Pacquiao: Probe ex-BIR chief on fake tax stamps


Senator Emmanuel Pacquaio on Wednesday said former Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) Commissioner Kim Henares should be investigated in connection with the proliferation of fake tax stamps that had deprived the government billions of pesos in revenues.

Pacquiao noted that fake tax stamps have been in existence even before the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte and it is only proper to determine why the previous BIR leadership was not able to address the problem.

“There is really a need to investigate. We have to know if there was big money involved or if there was corruption,” he said in Filipino.

The BIR’s tax stamp system requires all cigarette packs, both local and imported, to bear tax stamps as part of efforts of the tax bureau to effectively collect excise tax from manufacturers.

Cigarette packs that do not have the required tax stamps are presumed to be illegal and could be ground for tax evasion.

The tax stamp system was implemented during Henares’ term as BIR commissioner.

Pacquiao made the call over the discovery of over P2 billion worth of cigarettes with alleged fake stamps by the Bureaus of Customs and the BIR.

The cigarette packs belong to local manufacturer Mighty Corp. owned by Alexander Wong Chu King.

The President in a speech last Sunday said the cigarette manufacturer must pay the government at least P15 billion in taxes as possible settlement.

In a recent hearing of the Senate Committee on Ways and Means on the proposed tax reform package of the executive department, the BIR said there was an P8 billion decrease in sin tax collection from tobacco products.

Among the reasons cited by the bureau for the decline include the proliferation of fake tax stamps, smuggled cigarettes and the bigger graphic health warning on cigarette packs.

Pacquiao said former officials of the BIR should be investigated because the tax stamp system started during their time with the Aquino administration.

“And they should be made accountable if it turns out that they did not do something to stop [the proliferation of fake tax stamps],” the senator added.


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  1. look at those ‘intelligent’ officials we voted in the government…what did they do? sen.manny pacquiao is better than them.

  2. Sen pacquiao is to everything, like basketball, politics where i think he does not excel, if i am in his shoes i will just concentrate on boxing where he is a world class. Lets accept the truth we cant excel in all the endeavour we want to choose. The result is we might be a laughingstock and its really embarrasing.

  3. It seems like Pacquiao is trying to get even with former BIR Chief Kim Henares because Pacquiao was not paying the right amount of taxes of what he earned 3 or 4 years ago. She filed lawsuit on Pacquiao and finally settled on agreements that Paquiao will pay the back taxes he owed and the amount they agreed upon on installment basis, because they were talking about Billions of unpaid taxes at that time. Therefore, it would not be appropriate for him to lead the investigation because of several reasons. Pacquiao cannot even construct a grammatically correct sentence and he doesn’t know anything about Tax Law. To demonstrate what I am talking about, during the Senate Confirmation hearing of DNR Secretary, Pacquiao was reading the processes and procedures that they need to follow; he even have a hard time elaborating on what he have read. Somebody in the Senate should instigate to have the former BIR Commissioner to be investigated but limited to fakes BIR. stamps only. He should be reminded not to put Senate in an embarrassment position nor giving the Senate a bad name. I am sure that if these Senate confirmations hearings are broadcasted around the globe, other nationalities might think that all elected senators and congress people have an IQ level of Manny Paquiao.

    • Mang Juan, the IQ level of Senator Pacquiao may not be to your liking, but all of the Senators have their own staff to handle each item-issues that a Senator would like to discuss in the Senate Forum i.e. Senator Pacquiao suggesting to have Kim Henares investigated on a possible corruption in connection with the proliferation of fake tax stamp that had deprived the government billions of pesos in revenues. Saan nga naman napunta yung collection? While Kim Henares and the BIR had investigated Manny Pacquiao then, and I believe the case has come to an agreement and/or Manny Pacquiao settled with the government. Yes, I agree that the Senate hearings and work should be broadcasted around the globe so all Filipinos are aware on what is going on. I am not going to worry on what other nationalities would think about our elected senators and congress people IQ level. They do not put food on our table! Let us all help-in to solve corruptions!!

    • You nailed it! Pacquaio is so full of himself he doesn’t even understand what he is talking about.

  4. Bonifacio Claudio on

    Mabuhay ka, Sen Pacquiao sa pagsasalita sa wikang pambansa TULAD NI ATTY PERSIDA ACOSTA — para maunawaan naming MADLANG PEOPLE, wika nga… Ito po ay hindi kahiya-hiya, bagkos ay kahanga-hanga. Panahon na para gamitin ang WIKANG PAMBANSA — “Ako’y isang Pinoy, Wikang Pambansa ang gamit kong salita…”, sabi nga ng MAKABAYANG kanta… WIKANG PAMBANSA — NOW NA !!! Yun pong hindi naman PURISTA para mag-imbento pa ng salitang Salung-pingan, Salupawpaw… Ang Wikang Pambansa po natin na gamit ng madlang pipol sa kalsada ay eng-log o taglish o halo-halo tulad halimbawa ng lamesa, jet, eroplano, suki, tokwa, etc etc…