Manny Pacquiao AFP FILE PHOTO

    Manny Pacquiao AFP FILE PHOTO

    Manny Pacquiao is upping his intake of carbohydrates to boost his energy for his rematch against Timothy Bradley on April 12, at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada.

    Former world boxing champion Gerry Peñalosa, now Pacquiao’s business partner, said that PacMan is increasing his consumption of pasta, vegetables and fruits for more energy.

    “I don’t see any problem regarding Manny’s diet ever since,” Peñalosa told The Manila Times in a phone interview on Thursday. “It’s not that very sensitive unlike other boxers’ who need to undergo a specific diet to avoid getting fat or heavy during fight which affects their speed.”

    “His body is so different. All the foods he takes are being absorbed well by his body and turned that energy as a source of his impressive strength and good stamina,” he added. “But Manny of course is very aware of the food he eats too.”

    In comparison, Bradley is a vegan, meaning one who follows an exclusively plant-based diet shunning all forms of animal products.

    Peñalosa also said that through proper training and diet, Pacquiao is no longer suffering from cramps, which is evident in his victorious comeback fight against Brandon Rios last year.

    “Now we expect Manny to be a ‘pressure’ fighter when he faces Bradley again,” said Peñalosa. “Bradley will run expectedly but I’m sure Manny will find a way to cut him short and make the area smaller for him during the fight.”


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    1. A small one in regard to Bradley. He’ s not a vegan, he just goes there in the last month of his training schedule.