• Pacquiao would take less to fight Mayweather – Pineda

    Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr. AFP FILE PHOTOS

    Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr. AFP FILE PHOTOS

    Manny Pacquiao is open to taking a smaller purse in a dream match-up with undefeated American Floyd Mayweather, the Philippines boxing hero’s business manager said on Tuesday.

    “The talks are already going on. It is more of what the fans want. It’s not about the pay [level]. That’s the least of his concerns,” Pacquiao’s business manager Eric Pineda told Agence France-Presse.

    Pineda declined to discuss the amounts of money involved, but in 2012 there was speculation that a fight between the two could lead to the first $200 million purse in boxing history.

    Pacquiao defeated Chris Algieri, another once-undefeated American boxer, in Macau on Sunday in a successful defense of his World Boxing Organization crown before throwing down the gauntlet to Mayweather, saying “It’s been a long time since I’ve been wanting this fight, it has to happen”.

    Sunday’s fight saw Pacquiao, one of the world’s richest sportsmen, knock down Algieri six times, convincing fans that the Filipino, who turns 36 next month, remains in shape to face Mayweather, 37.

    Mayweather potentially has more to lose in a fight against Pacquiao. He has a perfect 47-0 record and has won world titles at five different weights, but a defeat at the Filipino’s hands could blot that streak.

    The two were long-time rivals as the “best pound-for-pound” boxer of their generation, but the dream fight has never materialized to the disappointment of the boxing world.

    Mayweather, the world’s light middleweight champion, has previously demanded a bigger share of the fight purse as a condition for agreeing to any fight with Pacquiao.

    Other conditions, including a blood test, have delayed any fight between the two despite anticipation of a huge payday for such a match.

    In the meantime however, the Filipino intends to resume his other sporting interest on Wednesday as playing coach for the Kia team in the Philippines’ competitive professional basketball league, Pineda said.

    The pint-sized Pacquiao made a dismal pro ball debut last month, turning the ball over twice while failing to get off a shot in nearly seven minutes of action as his team’s starting shooting guard.

    Despite his lack of top-notch basketball training or experience, the newly created Kia team, owned by a business friend of Pacquiao, recruited the hugely famous pugilist as its playing coach in what was widely seen as a publicity gimmick.

    “He will be in all Kia games,” said Pineda, adding that Pacquiao would be able to juggle his basketball duties with his other job, as an elected member of the country’s House of Representatives.



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    1. Bonifacio Claudio on

      There’s always the two sides of the coin in a boxing match more so on a much-awaited & sensational one like that of Pacman-Mayweather. Common, guys, let’s all keep our cool. Let’s all wait till they toss the coin to see who’s on top of the other. Let’s all stay our grounds silently in the meantime on the qustion of who’s is brave & who is coward. The boxing crown won’t be won by bickering & name-calling, but by fighting for it inside the ring. Early on it seems that both camps just “agreed to disagree” or “disagreed to agree” on their views. But that’s was BEFORE. NOW, Manny says he is amenable to RBT & LESSER PAY SHARE which are the conditions set forth by Mayweather to agree to fight. Has the time come that boxing fans could bet “Heads or Tails”? What a suspense… and oh, glory be to Boxing…

    2. You are not that accurate in what you write. In 2009 floyd offerd manny 50/50 of everything if they would fight but floyd wanted rbt to fight night. Manny said no to that. In arbitration floyd agreed to a 24 day cut off period, manny said no to that, i have to ask as i have done thousands of times why. You will accept it now why not then. I believe he was juicing & thats why he refused rbt. He didnt want to be shamed to the filipino people & the world.
      How on earth can he believe that beating algieri will qualify him to fight floyd. Only a fool would think algieri is a top quality opponent for the welterweight title. I know if floyd had picked him every filipino that comments on boxingnews24.com would have called floyd a cherry picker, but not a single one said that about manny. At least now a writer just yeaterday has come out & questioned why manny in 3 1/2 years hasnt fought a top quality welterweight. Please dont say tim bradley is a top quality welterweight as you all say he didnt win the 1st fight with manny & so i then ask what other welterweights has tim bradley fought & the answer is none. If you say jmm well other than beating manny pac he hasnt beaten any other welterweight hes fought, he lost to them all. So at welterweight jmm isnt that good.
      Its so clear yet filipinos are blinded by the fact manny is a filipino so cannot be criticised at all in any way.
      Floyd also offered manny $40,000,000 & that was flat without even discussing the ppv back in 2010 & manny said that wasnt enough, so when he says money isnt an issue yes it is. Manny said he would fight for free & would donate his purse to charrity, well do that but dont expect any other boxer to copy you as its the most stupid thing iver heard of.