steward, former trainer of Thomas Hearns, once said that the ideal weight for Pacman is 140 where he can still be devastating. Note that Pacquiao rarely reaches 147 lbs and most are catch weight and welterweight,” said Tolentino.

    Tolentino believes that it would be more difficult for the Pacquiao-Mayweather super fight to happen if Pacman decided to move down weight class because the last time the unbeaten American weighed 140 pounds was in 2005.

    “Going down to 140 pounds, I believe is a contingency plan in the event Mayweather continues to play hardball,” added Tolentino. “If ever Manny moves down, the fight with Mayweather will be difficult to happen.”


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    1. Ha ha ha ha you really are so stupid. Look how toned manny is for his fights, there doesnt seem to be an ounce of fat on him. So if he comes in normally at 144 or 145, thats an extra 4 or 5 lbs to lose, where will that weight come from.
      Now you say manny feels there isnt any welterweights other than floyd worthy of him ha ha ha ha. He has only fought 1 welterweight in the last 3 years & he himself has also only ever fought 1 welterweight in manny pac.
      Manny fought rios, so are you telling me rios is better than top welterweights ha ha ha ha. Tb is he better than top welterweights, well we dont know as he hasnt fought any, other than manny. Then we have jmm hes never beaten a welterweight yet, but he ko’d manny at welterweight. Manny has been avoiding all welterweights with any power for 3 years now & now he is moving down its because hes being told he has to fight some top welterweights if he stays in the division. I think we have also seen who his next opponent will be after he beats algieri, it will be garcia, no not danny garcia, but mikey garcia. Ha ha ha ha what a joke, this guy has been fighting at super featherweight & is jumping 2 weights to light welterweight. Thats mannys next opponent. Manny has become the laughing stock of boxing. Hes a tax cheat, both the irs & the bir are after him, hes had to move to china to fight as his opponents he chooses wont get any people wanting to buy seats or ppv, he is irrelevant in boxing as he wont fight the best at his weight. His team know since jmm kod him he isnt the same, & he hasnt been the same since floyd called him out on juicing & remember he wouldnt take rbt to fight night, i wonder why, well i dont wonder im convinced he was juicing & he knew to fight floyd he would get caught if he juiced & he knew without juicing he couldnt win, so he wouldnt accept the test & so no fight. You believe what you want but as filipinos you will always believe the filipino.