• Pacquiao prize to pay for fines

     Manny Pacquiao

    Manny Pacquiao

    Defeated boxer Manny Pacquiao may lose most if not all of his $120-million prize money if angry fans who sued him for damages would get a decision in their favor.

    So far, two Nevada men filed a class-action lawsuit against Pacquiao on Tuesday (Wednesday in Manila), seeking millions in damages because they say the Filipino ring icon fraudulently concealed a shoulder injury before his defeat to Floyd Mayweather Jr.

    It is just the latest fallout from Mayweather’s victory in Las Vegas on Saturday in a unanimous decision, with Pacquiao saying afterward that the shoulder complaint hampered his performance in the welterweight world title showdown.

    The plaintiffs argue that by failing to go public with the injury before the feverishly anticipated bout, the Philippine icon and his camp violated the Nevada Deceptive Trade Practices Act.

    The suit filed in a US District Court in Las Vegas names as respondents Pacquiao, his manager Michael Koncz, promotional company Top Rank and Top Rank chairman Bob Arum and president Todd duBoef.

    According to court documents available online, the lawsuit claims that when plaintiffs Stephane Vanel and Kami Rahbaran — who bought tickets, forked out pay per view fees or bet on the fight — the defendants “knew and had full knowledge and information that defendant Pacquiao had been seriously injured and was suffering from a torn rotator cuff.”

    “Defendants further know that such injury would severely affect his performance,” the lawsuit says.

    “None of the defendants informed or apprised the public or even the Nevada Athletic Commission about the injury to defendant Pacquiao.”

    The clash between Pacquiao and Mayweather at the MGM Grand Garden Arena was billed as the “Fight of the Century.”

    It is certainly set to go down as the most lucrative bout in history, with possible revenue of $400 million.

    That could include as many as three million pay-per-view purchases, at about $100 each.
    The bout went the full scheduled 12 rounds, Mayweather easily winning on the judges’ scorecards to take his perfect record to 48-0.

    After the fight, Pacquiao and Top Rank revealed the 36-year-old had been injured in training camp some three weeks earlier.

    They said he had been cleared by doctors to fight, although they had expected him to be able to take an anti-inflammatory injection on fight night, but the Nevada State Athletic Commission ultimately denied him.

    Pacquiao’s lawyer Daniel Petrocelli told The Los Angeles Times that he expects the lawsuit to be dismissed.

    “It claims Pacquiao was injured [immediately]before the bout and that’s not true—he was injured [nearly a month]before the bout, was examined by doctors and cleared to fight,” Petrocelli said. “And he was examined by the commission right before he fought.”

    Arum confident
    When interviewed by The Manila Times, Arum said he is confident that Pacquiao won’t be sanctioned by the Nevada State Athletic Commission for non-disclosure of his shoulder injury before his bout with Mayweather.

    “Sanctioned by the commission? Absolutely not. Manny [Pacquiao] will not be sanctioned by the commission because we already informed them about the injury before the fight.

    That’s nothing. We have all the documents [proving that we’ve informed them]. We will bring all documents there in the Philippines,” Arum added.

    Pacquiao’s adviser Koncz, who according to reports was with the Filipino boxer when he filled out a pre-fight questionnaire and wrote “No” on the query regarding shoulder injury, refused to comment on the issue.

    “I don’t want to comment anymore. I just did not read the questionnaire correctly,” Koncz said in a separate interview. “Please call again on Friday. I will let you know the development regarding the schedule of surgery.”


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    1. Nevada gaming rules and regulation – disclose, disclose disclose ! The mistake of answering ‘ NO’ in written document made it very clear that Paquiao denied or lied of his injuries . Disclosure Law is mandatory in U.S. Filipinos are used to ” Baka makalusot ” or ” Hindi na mapapansin ” …..most lie to their teeth, the reason corruption thriveS in the Philippines.

    2. Dan Balantakbo on

      It’s a necessary defeat we should all accept. It’s all about money for this man who invoked everything from God to patriotism to love of country for more and more money, glory and adulation. His sourgrapes now has turned into a sour vinegar of class suits that can cook all his resources he and his family openly flaunt. All as a result of his being a poor sport and stubbornness to accept defeat, tactlessness and inability to think wisely. But of course we know who he truly is, this blunder is always a given associated with his personality. And he wants to fight again despite injury requiring operation all for the sake of money. Anybody who can look at this man as a future senator or president better be cured of delusion. Floyd Mayweather for whatever he is, is the man who just saved our country from further doom..

    3. Manny always says i fight for the people. Surely he isnt that dumb that he didnt know this injury would at the least be a huge hinderance in the fight. In the philippines its ok to keep thibngs back, everyone does it & most are never held accountable. Its oh so very different in the usa. You go there to get rich you have rules to play by. I hope they take all his money as it seems to me hoe couldnt have cared less about every single peson who bet on him would lose their money. He knew he would get his money & that all what mattered. Money is the route to all evil, & look how much he got paid for that fight.
      Its so strange on here even now some are defending him & also trying to blame floyd. Why there are so many stupid people in the philippines is beyond me, is there a special class for it in schools.
      Pay the people back what you defrauded from them. & next time try to be honest, i mean you are a politician, oh maybe thats the reason why you wernt honest, im only asking.

    4. Bert O. Romero on

      Mr. Rene Saguisag was right after all in describing Pacquiao as the GREAT PRETENDER : a disgrace to Congress, a pretender-singer and PBA player. His greater pretense, however, is to become a senator which to former senators like Saguisag is hallowed ground. His greatest pretense, however, is to be the Philippine president in 2022. I hope Senator Saguisagwill not have apoplexy.

