Pacquiao’s style woe of ‘orthodox stance’ boxers

SOUTHPAW VS ORTHODOX Manny Pacquiao (using a southpaw stance) delivers a punch against Timothy Bradley (orthodox stance) during their last fight. AFP FILE PHOTO

SOUTHPAW VS ORTHODOX Manny Pacquiao (using a southpaw stance) delivers a punch against
Timothy Bradley (orthodox stance) during their last fight. AFP FILE PHOTO

ASSISTANT trainer Buboy Fernandez said that Manny Pacquiao’s southpaw boxing style is perfect for blasting orthodox stance boxers like Chris Algieri.

A southpaw pug puts his strong hand forward while a boxer in an orthodox stance keeps his power side at the back.

Of the last 11 orthodox stance boxers who fought Pacquiao, only two, namely Timothy Bradley and Juan Manuel Marquez, won against the eight-division world champion. Bradley won through split decision while Marquez posted a sixth round technical knockout against Pacman. Both fights took place in 2012.

But a year after those defeats, Pacquiao redeemed himself by scoring a unanimous decision victory against Brandon Rios in November 2013 in Macau and then he avenged his loss to Bradley via unanimous decision win in Las Vegas in April.

“Manny remains deadly to any boxers especially against right handed boxers. Algieri’s style, in fact, is not new anymore,” Fernandez told The Manila Times on Thursday in a phone interview. “Manny’s speed and power are both getting better, thanks to his three sparring partners.”

The three pugs Fernandez is referring to are Viktor Postol, Stan Martynouk and former world title contender Mike Jones, who arrived in the country last month with trainer Freddie Roach.

Pacquiao’s last bout against a fellow southpaw was with David Diaz, whom he conquered via ninth round technical knockout in 2008.

The World Boxing Organization (WBO) welterweight champ Pacquiao (56-5-2 win-loss-draw record with 38 knockouts) and Algieri (20-0 record with eight knockouts) will clash in a world title bout on November 23 at the Cotai Arena of the Venetian Hotel in Macau. Pacquiao, 35, and his team will depart for Macau on November 17.

“Just as what I’ve told you before if Algieri avoids to engage and run, Manny will attack him and he’s not that fast. We must only avoid Algieri’s left jab. If he engages with Manny, then Manny will finish him. Pacquiao is getting better everyday,” Fernandez added.

Algieri will not face Pacquiao as a reigning world champion after the WBO stripped him of his junior welterweight title. Algieri and his promoters are lamenting the fact that he has lost his crown without being given a chance to defend it.


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  1. Josef t ramos. You seem to get a very basic fact wrong here& was it done on purpose to sort of elevate manny. You say he lost to juan manuel marques by tko. Well either you made a typing error or maybe you just dont want to face reality. That wasnt a tko, it was probable the best single punch ko you will ever see in your life. Now i hope you understand the difference between a tko & a ko. Manny pacquiao was unconcious on the floor for almost 5 mins. It wasnt technical, it was pure ko.
    Now its a known fact that all southpaws have the advantage over orthadox fighters as they mostly fight them as most are orthadox. Its that simple.
    I just wish manny would defend his welterweight title against welterweights & not lightwelterweights. Now did you also know that manny wouldnt let algieri come in at 147, he made it at a catchweight of 144 as he wants to try & get used to fighting at a lighter weight as he wants to move down to light welterweight after this fight. Well if he wants to lower his body weight thats up to him but seeing as its for the 147lb title he should let algieri come in at 147 if he wants to. Manny always wants the advantage in any & every fight, he never wants the other guy to have the advantage over him.