• Pacquiao prods Mayweather with another tweet


    LOS ANGELES: Philippine boxing legend Manny Pacquiao wants to give faithful fight fans a Christmas present — the promise of a blockbuster world title face-off with Floyd Mayweather.

    The talk of the long-anticipated bout between the two gained steam in recent days, with Mayweather on Friday proposing a May 2 date and Pacquiao responding with a vow to chase him into submission.

    On Tuesday, Pacquiao tweeted another teaser:

    “@FloydMayweather, don’t be a boxing humbug. Let’s give the fans the fight they want. They have waited long enough.”

    The two were long-time rivals as the “best pound-for-pound” boxers of their generation, but the dream fight has never materialized to the disappointment of the boxing world.

    Speaking to Showtime Sports in the US on Friday night, Mayweather, 37, said he wants his next fight to be against the Filipino star.

    However, the American nicknamed “Money” said — without giving details — that the expected richest fight in boxing history will only happen if he receives a much bigger share of the purse than his opponent.

    Hours later, Pacquiao told Agence France-Presse from his southern Philippines home city of General Santos that money was not the issue.

    “As early as January this year, I challenged him to a charity fight,” said Pacquiao, winner of an unprecedented eight world titles in different weight classes. “Until now, he has not agreed to it. So, money is not the issue in our fight.”

    “This fight is about legacy, this is about making the fans happy and, above all, this is for the good of boxing,” Pacquiao said Saturday.



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    1. Too many excuses. This fight will never happen. Mayweather is really afraid to fight Manny. Chicken s**t…..

    2. If he demands an unreasonable percentage of the purse, that tells me and other boxing fans that Mayweather is afraid to fight Pacquiao. He is using the purse split as the final excuse not to fight Pacquiao. If Mayweather does this, he will go down in history as the village idiot of boxing. I forgot he can’t read!!!! He is an idiot!!

      • Roldan Guerrero on

        You are so unfair man! Did you know that Pacquiao just finished 4th grade in the elementary? And he is hiding his educational misfortune by entering to tasks he is ignorant of, could you imagine a lawmaker of that level of intellect? or shall I say only in the Philippines? where money is a passport to do everything beyond capability? Mayweather has reasons to avoid Pacquiao, he has a very clean fights record….undefeated….while Pacquiao lost 5 times 2 by knockouts. Knockout loss by a boxer is a nightmare in his career, and the other man who knocked out Pacquiao, that even when the referee continued counting up to 1000 PACQUIAO could not stand, Marquez lost to Mayweather in a convincing unanimous decision. That is the reason why Mayweather is avoiding Pacquiao ashe does not want to taste defeat by a boxer who has dirty fight records.Let us say he is afraid of Pacquiao but it is a personal reason for Mayweather we must respect.