Pagasa monitors twin typhoons; ‘Goni’ may enter PAR Tuesday


The two tropical storms outside the Philippine Area of Responsibility (PAR) have intensified into typhoon category and one of them will enter PAR Tuesday, Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (Pagasa) said Monday.

In an interview, Pagasa weather forecaster Shaira Nonot said the typhoon with international name “Goni” has maximum sustained winds of 130 kph and gustiness up to 160 kph and moving west northwest at 20 kph.

Maintaining its speed and movement, typhoon Goni will enter PAR by Tuesday afternoon and will be locally named “Ineng”, the ninth tropical cyclone to affect the country this year and second for the month of August.

She also said typhoon Gonie is expected to intensify but has slim chance to become a super typhoon.

She added that Ineng, like typhoon Hanna, is not expected to make landfall in any part of the country but will enhance the southwest monsoon that will bring rains over the western section parts of the country.

She noted that by Wednesday rains are expected over parts of Visayas and southern Luzon due to typhoon-enhanced southwest monsoon and by Thursday expect rains in most parts of Luzon, including Metro Manila.

Meanwhile, Nonot said the other typhoon with international name “Atsani” was located approximately 4,055 km east of southern Luzon.
She noted that this typhoon has a slim chance to enter the country but the agency continues to monitor it. Once it enters the PAR it will be locally named “Jenny”, the tenth tropical cyclone to affect the country this year.

For Monday forecast, Nonot said the Intertropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ) will continue to bring cloudy skies with rainshowers across the Visayas and some parts of Mindanao.

The ITCZ across Visayas, which is the thick clouds coming from the south of Asia, is considered a breeding ground for low-pressure areas (LPAs) or potential cyclones.

Due to ITCZ will bring cloudy skies with light to moderate rainshowers in Visayas, Zamboanga Peninsula and Caraga region.

She added the rest of the country including Metro Manila will have fair weather except for isolated thunderstorms in the afternoon or evening.

She also said state weather bureau has not issued gale warning as the fisherfolks are now safe to venture into the seas. PNA


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  1. What amazes me is that here we have a country “beset” with typhoons..Our major city Manila stilll has not got the storm drains in place –

    -Are the city fathers so wise in the way of the severe weather …That they can afford to let many the pipes; and open cuts where they will be laid ..Just left to the mercy\of an on coming storm…

    A good example of how the “organization” of this major project works –Was brought home to me

    I Sampalloc where I live –Residents were told that they had to stock up on water because due to the storm guttering being laid -The water had to be cut off for eight days –

    -We all scurried to stock up on water –We bought large BINS –IN MY OWN CASE WE BOUGHT ABOUT 1000 peso of plastic bins .
    However the days pass and the water was not cut off—So the whole exerciser for naught
    So this gave me an insight into how much organization was involved –Seems they can get anything done on the time they state
    If a super typhoon hit our Capital city {God Forbid} A lot of the drainage system is still not in place
    During the past two years I have had to go Back to Australia ,on occasion –
    -when i come back My wife n Daughter pick me up

    As we drive back to our home through manila –I am always surprised/shocked to see how much work is till yet to be done

    There is a good old cockney saying “Come On get your finger out”!

    I think this is apt to say in this case

    I remain your Humble servant
    David M Meyer PhD