Pacquiao wants Crawford – Pineda


Manny Pacquiao FILE PHOTO

Eight division world boxing champion Manny Pacquiao wants American World Boxing Organization (WBO) junior welterweight champion Terence Crawford to be his opponent next year before he retires from professional boxing.

Pacquiao’s long time business manager Eric Pineda said that the Sarangani congressman, who is seeking a Senate position in next year’s national election, wants to face the best fighter for his farewell fight sometime in April next year in a still undetermined place.

“Manny (Pacquiao) likes to fight Crawford because he wants the best fight before he retires. He doesn’t back down from any fight,” Pineda told The Manila Times during a phone interview on Monday. “He is not (Floyd) Mayweather who likes to choose easy opponents. Manny doesn’t fight patsy rivals.”

Crawford, 28, who is unbeaten in 27 fights with 19 knockouts, scored a 10th round technical knockout win against Dierry Jean last October 24. Besides the American, British Amir Khan and a possible third fight with Timothy Bradley could be the potential next opponent of Pacquiao.

But the team manager of the Mahindra Enforcers in the Philippine Basketball Association downplayed the possible third fight against the reigning American WBO welterweight champion Bradley, 32, who impressively sent Brandon Rios to retirement last Saturday via ninth round technical knockout win.

“There is nothing to prove in that third fight [against Bradley]even he won his last fight impressively. Manny isn’t interested to fight Bradley anymore because he already defeated him. Well, it is either anyone between Amir Khan and Craw¬ford for his last fight I guess.”

“Manny’s opponent will be announced soon. It’s near.”

Top Rank Promotions head Bob Arum, meanwhile, said that Pacquiao would review the tapes of Bradley-Rios bout, tapes of Crawford and Khan’s last bouts in order for him to choose his last opponent.

“Pacquiao will now review the tape of this fight, the tape of [unbeaten light-welterweight champion]Terence [Crawford’s] fight and he’ll make a decision,” Arum told reporter Lance Pugmire of Los Angeles Times last Sunday.

“I don’t make the picks, not for Manny, because people would say I’m pulling the strings and he’s a puppet, which he’s not.”


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  1. You PACTARDS will try anything to discredit Floyd, even discrediting your own fighter! You claimed Floyd was scared of Manny and was gonna lose right up until Manny lost them he was immediately “past his prime”! What happened when Floyd called him out in 2009 and Manny said no to RDT? SO NO FIGHT? 2010 NEW STADIUM BEING BUILT… so no fight? 2011 Manny says let’s fight in May because Floyd was supposed to go to Jail in May. Floyd convinced to judge to let him fight in May and he will report to jail in June and then all of a sudden Manny got a cut from his November fight with JMM FOR A 3RD TIME that won’t heal until June! Manny don’t pick his fighters? Diaz at 140 then never fights again at his supposed natural weight when Nate Campbell was the champ? Turns down the Mosley fight after he just destroyed Margarito and was a champ and ranked #3 an avoided him until after Floyd beat him. And instead of fighting #1 ranked Cintron for the vacant light middle weight belt he fights Margarito who was just destroyed by Mosley and wasn’t ranked at nothing. Fights Brandon Rios when Kel Brook, Porter, and Thurman were there. Then fights Algiere when Kel Brook, Thurman, and Porter were still there! And NOW is picking Crawford when Thurman, Porter, and DANNY GARCIA are RIGHT THERE!!! I hope Crawford knocks him the FUCK out for trying to cherry pick! What’s really going on is Bob Arum is creating his new cash cow and KNOWS Crawford is all wrong for Manny bit right for him. And why NOW is Manny not a puppet? Hi back and watch any fight Mannys had since 2009 and see what he says when they ask him who does he wasn’t too didn’t next… He will say “who ever Bob Arum picks for me”! A.K.A “cherry pick puppet”! You casuals who claim Floyd didn’t fight no one, well who the fuck did Manny fight? Floyd’s competition was far superior to Manny’s! Manny is STILL RUNNING FROM CANELO. WON’T EVEN MENTION MAIDANA’S NAME. OUT RIGHT AVOIDED GUERRERO TWICE AT TWO WEIGHT CLASSES, TURNED DOWN COTTO AT 154, and only wants to fight Floyd again for a payday! And you dummy’s applaud him for that? Instead of ask him why he supposedly fought with a bad shoulder costing his fans MILLIONS OF DOLLARS that he NEVER ONCE SAID ANYTHING ABOUT DURING THE FIGHT? AND hasn’t did any rehab nor has anyone ever seen any surgery that he supposedly did but now he’s swimming and playing basketball!!!!! But he had the KOBE INJURY!!! KOBE couldn’t play ball for like a year! You casuals can’t be serious!

