‘Pacquiao stronger, quicker than Mayweather’


MANNY Pacquiao will use his indisputable power and tremendous quickness to beat American Floyd Mayweather Jr.

This is the fearless forecast of assistant trainer and dietician Nonoy Neri, who expressed confidence that the eight-weight world division titleholder will outpunch Mayweather on May 2 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Neri, who currently oversees Pacquiao’s conditioning training in General Santos City, believes that the 36-year-old Pambansang Kamao (National Fist) is faster and much stronger than the unbeaten Mayweather Jr. (47-0 win-loss record with 26 knockouts).

“Mayweather is beatable because Manny is faster and stronger, but we must not relax,” Neri told The Manila Times on Sunday in a phone interview. “Defensively, Mayweather is smart but we’ll be ready.”

“Manny throws and connects a lot of punches, he will surely outpunch him. We are now focusing on improving Manny’s condition by jogging and a lot of road works. He is also hitting heavy bags and the mitts,” he said.

When asked if Pacquiao (57-5-2 win-loss-draw record with 38 knockouts) could win by knockout against Mayweather who will turn 38 on Tuesday, Pacquiao’s long-time assistant trainer said: “I’m expecting we will win by unanimous decision because Mayweather won’t engage.”

As an afterthought, he added: “But who knows?”

According to Pacquiao, his bout with Mayweather “is just like any other fight I had before.”

“I’ve been in this kind of situation many times in my previous fights. It doesn’t scare me. I love being the underdog,” said Pacquiao amid reports that oddsmakers in Las Vegas are giving his opponent the advantage.

“It even motivates me to train hard and go for the crown,” he added.

Neri explained that Mayweather is more of a defensive and counter-puncher who usually rolls his shoulder as a form of defense, but he lacks punching power.

Pacquiao, on the other hand, is absolutely the aggressor, “but he will need good timing to whip Mayweather’s ass.”

“We started our light training two weeks ago. And a day after Floyd’s announcement, Manny’s training shifted to more intense workout,” explained Neri, noting that Pacquiao’s other assistant trainer, Buboy Fernandez, would come on board next week.

He said the reigning World Boxing Organization welterweight champion would train in General Santos for one to two weeks before flying to Los Angeles, California, on March 8 or 9 to resume his training and then hold his sparring sessions in the Wildcard gym.

“Coach Freddie [Roach] is in Macau, China, right now for the Zou Shiming fight, but he will go back to Los Angeles immediately after that bout,” said Neri, adding, “We will stay in the US from March until the fight night on May 2.”

Neri disclosed that Pacquiao, also a congressman representing Sarangani province, will leave his political duties as well as his basketball job as playing head coach of KIA basketball team in the Philippine Basketball Association in the meantime to concentrate on his training for the May2 super mega fight.

“Two months of training in the US are enough,” said Pacquiao’s long-time business manager Eric Pineda, who will take care of Pacquiao’s KIA basketball team as team manager while Pacquiao is preparing for the biggest and richest fight in boxing history.

Mayweather Jr., who will pocket 60 percent of the fight purse, formally announced and signed the fight contract in the US last Friday (Saturday morning in the Philippines).

The bout, which has no rematch clause, is expected to generate $250 million to $300 million in revenues.


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  1. Adrian Mirabueno on

    Manny should have learned from his last fight with Marquez!
    I remember that one punch from Marquez with manny’s hands both down.
    A clear mistake Manny should have earned from.

  2. The real danger is on Mayweather’s side not on Manny. Mayweather’s camp knows that their guy is up on the beating. They should be the one to worry on how to beat Manny. The pressure is on them for they have everything to lose and Manny has everything to gain. .Even Alex Ariza’s head now is in total aches.

  3. pacquiao has a strong chances of winning on fighters that doesn’t fight him toe to toe, only by jabbing him and countering him is not enough to win against him, just observe on fights that he wins, almost all of the opponent face pacquiao started strong and after realizing the intensity and the pace that he set and the hard combinations that he throws even if it hits the defense of the opponent they started to retreat and only defend to survive, in order to beat manny its a matter of mixing the counter punching and the aggressive punching, look on the fights that manny have problems, marquez mix his counter punching talent along with his aggresive punching and fight pacquiao toe to toe while countering him end result? knockout!look at pacquiao’s first fight with bradley, pacquiao totally dominate that fight despite of controversy because on the first few rounds bradley is just jabbing him being cautious and throws counter, after being aware that he is behind the score card and being desperate he started throw punches toe to toe with manny and wins the later rounds, and on the second fight its clear from bradley’s coach they will go down swinging, bradley realize that if he will going to fight the same as the first fight manny will take the fight so he decided to fight toe to toe(you can actually see bradley during that fight that he throws punches wildly ignoring defense) and have success on the rounds 3,4 and 5 but could’nt keep that pace so manny disects him and wins the fight…what I say is in order for mayweather to win the fight he should combine both his counter punching ability and fight manny toe to toe, because if mayweather is just going to defend, counter, throw 1 punch at a time,,, men…manny will prevail because again he will set the pace and intensity of the fight all out action even if manny’s punches is landing in his defense manny will hurt mayweather.I mean manny has keys to beat mayweather, all out action and intensity, combination punches to the head and to the body(floyd has lower chance of defending his body at the same time considering that manny throws combinations fast) and consistent energy that keeps the face throught out the fight not giving mayweather to score a round.

