Pacquiao will be ‘King of the Ring’ on May 2 – Roach

Manny Pacquiao (right) works the mitts with trainer Freddie Roach. AFP FILE PHOTO

Manny Pacquiao (right) works the mitts with trainer Freddie Roach. AFP FILE PHOTO

Boxing Writers Association of America seven-time Trainer of the Year Freddie Roach said that Manny Pacquiao would be the ‘King of the Ring’ after his mega fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr. on May 2 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“He is going to be the king of the ring on May 2,” Roach told The Manila Times in a phone interview on Monday. “I believe strongly that Manny will knock Floyd out although Manny needs to fight the perfect fight. I do believe [Manny will win] but it won’t be easy.”

Roach also refused to name the other sparring partners of Pacquiao besides Kenneth Sim Jr. and Rashidi Ellis. “I would rather not discuss that right now.”

Mayweather is also undergoing rigid training and sparring in his gym in Las Vegas. Among his sparring partners is Zab Judah whom he beat via unanimous decision in 2006.

Roach was not bothered by the report that Mayweather knocked out the southpaw Judah in a recent sparring session, “We have our own game plan. Now it is about execution and we work on that every day, six days a week. Manny is so disciplined and self-motivated that I don’t have to do anything special to prepare him mentally.”

Roach said that their strategy includes ways of countering Mayweather’s style and even possible dirty tactics, “We are preparing for everything Floyd does,” added Roach. “Manny has looked at tapes of Floyd’s fights and I am studying them nightly with an expert consultant. Manny will be ready.”

“The only way to prepare for a test is to do your homework and study hard. Manny is the best student I have ever taught. He will be ready to counter anything Floyd presents.”

He also praised the Saranggani lawmaker for working so hard in the first two weeks of his training at the Wild Card Gym under assistant trainers Buboy Fernandez and Nonoy Neri as well as strength and conditioning coach Justin Fortune.

“Manny has been on fire in the gym. He is in great condition and willing to do anything I ask of him,” said Roach. “I was very pleased with his sparring sessions. This has been a great training camp.”

Manila-born ex-NFLer Tebow pays Pacquiao visit
Meanwhile, Pacquiao received a visit from Manila-born former National Football League (NFL) quarterback Tim Tebow for a weekend workout session.

Tebow watched Pacquiao train for nearly three hours on Saturday, including seven rounds of sparring and eight rounds of punching into mitts at the Wild Card gym of Roach.

“It was the first time they had ever met and yet it seemed they had known each other forever the way they immediately embraced each other,” promoter Bob Arum said.

Pacquiao, 57-5 with two draws and 38 knockouts, will meet Mayweather, 47-0 with 26 knockouts, on May 2 in Las Vegas for a bout expected to shatter boxing revenue record.

Tebow, born to Baptist missionaries in the Philippines in 1987, went from unknown backup to NFL star when he sparked the Denver Broncos into the 2011 NFL playoffs. He later played for the New York Jets and recently tried out for the Philadelphia Eagles despite missing the past two NFL campaigns.

Tebow, who will open a hospital in the Philippines on May 1, is also famed for his kneeling celebration known as Tebowing.

While Roach normally dislikes any distractions in Pacqiuao’s training routine, Tebow was a welcomed disruption. Both athletes are Evangelical Christians.

“It was an unbelievable scene,” Roach said. “Tim Tebow is a great competitor, a standup guy who embraces his responsibility for being a good role model. He and Manny shared a lot. It was terrific.”

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  1. This information was e-mailed to me from Argentinafrom a reliable source in Spanish and it reads ” Accorfing to Marcos Maidana on his second bout with Mayweather when He was accused of biting Mayweathers left hand, what really happened is that Mayweather grabbed Maidanas jaw sticking his thumb on Maidana’s mouth then claiming that Marcos Maidana bit his left hand, we tried to replicate how it was possible and by golly it was so much easier to grab somebody jaw and stick your thumb on Maidanas mouth than Maidana trying to bite with his mouthpiece on, I really wondered why it was never questioned further. My opinion this matter is that, more than a million dollars is on Maidanas pocket even if He had lost which is a big payday for him compared to what He would earn fighting some unknown so he never really had it so good, So why complain ? and also the language barrier plays a part, His only comment for as long as I remember is I am not a dog :) I do not think Mayweather can try that trick with our Manny Pacquiao, He is too smart to fall for that.

  2. Of course freddie will say his man will win, i mean would you expect him to say im sorry we shouldnt have taken this fight as floyd is to good & will beat manny & that beating could be by way of ko.
    If he didnt support his man he wouldnt be training him. What i say is look where the money is, most of it is on floyd & why, well most people who gamble think floyd will win. I think floyd will win & i think floyd might stop manny. I think manny has been taking such light opposition these last 4 years that it was done because his team fear the damage that jmm did with that ko. Mannys chin will be tested by floyd come may2. Its also so strange to see floyd saying he will ko someone. Its very rare to hear that from him but he also seems to see mannys chin as suspect.

    • Roach is not drum-beating. He is saying this out of his confidence that Manny will win.

    • Dustin, I.m not going to say “I think”…I am going to say “you are dreaming ’cause you just keep on thingking. Hope you got me boy.