  2. rolly arellano on

    Can anyone re-count the punches thrown and punches landed in the May-Pac fight?
    I thought the Pac threw more punches than the Gay and landed more contrary to the so-called computer box results–which, after all, subjectively recorded by two people who could be biased in favor of one fighter. Am I the only one who has this observation? I thought the Pac won. But given the post-fight revelations of the US Anti-Doping Agency giving extending treatment to the Gay, the Nevada Athletic Commissions not giving the Pac permission to inject a painkiller drug, Al Haynon’s people trying to sabotage the Pac’s training, etc. It is not far-fetched think there was a concerted effort to ensure the Gay’s win. The apparent conspiracy was like: just run around the ring, finish the fight and you win. Any violent and non-violent, civil and un-civil reactions?

    • Wow. I understand that people have their picks an choices as it pertains to who they cheer for and that tends to make s turn a blind eye to what is actually taking place. However, the one sure fire way of telling who won he fight between Pac/Floyd is the way HBO, who just happens to be Pacs network, not only called the fight but, in the post fight interview, responded with amazement when Pac stated that he thought he had won.

  3. I find a great deal of entertainment value in the utter ridiculousness spewed in support of Pacquiao from many of you “fans”. Many of you are textbook examples of circular reasoning and narrowmindedness. Mhem hurls an insult meant to demean a MW fan asking that he/she define the verb Avoiding, stating: “I don’t think you know exactly what it means” but then levels applies that same lack of understanding at Pacquiao and somehow it’s a compliment(!). And then the whole patsy rival reasoning – Either Mayweather chose patsies his entire career (many champions, top contenders, and HOLD legends [including Pacquiao]) or he didn’t seems to be the argument. Taking into account both Mayweather’s and Pacman’s almost twenty years at the top few could say with any credence that they did not take on the best. Of course, some were not the best but this could be leveled at any boxer (Rocky, Sugar Ray, Joe Louis, etc). This article closes putting fourth that PM is not a puppet and is reviewing fights to make a decision. His goal, I imagine, is to win a belt, so no Kahn, I surmise; but what about Kieth Thurman or Kell Brooks? Crawford (not a welter weight), Bradley (past his prime and demonstrated he couldn’t out work Manny when he was in his prime), and Kahn (a glass jaw, questionable endurance, and an open book to Manny), I submit are NOT his toughest fights. It’ll be interesting to see who Manny ‘picks.’

  4. in 2009 2010 floyd wanted to fight manny, manny wouldnt take rbt to fight night. Very strange that, yet he did earlier this year, hhhmmmm very strange that. Oh sorry i forgot he was scared of needles. Or was it he thought giving blood weakened him. Ive been calling for him for almost 4 years to fight a top welterweight. he hasnt fought one since he fought moseley. he fought jmm, hes never been a welterweight & has only ever beaten manny at welterweight. Rios only beat 1 welterweight & that was by dq & he wasnt very highly rated. Bradley, well he lost his first fight with bradley but yes beat him convincingly in their return, algieri, well where was he picked from just 20 pro fights all at 140 & only 8 kos. Cotto wanted to fight him at 154 but manny wanted 150, cotto said no so manny said no fight, the guy you call a coward fought cotto at the full 154. You dont hold manny to the same standard as you do floyd. Since 2011 floyd beat ortiz, world welterweight champion, cotto world light middleweight champion, guerrero ex multi weight world champion & beat 2 top 10 rated welterweights to qualify to fight floyd, canelo alvarez, world light middleweight champion, marcos maidana world welterweight champion, tell me what more can you ask of a fighter. Compare them with rios & algieri.

