Pacquiao seeks SC help on tax liability


FILIPINO ring icon Manny Pacquiao asked the Supreme Court (SC) on Friday to abolish the P3-billion bond imposed by the Court of Tax Appeals (CTA) over his alleged P2.2-billion tax liability.

Pacquiao’s long-time business manager Eric Pineda told The Manila Times that Pacquiao and wife Jinkee filed the petition before the SC because the decision made by the tax court for the tax bond was very “oppressive.”

“Yes, they went to the Supreme Court and filed a petition to stop the CTA order but I can’t give you more details,” Pineda said.

The tax court ordered Pacquiao to pay the bond to cover his alleged tax liability imposed by the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) amounting P 2.2 billion in 2008, which increased to P3.29 billion from penalties and surcharges.

The camp of Pacquiao claimed that the BIR investigated them without showing any piece of evidence.

“Without such proof of having been offered in evidence… respondent court [CTA] should have dispensed with the bond requirement since the validity of the fraud assessments are placed in doubt and the government’s right to collect the assessed taxes is uncertain to say the least,” the petition of Pacquiao filed before the High Court stated.


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  1. In retrospect, I don’t think that the IRS issue receipt, when your tax preparer gives you a copy of your tax return for the year, he/she advises you whether you owe the IRS and or the state, or a refund for that matter, then you send this single page with your check to both the state or IRS, if you owe them, similarly you send the same with out your check if you expect a refund, but you get to keep the prepared tax return for the year. This is the only evidence you have that you have paid your taxes for the year. Having said that, perhaps the SC can force BIR to accept, what Mr. Arum gave to Manny the tax return prepared by Mr. Arum’s accountant.

  2. I am almost certain that the IRS collects the taxes following Mr. Pacquiao’s fights. His manager Mr. Bob Arum collects all the prize money including the pay per view from which the taxes are based on. The question is whether his manager gave Manny the receipts from the IRS showing his share of the taxes he actually paid. The only thing he has to do to resolve this conflict is to give a duplicate copy of the IRS tax receipt to BIR. Why can’t Manny produce these receipts? that is the question, and an enigma.

    • browsing and saw this on

      I read somewhere that he had submitted this already. But our BIR wants an original copy coming from the US IRS itself.