• Pacquiao to run for Senate


    GENERAL SANTOS CITY: Boxing hero Manny Pacquiao said Monday he plans to run for a post in the influential Philippine Senate despite a lackluster stint as a congressman.

    “Yes, I’m going to run for (a) Senate post this coming 2016 election. But as to which party, that’s still to be determined,” he said.

    The boxer popularly known as “Pac-Man”, said President Benigno Aquino 3rd’s ruling Liberal Party had been courting him but added that he is also close to the leaders of rival parties.

    Pacquiao, 36, used his athletic renown to be elected as congressman of an impoverished district in the southern Philippines in 2010, despite his punishing training schedule and a foray as playing coach in the country’s competitive basketball league.

    He has won eight world championships in different weight divisions but lost the richest fight in boxing history in a unanimous decision to his American rival Floyd Mayweather in Las Vegas in May.

    While still retaining his popularity among sports fans, Pacquiao has been harshly criticized for his performance in the House of Representatives where he has been listed among the legislators with the most absences.

    As a congressman, Pacquiao was elected by the voters of his district but in the Philippines, senators are elected nationally, posing a larger challenge.

    The reaction in social media to Pacquiao’s plans for the Senate was largely negative.

    “Pacman, you’re my idol. But in the boxing ring. Not in Congress. Sorry,” one fan posted on Twitter.

    “Pacquiao, you can’t even go to sessions in Congress. Now you want to go to Senate? What are you going to do there?,” said another.


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    1. Rodan Guerrero on

      Popularity vs. Competence is the number one problem voters must solve before casting their votes. High level elective posts candidates should be required to be atleast bachelor`s degree holders as the seats at stakes require high level of educational background and lengthy managerial capabilities. Of course Manny Pacquiao is qualified as provided by the constitution but he must see himself yet before in front of a mirror before pursuing. I dont know what makes him proud as a congressman. He is the no.1 absentee in congress, a very bad record for a lawmaker. In the Philippines, politics is a game for the rich people nowadays. This is the reason why we lag so much behind in every aspect of national development.