  5. mhem, when floyd was talking of fighting amir khan every single manny fan went ballistic in saying amir is a c class opponent. Now manny is talking of fighting him. Manny fought rios, ha ha ha ha, algieri, ha ha ha ha, please tell me how well they have done against welterweights. Oh yes rios beat one, by dq. Jmm has never been a welterweight. When he was almost 40 manny fought hom without a catchweight. He is again looking at guys he shouldnt be looking at. Crawford, look at his record, he was fighting at lightweight in nov 14. so now hes had just 2 fights at light welterweight he is expected to move up to welterweight to fight manny. Why wont manny fight him at 140. Ill tell you why, because he loses the advantage. You manny fans are quick to look at other fighters & criticise them but never your own. Well im a boxing fan, when each & every fighter retires boxing continues but you manny fans wont be there as you are manny fans not a boxing fan. Im still there now floyd has retired. Plus did you criticise team manny for not telling you he was unjured when fighting floyd, no of course you didnt but if he was truly injured they should have informed everyone, especially people putting their money on him as its possible manny knew he couldnt win with this injury so had a big bet on floyd to win, but he didnt need that with his purse but he could have told his lyal fans, why didnt he i ask you

  6. pacman is deciding on crawford/bradley/khan. gayweather is decing on berto/mayfield hahahaha!!!!! =)

  7. Hmm dusty… Define avoiding man. I don’t think you know exactly what it means. Pacquiao doesn’t know the word either because he went up with just anybody Arum put in front of him. Your Gayweather is the one who keeps on playing it safe. Broner for his last fight?! Come on! He lost to Porter before Gayweather hand picked him to ensure he will have an easy opponent and come out a winner. Nobody placed a bet on Adrien to beat him. Well it’s like betting all your money on a duck for a cock fight hahah! He went up in weight and beat each and every opponent he met. Why is it now that Crawford is deemed disadvantaged just because he is the one doing that? Oh before I forget kindly review the video of his fight with Mayweather and please turn the volume off so you would clearly see what other reporters and analysts who reviewed it saw and have said that it was not a lopsided one after all. If you really know how to score a punch dusty boy.

  8. Manny has never claimed to be tbe. If you claim that you better back it up. Fraud never has. He never fought a top name in their prime. Maypac was 5 years too late.

  9. “He is not (Floyd) Mayweather who likes to choose easy opponents. Manny doesn’t fight patsy rivals.” Floyd fought manny therefore manny is a patsy rivals. Lol

  10. I like the way you tried to slate Floyd Mayweather in saying Manny will fight anyone & doesnt take easy fights. So taking Rios was a dangerous fight was it. he took the 4th fight with Juan Manuel Marquez when JMM was almost 40 years old. Jmm was still a light welterweight. Yes i know he has had a few fights at welterweight but he hasnt beaten any other welterweight other than manny pacquiao. He fought algieri who had never fought at welterweight. Now he wants to fight terrence crawford. I bet the fight will be at welterweight. Wow crawford has only had 2 fights at light welterweight & manny will want him to also move up again. So please stop trying to fool people. Manny has avoided all the top welterweights since his fight with moseley in 2011. He fought floyd yes & look what happened then. Floyd schooled him. Manny was talking of fighting amir khan & not a single one of you complained he isnt good enough, yet when floyd was talking of fighting amir khan all of you manny supporters slagged off floyd for wanting to take an easy fight. Ive said all along manny is avoiding the top welterweights. & yes he will do it in this his last fight.

    • Face the facts, this is 100% true :

      ““He is not (Floyd) Mayweather who likes to choose easy opponents. Manny doesn’t fight patsy rivals.”

      Everyone knows that Floyd has mad a career out of cherry picking bums….like Manny!

    • Yes, Floyd Mayweather schooled Manny Pacquiao have to run. How to run all night and win a fight. Floyd Mayweather is the fastest man on track on this planet before his retired.