  4. Since this is an gayweder scenario, from negotiaons to the judges, pacman will definitely loose this bout, i would say, whatever gayweder does, his in control, even with the judges he control it, unless pacman bring him to the canvass flatfooted, then pacman is in control. but the way it is going, pacman will just a tool for gayweder winning, remember this is las vegas, mafia acts there, pacman should not win by points, whatever you see, unless he put him down pacman is the winner. get my point. that is. may 2 scenario its just a film.

    • Hilda Berghaeuser on

      Jun Reyes, U said gayweder will win coz he’s in control (judges,Las Vegas,etc.)if gayweder is in control in LV,etc. God in control of this world and the whole universe, if U are a christian we all believe in ONE God the creature of heaven and earth.In one interview Manny says,”The Lord whom I served will deliver him(gayweder) into my hands.” The God Manny is serving is a sovereign God,a big great and awsome God and is doing something so that His glory may be fulfilled and Manny’s faith is very strong so if U are Manny’s fan don’t worry, God is working in a very mysterious way, just keep Manny in our prayers.

    • of course we get the point but you cannot also knows the punches of a Hard-Hittter like the PACMAN ….. and we do hope you also get our points……

  5. Barry Gil Pilar on

    To sAy that Mayweather hits hArd than Pacquiao is totally hilarious! and to compare Manny to Mayweather past opponents like Castillio and Judah is a total joke! Nacho Beristain who knows Pacman better than anyone else have said, Manny will definitely win agaisnt Floyd because Pacman is too tough mentally and too strong. He’s very aggressive and possesses power. We dont need to predict because the outcome of this slugfest depends on the fighters themselves. If Manny will be overconfident and will not prepare hard then he will lose period! nevertheless, we should remember that no matter how Floyd’s shoulder roll defense and counterpunching ability will impact the fight, Pacman will not gonna stand before Floyd to get hit. Boxing is a hurt business, hence we expect the unexpected!

    • of course Nacho Bereistain will always be for MANNY PACQUIAO for the reasons that …’look at what the PACMAN did to JUAN MANUEL MARQUEZ…. aba eh, nanalo nga si MARQUEZ pero bahag naman ang buntot pag nakarinig nag Manny PACQUAIO…. HEHeHE………

  6. As I read the comments and analysis of several boxing experts, my personal opinion is clear and simple: Manny should dominate and hurt Floyd in early rounds and continue the aggression until the end… in order to get the nod of the judges.

  7. george batislaon on

    we’ll pray for his success as we always do. May Manny WILL WIN and d rematch will happen too.

  8. mayweather hits from as odd angles as as pacquiao. that’s why, together with his hip flexion, his opponents are puzzled wit hmayweather’s punches. people are always talking about how great a devensive fighter mayweather is because of his shoulder roll but if you would look at mayweather’s fights, he is also a great counterpuncher and he uses his hip flexion more than his shoulder roll. it’s a great defensive mechanism that preps him up for offense too. but i am for pacquiao too. i believe that the two boxers are a class of their own and both would surprise each othe rin the ring.

  9. The best thing for Manny to do is to concentrate more on body punching because Mayweather’s face is not an easy target. He should also employ some hard double jab before a combination or combo. It is also necessary for the Pacman to employ an intense fighting for every round to force Mayweather to cover most of the time. But he should anticipate the straight right hand of Mayweather because this has been proven to be his main arsenal. It is therefore necessary that Pacquiao should be in a perfect condition to do so.

