• Pacquiao sticks to Binay


    Sarangani Rep. Emmanuel “Manny” Pacquiao will remain in the corner of Vice President Jejomar Binay.

    In a news conference in General Santos City on Friday, Pacquiao said he will be backing Binay—the standard-bearer of the opposition United Nationalist Alliance (UNA—“without reservation.”

    “All-out support tayo kay VP Binay. Hindi magbabago ‘yan [I am all for Vice President Binay. That won’t change],” Pacquiao, one of UNA’s senatorial candidates, said.
    “May isang salita tayo [You have my word],” he added.

    Pacquiao, the only boxer to win world titles in eight different weight classes, joined Binay in a boodle fight and a scouting trip at Colon National High in Maasim, Sarangani, for the 4th Council Jamboree of the Boy Scouts of the Philippines.

    His pronouncement contradicts his statement last month, when he said he is inclined to join the senatorial slate of Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte because the mayor is a fellow Mindanaoan.

    Duterte was a reluctant candidate until recently. The mayor filed his certificate of candidacy as a subsitute candidate for President of PDP-Laban.

    Pacquiao told reporters a month ago that he prefers Binay among the presidential candidates because both of them worked hard to break away from poverty.

    “Pareho kaming galing sa mahirap na pamilya, pareho kaming naghikahos. Pareho rin kaming nagsikap para makarating sa ganitong estado at pareho kaming naniniwalang magsisilbing inspirasyon sa mahirap [We both came from a poor family. We struggled getting by…went through a lot to get where we are. We believe that we can inspire the poor],” he said.


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    1. I believe that with the leadership of VP Binay the Philippines can break away from the abusive stranglehold of the oligarchs’ and hacienderos’ entitlement mindset. The rich had hold sway for so long. Now is the time to break away from tuwid na daan na KKK lang sang pwedeng dumaan to liko likong daan name lahat pwedeng duma an.

    2. Manny Pacquiao, stay where you are. You belongs in the world of boxing not at the senate or in Congress. You dont know what you are saying manny, galing ka sa mahirap etc..etc..As a congressman in your province have you improved the lifes of your people. ??? in which way… Have you created a job for your people.??/
      Theres a lot of things you had to know… the world of celebrity at the congress and senate was over.. We will not vote, any celebrities, median men at the govenment position…

    3. It’s important not to be influenced by the black propaganda being thrown out there.
      We must look at the accomplishments rather than failures. Experience and Vision for a better future of this country . NO to Roxas. We need to break away from the Strangle hold of this LP Government. Yes to the Opposition !

    4. Please don’t vote for Pacquio, he does not belong to the senate. See what accomplishment he did in the house of representative…….very minimal not worth his pay an habitual absentee. So as Binay, please spare the country from this kind of candidates.

    5. Pacquiao has zero chance of winning the senatorial position. Look at his dismal attendance record in congress. Anyone who will vote for him is making a big mistake . This guy is an excellent boxer but a very bad lawmaker. He does not know what he is going to do. Being under Binay UNO is one example of poor judgment.

    6. It was Thanksgiving Holiday over here in the U.S.A yesterday. I was with my in-law’s residence yesterday and besides food, we the long-timer Fil-Ams talked about the political situation back in the “old country.”

      All of us have been living the the United States for well over 35 years, several of my wife’s relatives have been living the the United States for 45 years or longer. Yet we are still closely following the news “back home” thanks to the two Filipino channels we get on cable television.

      Everyone was amused by the so-called airport “Lag-Lag Bala” news, and no one wants to go to the Philippines at this time, also agreed that the high crime rate is not conducive to Philippine tourism.

      The report that a fomer “Bold Star” of the 1970’s and a world boxing champion are both running for senate seats made everyone felt sorry for the home country and at the same time it was a source of ridicule.

      Need I say more?

      • Before you shoot your mouth off from the USA, ypou better look aroung you!! I’m a american living here in the Philippines for more than 2 years. Its safer here than the USA.we have elected mObaa ‘as ,our president not only once ,but twice. He has destroyed (along with senators/congress idiots) the country.

        Police are ruining wrap I’d killing people, welfare abuse. List beyond being controlled, big business runs the country.obamacare is a unwanted joke voted down by the people yet ,still made into law so many things wrong in the USA,crime is out of control, politicians are idiots so again before you open your mouth about the motherland of your family, open your eyes around you.

    7. Paquiao worked hard on his har-earned money but not Binay who amassed wealth through corruption.