• Pacquiao will end‘international boxing nightmare’

    Freddie Roach (left) with his favorite pupil many Pacquiao. AFP PHOTO

    Freddie Roach (left) with his favorite pupil many Pacquiao. AFP PHOTO

    Legendary trainer Freddie Roach said that his prized pupil Manny Pacquiao would end an “international boxing nightmare” when he beat Floyd Mayweather Jr. on May 2 at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas Nevada.

    “Our long international boxing nightmare will soon be over,” said Roach on Tuesday in an email interview facilitated by Top Rank Promotion publicist Fred Sternburg.

    “Boxing has been held hostage by Floyd Mayweather and his antics long enough. Manny is going to stand up to Floyd on May 2 and put a bully in his place.”

    Roach said that though his ward remains an underdog on paper and in the sports books, he stays confident that Pacquiao would win convincingly against the unbeaten American.

    “On paper – and in the sports books – Manny shouldn’t stand a chance. But neither did David against Goliath,” said Roach. “Just remember, Manny has always come out on top when he was the underdog and you don’t have to look any further than his victories over Ledwaba, Barrera and De La Hoya.”

    Roach, who was also a former professional boxer and was once under the tutelage of legendary trainer Eddie Futch, said that he never saw Pacquiao more determined than ever before except now in his upcoming fight against Mayweather.

    “As Manny said earlier, ‘It is time for Floyd to lose.’ Manny is on a mission,” said Roach. “This fight is his crusade. The fans of the world are rooting for Manny to win just like they willed this fight to happen. He is their champion. This will be their victory.


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