    5. Manny, in a way, disclosed that his shoulder is hurting to the Nevada Athletic Commission. He asked permission to get injected with an anti-inflamatory drug to relieve the pain but was denied. He was cleared to fight by the doctors so he did. Did Manny have to go on the loudspeaker and announce to the crowd that his shoulder is hurting and give his diagnosis. Can you imagine how stupid that sounds? Here is what he could have said —Good evening everybody. My shoulder is hurting but I will go in there and beat Mayweather anyway. Now that you know what my physical limitations are, please forgive me if I lose. Mr. Mayweather, please take it easy on me tonight. thank you

      • Ronaldo Valdes on

        If he’s hurting and knows that he is not 100% on that fight he should cancelled the fight for that reason, but NO the money is so good… Its all about the money ..isn’t it.

      • Ronaldo Valdes on

        And now he’s in trouble and might loss all that money co’z the lawsuit are left and right .. This is USA not Phillipines where he can get away with this like not paying taxes in billions of pesos.

    6. No show at his Congressional seat. What a fraudulent show of wanton waste of seat that should have been deservingly handed on to a worthy representative. Andthis boxer dude is eyeing a Senatorial seat,with an eye for a possible Palace shot sometime in the very near future.

      Ano’ng palagay mo sa akin? Isang inutil na mangmang lamang at aanga-anga na iboboto ka na lamang at inaakala mo na dini Diyos ang mga boxing prowess as your ticket to hoodwinking unsuspecting masa na umaasa na tatapunan ng barya-barya at fafalakfak sa iyong kandidatura? Hell No!!!

    7. Pacquaio reverting to form – lies, cheats, and no integrity. A national role-model, and politician – seems appropriate.

    8. Jumie-Jingle on

      Alas, the false prophet is entwined with his own words. This guy is insatiable, he wanted to be jack of all trade, and the last thing he wished for himself – is to become a prophet in which the whole world heard his prognostication – that Mayweather will be delivered into his hands. Now, you’re on the loop of trouble with your own makings.

    9. There’s no doubt that Pacquiao himself is included in this sham and fraud fight. The syndicate does not want to postpone the fight because they want to collect their purse. Beside, these people does not want to speculate at the outcome of Pacquiao’s surgery and rehab. They saw already that the money is on the table and they grabed the opportunity.
      Those ran and hug tactic employed by Weather is part of the show so as the fight will last to 12 rounds. Nobody will believe that a tall great undefeated champion will not knockout a short one handed opponent. Just look at the face of Pacquiao after the fight, it look unscath.
      Sabungero din itong si Pacquiao, alam nyang lumaban siya na may diperensya, ang tawag dito ay TIOPE!
      Dapat Lang pagmultahan nila ang ginawa ng panloloko sa buong mundo.

    10. Migs Doromal on


      Never mind the fans as long as we got our paychecks!!!

      • that’s the problem with fans, they get angry when they lose. so you’re also a sore loser, migs?

    11. Julian Tulay on

      Pacquiao should stop making statements, being a congressman, he should know that. In US there’s a lot of people do this suing another person for a living. United States just like other countries are govern by laws, that’s why when they read you the Miranda rights they ask you to remain silent because your words can use against you.

    12. Roldan Guerrero on

      Manny Pacquiao who pretends to be a man of God is really now in hot water for gross dishonesty in not revealing his true physical condition because of his desire to collect his guaranteed price , win or lose. Could you imagine the mesh he created by sacrificing all those who bet on him because they trusted him so much? He deserves to face the consequences of his intended fault such that the price he should collect will not be given to him. I am one of the millions who lost a lot of hard earned money as a result of his intended neglect. My respect to this corrupt man has totally lost. SANA TUMIGILNA A GMA NETWORK SA PANTATAWAG AT PANGUUTO SA TAONG ITO NG PAMBANSANG KAMAO AT MAGRESIGN NA DING CONGRESSMAN DAHIL HINDI SIYA QUALIFIED AT KARAPATDAPAT. IBINENTA NYA ANG LABAN. MANNY PACQUIAO ISA KANG SINUNGALING AT CORRUPT! TIGILANMO NA ANG KABULASTUGAN AT KAYABANGANMO!

      • so you, too roldan, is one of the million losers, SORE LOSERS that is? too bad, so sad! ganyan talaga napapala ng mga sugarol.

      • Butthurt you are on

        Pag panalo = pinoy pride,

        Pag talo = luto, dinaya, mafia tapos ngaun: Mayabang, sinungaling corrupt.

        Ugali nga naman ng pinoy oh, napaka bulok.

    13. Manny does not run a betting firm and has no requirement to disclose his physical condition. He has no renumeration nor stakes on the winnings and losing of bettors. What if he trained poorly and did not disclose that? Is he liable then if he loses? Professional teams like NBA’ers don’t always disclose who will or will not play and bettors stake money on non disclosed info, and teams are not liable because they don’t run a betting operation and are therefore not responsible for betting odds or results. It’s always bettors beware, esp. in Las Vegas.

      • JCSiron says:
        May 7, 2015 at 12:58 am
        “Manny does not run a betting firm and has no requirement to disclose his physical condition.”

        Really? Where did you get this warped idea? He is a professional athlete! I guess you are one of those who knows a lot about nothing !

      • Cocky Roach on

        by allowing himself to be shadowed by a politician whose reputation precedes him says a lot about his involvement in gambling among others