• PAF goes supersonic


    THE Philippine Air Force will soon be flying supersonic aircraft with the delivery of the first batch of FA-50 fighter jets before the year ends.

    Last week, Air Force commander Lt. Gen. Jeffrey Delgado “co-piloted” the supersonic aircraft that took off at Sancheon Air Base, South Korea.

    The jet, piloted by a Korean, flew at Mach 1.2 or around 1,482 kilometers per hour earning for himself a “Mach Buster Plaque” for breaking the sound barrier of Mach 1.0, according to Air Force spokesman Col. Enrico Canaya.

    Three pilots from the Air Defense Wing were trained in South Korea on how to handle the aircraft.

    “Mach1 is speed of sound and 1.2 is faster than the speed of sound so that’s supersonic flight and we do not have that kind of aircraft in our inventory after the decommissioning ng F5, so its the comeback of jet and supersonic age of the [Philippine] air force,” Canaya said.

    The Department of National Defense sealed the jet acquisition contract with Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) last year at a cost of P18.9 billion.|


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    1. Agree with Troy. The government need to enhance the training and development of armed forces. Need to identify potential risks on forces on the ground and to defend the 7 islands in Spratleys. Our strength and resolved was tested at Scarborough Islet.

    2. Baka PAF goes super yabang! Bakit 3 PAF Pilots lamang ang nag train sa SK ng FA-50? Why not Gawin 12 agad commensurate sa biniling 12 FA-50? Itong 3 PAF Pilots will be a poor multiplier sa PAF. Baka nga after a year mag Resign na yan at lilipad na sa Commercial Airline. Me Pera ang Pnoy administration at yakang yaka ng mga host ng 2015 APEC sa halagang P10B tapos pag dating sa atin AFP e pa utay utay ang Budget. Why not ibigay ang kailangan ng AFP ni Pnoy reference sa present external threat natin. Maraming underspending ang Pnoy administration na dapat irealign sa AFP at Hindi sa LP 2016 Election. AFP wake up at sigurado lilimasin ng Pnoy administration ang Pera sa kaban ng Bayan sa 2016. 12 units FA-50 is not enough to patrol/respond to external intruder sa atin EEZs. Likewise our Navy must have at least 10 units Brand New Navy Frigates and 2 units Brand New Submarines and a Killer Submarine tracker. Ikulong lahat ang Magnanakaw sa kaban ng Bayan!