• Pacquiao’s left to doom Mayweather – Roach


    Manny Pacquiao’s powerful left hand may be his instrument to defeat unbeaten American Floyd Mayweather Jr. in their unification welterweight bout on May 2 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas Nevada, USA, according to Freddie Roach.

    The Boxing Writers Association of America seven-time trainer of the year believes that Pacquiao’s improved fighting style will give the 38-year-old Mayweather Jr. (47-0 win-loss record with 26 knockouts) his first defeat.

    “I believe that Manny being a southpaw will be a huge factor in this fight,” said Roach during an interview facilitated by Top Rank Promotion publicist Fred Sternburg. “Manny showed me a tape of Floyd fighting a southpaw and told me that that is exactly what we are going to do in this fight.”
    Mayweather is right-handed.

    But the 55-year-old Roach said being left-handed was not the only advantage of his prized pupil. He said Pacquiao has vastly improved his speed and throws more powerful punches.

    “Manny is better than ever in every category. I’m impressed with his attitude, it’s different and I’ve never seen him work this hard. His speed is faster, his punches are harder. I’m really happy where he’s at. His legs look great; he’s on his toes all the time,” Roach stressed.

    “Mayweather is a good counter-puncher, but Manny has faster hands and his combinations are better,” he added.

    Roach said he will not be surprised if Pacquiao (57-5-2 record with 38 knockouts) wins by unanimous decision and not by a knockout.

    “Since Manny moved to 147 he hasn’t knocked many guys out, so getting the knockout in this fight isn’t a concern for me. If Manny fights at 140, then he does knock guys out, but at this weight he is fighting guys who are bigger than him,” he explained.


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    1. I’m afraid for how the fight will play out. Truly these Filipinos may not know for what is in store for Pacquiao. I hope Pacquiao doesn’t give his fan esp. the Filipinos a wrong sense of confidence and security for what’s gonna happen. Even the opponents’ team know the “real” condition of Manny right now, that’s why now they are boldly saying that Pacquiao will get KOed before 6 rounds and Roach is lying about “real condition” of Manny right now. Now they know that Floyd will just laugh at what they so-called ” Pacquiao hits so hard”. They know what’s up because Manny’s sparring partners are not just Floyd’s fans but moles working for Team Mayweather. Team Pacquiao is even stupid enough not complaining about the dangers of “too much” bloodletting especially when you need to work out afterwards as this is potentially fatal. Blood clots can travel to the lungs, heart or brain and will kill immediately once this happened. I hate to say this but Manny cannot win at this level because they proved they do not know how to PROPERLY prepare for a gigantic fight. Their preparations pale in comparison to Floyd’s. I expect a letdown on May 2, this is not going to be competitive especially that the power department looks to be on Floyd’s side. And i’m not saying this to discourage Manny’s fans, it’s good to hope but not be cocky or overconfident and then lose money eventually, doubling your anguish. Think hard before you bet your money.

      • jo tabanguil on

        Mr Ashley are you a boxing fan of Floyd? face the reality or have enough sense before making any dumb analysis! Look at their common opponents! Pac had a more brutal and compelling win results! only on Marquez that Floyd dominated after cheating him on the scales! , and remember the scared Floyd accepted this fight after he was cornered and shamed to fight Pacquiao!

      • Well said.. But who knows what will happen tomorrow? You?? We’re all guessing in this world some right some wrong better ride on in the event .. Peace bro

      • everybody seems get nervous once faced with the pacman. Mayweather is a good boxer. but how if he get nervous with the Pacman? what can you say? what can you say?

    2. Pac will reconfigure Fraud’s sneering face and turn it into raw hamburger. May 1, 2015. 47-1.

    3. …you know what is good at fighters that much more slower than him because he can mobilize as much as he wants because almost all of the fighters he face are slower than him and not that accurate….. whats going to happen in this fight is that manny’s face will be looking like a speed bag that from round 1 to 12 you can see his head always bouncing back and forth because of the slick puches of mayweather, he cannot touch mayweather his punches just hit his shoulder or his gloves….. im saying the truth manny pacquiao is a mismatch for the likes of mayweather not just because of physicality but also, on mental and skills its too far way behind mayweather,,,, thats why mayweather lost his fire because he knew how easy this fight could be but you people, pacquiao fans especially filipino want to see how maywether will humiliate and put a shame on your boxer…

    4. 1. Split decision for Many – “A RETURN BOUT” is guaranteed here.
      2. If Manny losses no return bout – will retire
      3. If Manny wins by unanimous or knockout – no more fight.
      Mayweather will retire.

      THE END!

    5. floyd is doomed already because he had admitted that he is losing his fire (a mind conditioning or alibi to the boxing world if ever he loss ).. it seems he senses his first defeat and he’s really scared right now.

    6. I foresee a split draw which means that the return bout will command a bigger money for both fighters.

    7. Taktika lang na kaliwa ang gagamitin ni pacman!upang doon magkonsentreyt si mayweather!
      Kanan ang totoong iniinsayo ni pacman!!reverse taktika lang!sori kung nambibisto ako,!hindi lalapit si pacman na maabot siya ng kanan. Lagi-lang siyang poposisyon sa kanan ni maywaether,offside lagi!

      • mismo! lumang tugtugin ni roach. psywar yan. pero ang malaking challenge ay hindi punching bag si gayweather, kaya dapat nyang i-psywar ay dapat di tatakbo si floyd