Pacquiao, Rios fight in Macau


This will be easy for Manny and good preparation for the long awaited mega fight with FMJ, but he needs to train hard and pray hard. Possibility of another fight with JMM is there also, if Marquez will agree to a random drug testing. I still believed in Manny’s capability to beat Marquez, FMJ and Bradley, provided he gets over with Rios in an impressive way.

Reynaldo De Guzman

I don’t think that it will be an easy fight for Pacman. Rios is capable of beating Manny but of course, I, as a Filipino, am for Pacquiao no matter what. Remember, 1 solid punch put Manny to sleep on the canvass. Let’s just hope that Manny will win and not to be overconfident again!

Ed Rose


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