• Pacquiao ‘not sorry’ for drug use


    MANILA: Philippine boxing legend Manny Pacquiao insisted Friday he owed his fans and countrymen no apology after admitting to having used illegal drugs.

    Pacquiao, a national hero and elected senator, is a high-profile endorser of President Rodrigo Duterte’s brutal war on crime that has left more than 3,000 people dead.

    But the 37-year-old shocked the sporting galaxy this week when he admitted in an interview he had used narcotics in his youth.

    “I’m not hiding the fact that I sampled those, but I was young, maybe 15 or 16 years old,” he told reporters Friday as he trained for a November 5 Las Vegas fight against World Boxing Organization welterweight champion Jessie Vargas.

    “I used marijuana, I used shabu,” he said, elaborating on the time period and the nature of his drug use.

    “Shabu” is the local name for the cheap and highly addictive crystal meth stimulant that Duterte says is the drug of choice of the majority of up to 3.7 million Filipino drug dependents.

    Pacquiao, who was elected to the Senate in May, is one of the most prominent backers of Duterte’s anti-drug crackdown, which has drawn global condemnation for alleged extrajudicial killings.

    He also supports Duterte’s call to restore the death penalty for drug traffickers in the mainly Catholic nation.

    The grade-school dropout ran away from home in his youth and took up boxing to escape poverty, turning professional at 17 on his way to winning an unprecedented eight world titles in different weight classes.

    Pacquiao said he did not need to apologize for his previous drug use.

    “Why should I say sorry to them? I did nothing wrong,” he said.

    “Also, I was not addicted. I just experienced it,” he said when asked if he became drug dependent.

    Pacquiao said his experience should inspire Filipino drug users who wanted to avoid getting arrested or killed in the crackdown.

    A convert to a conservative Christian sect, Pacquiao said he used sheer willpower and turned to sports to wean himself away from substance abuse.

    “Everyone knows that I drank, I gambled and had many women, but realised these were all sins so I stopped. I’m sure what I did for myself was an inspiration to all.”

    “It’s up to the person if he really wants to have a fresh start.”

    He added: “God gave all of us a brain to discipline ourselves.”

    Pacquiao also likened Duterte’s crackdown to a parent’s tough love to his children.

    “When you discipline your children it really hurts at first, but it has to be done in order to instill discipline.”

    “People are used to doing whatever it is that they want to do, even if it’s against the law. But now you can’t do that in this administration.”

    “Let us all help our president instead of putting all the responsibility (on him). Change should come from within because the president will not be able to change you,” he added.

    Asked to give advice to those wanting to kick their drug habit, Pacquiao said they should engage in physical activity.

    “One proven strategy to avoid (drugs) is to make yourself busy through exercise.” AFP




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    1. Pacquiao’s apology or his not apologizing does not put food in anyone’s stomach.

      He should do his job as a senator instead of focusing his time and energy on boxing. It’s too bad the senate continue to play investigators of everything instead of enacting laws like the Freedom of Information, Divorce and the Anti Dynasty law.

      Everyone knew what they were getting when they voted the elementary school grad with a history of not showing up for work when he was a representative into the senate.

      Will the Philippines ever join the modern world ? Not as long as they keep electing uneducated bigots like Pacquiao.

      • Ignacio Balbutin on

        your comments showed that you are more uneducated than him. Pacquao has done so much as a senator and a smart senator at that

      • Pacquao has done so much as a senator and a smart senator at that

        Like what ?

        What has Pacquao done as a senator ?

    2. Pacquiaos claim that he used mj and shabu is but a clumsy uneducated storytelling tends to gain more mileage. A runaway probinyano who I’d hungry for food and money trying m.j. And shabu that’s ridiculous. He just riding the popularity OF drugs news nothing more than that. It is believable if he said he was into GAMBLING, PLAYING SAKLA, CARA Y CRUZ,TONGITS OR COCK FIGHTING WHEN HE WAS 16 OR17.?

    3. well xpres b clinton who says he tried smoking pot but never inhale it,is he sorry? what about xpres g bush drunk driving? is he sorry? now sen pacquiao hmm,all 3 gents are gambler,drug user,womanizer ,,is he sorry,are they sorry? hell no,with these 3 absolutely, thats PARADOX for you

    4. David Michael Meyer on

      Here we have a paradox –This man is a high profile person –A sportsman and a senator..A hero in the eyes of many -especially young men
      Why then does he make no apology for his use of illegal drugs …Maybe because in the world of the elite sports –Drugs are a part of the deal –If you dont use drugs at that level –“You are not even in the race … So why be at a disadvantage ..>The crime is getting caught ..
      One can say the same for corruption –everyone seems o be doing it …Again the crime is getting caught …

      It is a sad state of affairs –But this is the world we are living in …

      David M Meyer PhD Psych

      • Ignacio Balbutin on

        to whom shall he make apology? He did not hurt anyone and he said he was still young when he did that. Even you has many history of doing naughty things when you were young right? are a psychologist or a psychopath hahaha

    5. I think Pres. Obama admitted at some point of his college days of using marijuana. Let’s just be honest for once…