Pacquiao nears peak condition

Manny Pacquiao wraps his hand in preparation for practice. AFP FILE PHOTO

Manny Pacquiao wraps his hand in preparation for practice. AFP FILE PHOTO

With less than 20 days before his fight against Floyd Mayweather Jr. on May 2 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada, reigning World Boxing Organization welterweight champion Manny Pacquiao announced that he is nearing peak physical condition.

“I think I am almost there,” Pacquiao told The Manila Times in an online interview facilitated by Top Rank Promotion publicist Fred Sternburg.

Pacquiao also said that he is satisfied with the way his training, that started on March 9, is going at the Wild Card Gym under the supervision of head trainer Freddie Roach and strength and conditioning coach Justin Fortune.

“Freddie and Justin Fortune have been holding me back a little to prevent me from over-training and peaking too soon. I feel great and I am very excited for May 2.”

Roach had given Pacquiao a one-day rest on Sunday when he and his family went to church, according Sternburg.

“I am very confident I can defeat Floyd. Freddie Roach and I have worked very hard in training camp on strategy. I cannot wait for May 2. As far as conditioning, I’m almost complete,” said Pacquiao.

The Filipino ring icon also stressed that he’s not entertaining the idea of defeat at the moment, “I can only take a positive view for this fight. Winning is the only thing on my mind. I don’t even think that I will lose this fight.”


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  1. He should be able to punch and then duck counter punches not just to avoid damage but preserve his energy and strength. Manny has no option but to hurt Floyd before Floyd is able to hurt him. He really has no choice.

    I also think that his sparring partners will try to hurt him seriously if they are in TMT’s payroll (and they’d be able to report Manny’s habits/tendencies/weaknesses/gameplans to Floyd’s team). So Roach and Pacquiao should be wary and wise.

  2. film study mayweather in you tube this is what should pacquiao watch to study mayweather is the best to defeat an enemy.

  3. Mayweather is determined to do everything to win this fight at all cost.
    The secret weapon: Money!, Armed with blank check (Mayweather believed everyone have the tag price) He negotiate with Memo Heredia to provide him the “power pellets” that Marquez used to KO Pacquiao. Then bribe the USADA. If there’s no KO, all judges will declare Mayweather the winner. The 3 blind mice and the referee were amongst Mayweather payroll. In case Pacquiao KO Mayweather, the USADA will declare Pacquiao blood test result will be positive on PED. Before the fight, USADA will draw lots of Pacquiao blood more than it required, they know that’s the reason Pacquiao lost to Morales 1. At fight night expect Mayweather body full of pimples, a sign of taking PED.

    • Nice thoughts man…. I really do believe the scenario you’re talking about. Mayweather, Jr. is such an egoist he’ll do everything…. I say it again everything just to win this fight to protect his zero. You said it right… all cost.