PAF’s new might and power


I am from Pampanga and I was able to see the new airplanes of the Philippine Air Force flying high in the sky during its 66th anniversary yesterday at Clark, Pampanga. It was also awesome seeing 66 planes in the air at one time, to me already a show of might and power.

I and my companions had a very good view of the event. It crossed my mind that with these new aircraft, it will definitely strengthen our air force, and can more effectively and efficiently carry out its mission.

More so, foreign investors will now take interest in the country and more factories will be put up giving employment to many Filipinos. Investors will surely come for they know that the Philippines is now more secure, having a refurbished air force. And with these new, modern and well-equipped PAF planes, we will have our rightful place in the ASEAN region and we will no longer be bullied by our “Singkit” neighbors, as they are doing just now. We can be confident that we have a strong and reliable air force, to defend the country from aggressors.

Our President has vowed to make the PAF stronger, and it is also likewise the commitment of the PAF to be one of the best, as guardian of our skies. Such good news brings hope and enthusiasm to Filipinos. Surely, yesterday was one proud moment for our Philippine Air Force, and for us Pampangueños, and the whole nation.

Meredith B. Manalang
Mabalacat, Pampnga


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