• Pacquiao’s harsh comments on Donaire

    Conrad M. Cariño

    Conrad M. Cariño

    Manny Pacquiao’s post-fight comments on compatriot Nonito Donaire Jr.’s performance in his fight against Jessie Magdaleno was actually harsh.

    The Manila Times Sport Section reported on November 6 that Pacquiao commented on Donaire, “Don’t be lazy and always go hard in training.”

    “In boxing, you cannot take your training lightly and you can’t be lazy,” Pacquiao told The Manila Times . “You have to train hard and wisely. Boxing is no joke.”

    “Whoever your trainer is if you don’t train seriously, you’ll end up with nothing,” he said. “I’m hoping he’ll train seriously if he’s determined to come back.”

    On Monday, Donaire’s wife Rachel shot back via Twitter, saying Pacquiao’s comments “wasn’t constructive.”

    Before Pacquiao’s post-fight criticism on Donaire, my planned topic for this week’s column was how it was short of being suicidal for “The Filipino Flash” to take on a “live opponent” like Magdaleno just as he switched trainers.

    And here is the crux of the matter—Donaire fought a better opponent in Magdaleno two weekends ago in Las Vegas. In fact, comparing Jessie Vargas and Magdaleno was like comparing night and day.

    Magdaleno had terrific ring movement, speed, counterpunching skills and even power, while Vargas was a big bumbling welterweight with no speed, no power and little ring movement. In other words, Magdaleno was a potential nightmare to Donaire and the Filipino’s switching to a new trainer to take on an opponent like Magdaleno was short of being suicidal. Good thing Donaire finished the fight on his feet.

    I mean, what Donaire’s camp should have done is to take on a lesser opponent because there was no way a new trainer can fine-tune his new ward’s fighting style perfectly for a championship fight where the opponent isn’t a there-to-be-hit boxer. How about Vargas? Well, he proved to be a flatfooted opponent and if it were not for his height advantage, Vargas would have finished the fight flat on his back.

    Donaire also was not way short in punch output as he landed 132 punches on 404 throws for a connection rate of 32.70 percent. On the other hand, Magdaleno landed 154 of 500 or 30.80 percent.

    And looking at the fight closely, Donaire did much of the stalking and chasing during the fight, and his right cross looked more polished compared to his previous fights. But the timing of his left hook was somewhat off. Obviously, age is already taking a toll on Donaire.

    In relation to Pacquiao’s comments on Donaire, I also have to emphasize this—it has been a long-held tradition among Filipino boxers never to fight a compatriot at the championship level. This is a stark contrast to how Mexican fighters love to beat the hell out of each other especially at the championship level.

    I had just wished Pacquiao had better words for Donaire like saying he could bounce back, because in the long-held tradition of Filipino boxers not choosing to fight each other at the world championship level, it could also be established that Filipino fighters should not let out hurtful words against each other, especially if the are fighting at the elite level.

    I just hope the Pacquiao and Donaire camps won’t let the situation go out of hand.


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    1. The best thing for Manny to do is to get a good education so that he can learn what to say right at the right place and time. His fights have bombed unnecessarily because his popularity has dropped immensely as he could not tame his toungue, not just because he is already a boring fighter and could not let his hands go when his opponent is very strong.

      • Masyado kasing pa impress sa tao si donaire at walang ginawa kundi nagyabang ayaw patalo sa kasikatan ni pacquiao kaya ang resulta ng laban niya kay Magdaleno ay talo sya.. Be humble to your self Donaire huag kang maging mayabang kasi di mo kaya ang magyabang..napakabagal mo kaya di ka makatama ng maganda kay Magdaleno..yan ang napapala ng taong mayabang.. Lesson na sa iyo yan.. nawawala na ang tiwala ng mga taong nakapapanood sa iyo…at totoo si Pacquiao dapat kang mag train ng husto para bumilis ka sa laban at manalo ka muli.

      • babe are you blind?…before you comments be sure you research first manny is educated now and he is not a boring fighter. Do your homework first…lol…..

      • babe are you blind?…before you comments be sure you research first manny is educated now and he is not a boring fighter. Do your homework first…lol…..