  10. I hate to say this but Pacquiao’s team who insists Pacquiao is more powerful than Mayweather are plain STUPID in boxing. The mere fact that Floyd is now fighting Pacquiao definitely suggests something Floyd knows Pacman has no power anymore. Bradley (check his interviews post-fight Pacquiao 2), Rios and Algieri have indirectly implied so. Even Pacman’s sparring Lydell Rhodes who is a Jr Welter rated Pacman’s power at 8 out if 10. Meaning, not all you see may be “true”. The truth is, Pacquiao and Floyd are “protected” fighters against bigger opponents but Floyd has the edge right now esp with “power” and stamina as he has Alex Ariza in his team. Floyd has been on PEDS since the Mosley fight but was covered-up whereas Pacquiao no longer has Ariza, which would mean vulnerability. Floyd wasn’t impressive against Maidana as this guy punches like a Middleweight. But Pacman’s power is only at Jr Welterweight. And i’m afraid Floyd would not respect Pacman’s. It is a dangerous fight because it’s a “true” fight wherein Arum couldn’t protect his guy plus the fact that his chin is already “cracked”. Pacquiao needs to focus on “power” not only on speed in this fight. He cannit beat Mayweather without power. Fighters who have some success with him and had given him a very hard time are those who had power: Castillo, Mosley (at one time only cuz it’s a fixed fight), Cotto and Maidana. Never mind Canelo, Guerrero, Ortiz, they are fixed fights anyway.

  11. Sometimes the filipino can be very stupid. This is the case when it comes to manny pacquiao. I look at what they say & then i look at all the evidence & what they say has nothing whatsoever to do with all the known evidence.
    Take mannys last fight. This was a guy with only 20 fights. He had only had 2 fights against opponents rated in the top 100, all the rest were in the 100’s, 200’s or even 300’s or lower. Yet with such weak opposition he could only score 8 ko’s. Just not good enough. Manny had scored more ko’s than this guy had had fights, in fact it was almost double. Yet despite a natural weight advantage & algieri having never fought before at welterweight manny just couldnt stop him. Algieri was also very very lucky to be on the winning side of a split decision against provodnikov.
    Now with just that one fighter compare him to floyd mayweather. There is no comparison. Floyd has never been knocked down in 20 years of pro fighting & 17 of those at world championship level.
    I am having a huge bet on floyd mayweather to win this fight. I use betfair so if you guys are serious about you think manny will beat floyd please bet on betfair as you will get better odds there than in the bookies. I will be there with my money & i look forward to taking your money off you.
    But even after the fight if manny loses you filipinos will fool yourselves into thinking floyd was lucky.
    When looking at boxing use your brain not your heart.

    • I think it is not proper to call us stupid, don’t call us such word which is applicable only to you who don’t know how to treat other race with respect and dignity. Look at the performance of Manny Pacquiao and Floyd against Dela Hoya, look at how Manny fought Cotto and compare it the way Floyd fought Cotto, you will see how good Manny is in defeating opponents who had given a hard fight to Gayweather. I hope you will be civilized enough when it comes to dealing with us. We are now in modern times when racism is considered a time of the past..

  12. Mayweather mouth will be bloodied by the misle guided like left straight of manny and knock mouthweather out by round 4.

  13. A. F. Mirabueno on

    This Manny, Floyd fight seems to going to be bigger than the Ali -Fraser fight in Manila.

  14. Now that the fight is on everyone can speculate of the outcome of the fight and my speculation… manny to win by KNOCKOUT or floyd to raise the white flag just like dela hoya..

  15. Manny Pacquiao will prevail against Mayweather who will taste the first loss of his boxing career. Mayweather knows that he will loss to Manny but he has no choice but to fight Manny for money sake and pressure from boxing aficionados.

  16. I’m a die hard Paquiao fan,but to say he gonna win by tko or knockout that’s a dream.Paquiao should not rely on knockout.He should practice more to score a points against the defensive minded Floyd.If paquiao had the problems on Clotteys defense , then how come he penetrate against tne shoulder roll defense of Floyd.He knockdown Marquez and Mosley knew his Power.Paquiao should not allowed Floyd to play in the middle and be careful throwing punches,instead always corner him in the corner that make him helpless.

  17. Barry Gil Pilar on

    ..Gayfloyd would have to knock Pacquiao out to secure victory in this slugfest because I am pretty sure Manny will bombArd him with too many punches all night long. I really dont believe that if Floyd chooses to box he will eventually win the match. Manny is a volume puncher with weird angles and is just too good in eliminating distance. Manny will win via TKO. Why? because he hAs nothing to loose comparing to Floyd. The Pacman recently have stated that on fight night he will show to Floyd the difference by just watching him fight on screen and trAding punches agaisnt him a top the ring!

  18. The writer of this article is showing his biased views as he is likely a Filipino like Manny .. Why not wait for the fight to happen instead of speculating it ?
    Never underestimate Floyd….He is superior as he is still undefeated where as Pacman had already been beaten..

