Pacquiao, the Entitled



Some are more entitled than others. Manny Pacquiao is evidently one of them.

He picks a basketball team on a whimsy, anoints himself playing coach and shoots a three-pointer, thanking his lucky stars how easy it is to throw your weight around (forget the height because he could have been four-foot-eleven and still be made to play center).

The PacMan then wants to sit on the bench of eventual 2015 NCAA cage champion Colegio de San Juan de Letran and he gets his seat of honor by just hinting that he wants to be an inspiration to the Knights.

Luckily, Letran last week won the decider in its best-of-three with the San Beda Red Lions, or Pacquiao’s days as a brand or product pitcher of sorts would have been over.

Next time, don’t be surprised if the international boxing icon sends feelers that he wants to be the muse of this or that badminton team and gets the part normally reserved for pretty faces.

Not that anyone who has had his 15 minutes of fame can stop Pacquiao from being the Filipino slash king (boxer/congressman/endorser/singer/hoopster/etc).

Not even fellow pols of the eight-division world boxing champion can, seething they may be at their rival for a Senate seat in the 2016 elections who already has a huge headstart over them despite the official campaign period for those polls still months away.

This corner thinks that Pacquiao, at present the honorable representative of the people of Sarangani in Congress, wants to top the senatorial race next May, thereby cementing his reputation as one whose wish is the people’s command.

Nothing wrong or immoral with that, except that for the first time-ever in the history of Philippine politics, we will have a billionaire in the Senate who might not be visible in the chamber (as in the House of Representatives, attendance there is observed more in the breach, suiting Pacquiao’s busy, busy schedule).

He will get away with it, because clueless boxing fans will find the PacMan more enjoyable and more exciting while trying to knock the daylights out of whoever is it Bob Arum wants him to fight before he quits the ring.

Imagine yourself listening to Pacquiao, who certainly would be a pleasant distraction at the Senate with even fellow senators star-struck, coveting a selfie with their idol (really?), who apparently has not taken the time to put people who snicker at “this boxer” in their proper places.

That would make Pacquiao a little less smarter than others, having forfeited the opportunity to really be the “Pambansang Kamao” that this nation needs.


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  1. Pacman political ventures are pure comedy with BOBOTANTES in tow. And this BOBOS complain of the type of Governance we have. Karma?

  2. Not that I will vote for Pacquiao, but what’ s the difference between him and the actors? Why single him out?

  3. I do not agree that Pacquio is entitled. He is putting his life at risk every time he fights. Is that entitlement? What he is receiving is the fruits of his labor.