    2. The difference between the two fighters: Donaire fought for his life in the fight while Pacquiao was gun-shy and looking like a coward and tentative. And another one: Pacquiao is lucky because he is Top Rank’s cash cow and Arum would not let him lose by all means until his last fight. Manny gets to win without outlanding his opponents. Review the Bradley fights and the Vargas fight. Jessie cannot win so he was in an unusually unserious demeanor during the weigh-in which to me means another fix is in. Manny should stop fighting, he is no longer a true “fighter” in the real sense of the word. His fights are boring people won’t buy his future fights anymore. Boring because most of them are “fixed” so the opponents cannot fight the way they do., ask Clottey. With the exception of the Mayweather fight, His only fights in the welterweight that were exciting were the “real” ones– Cotto and Marquez 3/4. So Manny, don’t brag about your greatness. You are just so lucky.

    3. There was a time about a month before the fight when Donaire made a comment about Pacman’s political career. That when the pacman would run for the Presidency, he (Donaire) will not vote to pacquiao because the latter is not qualified.. that was not the end of it, he then pointed out some positive things about Vargas that (vargas) can use against the pacmam. Those comments were uncalled for especially during that preparation period when he can distract the pacman. He should take pacquiao’s comments constructively.

    4. Donaire is highly opinionated and disses Pacquiao a lot of times, no question about that. Manny’s comment is actually constructive not like what Donaire have to say about Pac. Manny have done something that no one in the sport of boxing was able to achieve and respect should be given to him. Donaire should learn to swallow that humble pill and move on for after all, they are not in the same league.

    5. Please, that mentality of not fighting a fellow Filipino is so outdated it may be considered backward and counterprogressive.

      In my opinion it started when Donaire mentioned he was not voting for Pacquiao. I mean that’s his opinion too. But he didn’t have to voice it out either

    6. Pacquiaos’s work ethic is damn incomparable to other athletes..
      This is why his freaking relentless.
      According to him, the real fight starts in training camp, that’s why people loves to watch him trains..

    7. Donaire stated that he was not voting for Paquiao during election because he does not believed in the guy. His remarks was placed in national tv and was very harsh. Now that Paquiao commented on his laziness he reacts!
      Therefore you cannot compare the two since Paquiao is already at a different level to Donaire.

    8. Ako rin wont vote for manny.i love manny as a boxer but lately he shows his true color.a true blooded “trapo”.

    9. Everybody knows Pacquiao. He is a great and humble guy so no question that what he said to Donaire is just a piece of advise. Now people stop comparing Pacquiao to Donaire and their opponents because Pacquiao is a legend and achieved something that anyone has not thought of. Don’t even compare Magdaleno to Mayweather and how the bout was scored because again, Magdaleno is way way no Mayweather.

    10. conrad carino you dont know about boxing so you better stop wrting about boxing, you compared vargas and magdaleno, vargas is a world champ he fought better opposition than magdaleno, and for your info magdaleno is magdatory challenger it means donaire need to fight him on that date. donaire also comment harsh comment to pacquaio before the fight

    11. No one is discussing this anymore sans this writer. My simple analysis maybe he don’t have any sane idea or scoop to talk about, by simply giving his own meaning on the honest words and comments of Manny to his fellow warrior Nonito which he leveled as “harsh or insulting”, he’s just courting verbal tussle among both camps. If the writer is successful in doing so, we should have to congratulate himself and go get a stone grinder loop in his head and jump to the sea.

    12. but Donaire had said before the fight that Manny Pacquiao was not taking Vargas seriously,that he might not get a win with that.

    13. My personal opinion is that Pacquiao comments is not harsh but constructive. Nonito really seems out of sync. I always watch his bout and notice that his timing is a little off during his bout with Magdeleno. I will not say that he is lazy during training but maybe he over train. I wish him the best if a rematch takes place.

    14. It seems like you are instigating the situation between Manny and Donaire, Everybody knows Manny did not mean to say that words to hurt Donaire’s feeling , as a fellow Filipino boxer, Manny is just giving him good advice,Manny cares about him. You’re just trying to blow this out of proportion. There is no big deal as far as I’m concern.

    15. My God, the writer is discrediting Vargas by comparing him to Magdaleno. What i can tell you is you cannot compare the two. You will only know if you let the 2 fight. Your analysis is buIIshit!

    16. Not true. Pac faced the better opponent in Vargas. Check his resume. Magdaleno hasn’t fought anybody and was unknown before fighting Donaire. Pac made it look like night and day because he’s an all-time great and Donaire isn’t. This is the first time Pac said something against Donaire. Donaire on the other hand has taken shots on Pac numerous times both in personal and political level.

      • The writer forgot what Donayre had said befoe that he wont vote for Pacquiao if he runs for president..Isntt it more hurting for hearing from your co Filipino such comments? It is short of Donayre saying that Pacquiao is not quallified to be President of the Philippines? Why..Why? Masyado naman niyang ina understimate si PACMAN?