  19. Norberto Manuel on

    Manny has to pour points or do same offense he did in Algiere knowing the mood of mostly pro-American judges favoring Mayweather like in the Castillo fight and Maidana (first fight) that should have been a draw.

    Manny should also always be on guard as Mayweather employed dirty tricks like when he fought Ortiz. Ortiz got knockdown when he about to whisper something on Mayweather when the bell started who but took the chance to pour punches on Ortiz that sent him reeling on the canvass.

    Manny’s personality of being a humble boxer should always be there but should be cautious against Mayweather.

  20. it will be an intense fight and a chess match esp in the earlier rounds as both will be cautious for sure esp on Manny’s side as Floyd is always been cautious all his fights.That is his style and he is used to this. I will be surprised if Mayw will be agressive. He will wait and wait and try to keep the distance with Manny. So Manny should not be over cautious and find a way to close the distance and hit him in the body, chest, shoulder etc as hitting the head would be difficult to be the first target as Mayw has the upper body & head bending flexibility. If Floyd will be in a defensive mode all night and wont counter one, two, three punches as Marquez does everytime manny comes in…it will go the distance and the burden will go to the Judges card. I have the feeling that it can be a controversial decision that favor Floyd….Vegas is Floyd city. There is a reason why he doesnt want to fight outside Vegas. and Marquez even said its hard to win a decision with Floyd in Vegas…This is only my opinion….if Floyd becomes agressive and keep punching to which i doubt…it can be an advantage for Manny coz he can penetrate Floyd’s head and chin esp when not covered..that was the reason why Rios just covered his face coz he said everytime he opens his fist to punch Manny…two to three punches comes back to his face..i favor manny to win but he has to practice in training how to win every round in a Judges card.

  21. i hope Team Pacquiao will remind the commission of Fraud’s use of elbows, too much hugging/clinching, gloves on the face, etc.. all could cause point deduction!! This can certainly alter the fight.

    Fraud already gets to pick the judges & referees plus the physical advantages. He waited 5 yrs. for Pac to slow down.. now he’s forced into this fight.

  22. think of mosley against floyd and cotto against Floyd combine and you multiply that by 5, that would be how Floyd looks like against pacquiao. in other words, mosley hit floyd really hard and cotto busted Floyd’s fce really good.

  23. This is not accurate. Floyd’s quickness is different from MP. Even at 38. Floyd needs his quickness only when he throws his punches and immediately covers himself after.And he has that even now and all he needs.The moment he adjusts which he always will he will even stand in front of MP and exchange(Canelo, ghost, Maidana.all power punchers). He will measure mannys speed and power and he will adjust. Pacquiao’s challenge is simple.Can he catch him not once but several times to point where he will do damage enough to win the fight.

    And that’s the challenge.

    Can MP Catch Mayweather with his quickness and power with that quick cover defense that Floyd has. It doesn’t matter if MP is quicker sir. It only matters if he catches him.Floyd will follow JMM’s blueprint to beat MP. BUt Floyd will have power(Better than people say) and speed and will counter MP to death.Don’t be surprise if Floyd starts fast to throw Manny off like Sugar Ray Leonard did with M.M.Hagler.

  24. May 02 is…the defining moment…as who is the best boxer in the planet in this generation..Pacman or Mayweather…We’ll SEE.

  25. This is a great fight between an aggressive, two-fisted, volume and heavy puncher firing at weird angles, against a defense-conscious and fleet-fisted boxer hitting in a sporadical manner of ordinary angles. Who wins? Pacquiao of course. The heavy puncher wins simply because boxing is a “hurting” business and the one who relies on defense will be on receiving end all night of those weird and unanticipated punches coming from all directions that no GPS can track down.

  26. This fight is simple to analyze. If mayweather will slug it out with pacman guarantee he will lose. If mayweather will box all night, counter him, do half step back throwing hooks every time manny comes forward, time him. Pacman will lose. There is no ifs or buts.

  27. They need to work on Manny’s chin because of the overhand counter punch that knocks him out by Marquez. During bradley 2nd fight, Rios and Algeiri Manny hits a lot of it but he was lucky because thay are not heavy puncher. If Manny will show thesame performance against Clotey then he can win.

  28. I am very confident that Manny Pacquiao, my hero, will beat Floyd by TKO. The whole world will rejoice on May 2 because of this victory, and Manny will be a hero not just for the Filipinos but to others from around the world.

  29. Hmmmm, a Filipino writer, for a Filipino publication, saying that a Filipino boxer is faster and stronger than his non-Filipino opponent. Not only that, he’s an icon in the Philippines! Really? I’m not saying Manny is, or isn’t, but come on man…good journalism comes from less bias!