Pagcor rejects Ongpin’s last-ditch offer


STATE-RUN Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corp. (Pagcor) on Thursday rejected businessman Roberto Ongpin’s surprise offer to donate 49 percent of his shareholdings in gaming technology firm PhilWeb Corp., pointing to President Rodrigo Duterte’s order to shut down all forms of online gambling.

Pagcor’s decision is expected to lead to the closure of PhilWeb, whose license as technology provider to 286 Pagcor “e-Games” outlets nationwide has expired. An estimated 6,000 workers will lose their jobs.

“The issue is not [Ongpin] or PhilWeb per se. It is the President’s and his government’s opposition to on-line and on-site electronic gaming because of the social ills and decay they foist on our communities as they cater to the more economically vulnerable portion of our population,” Pagcor chief Andrea Domingo said in a statement.

“The campaign to correct or stop previous gaming policies that bring about such pernicious social conditions just had to start with PhilWeb, simply because its license had expired,” she added.

The Pagcor chairwoman said her agency would “deal with similar cases involving other parties accordingly.”

The decision came a day after Ongpin announced his last-ditch attempt to save PhilWeb by donating 49 percent out of his 53.76-percent shareholdings in PhilWeb to Pagcor.

This would have kept PhilWeb alive under Pagcor, which functions as regulator and casino and e-Games operator.

Ongpin had resigned as PhilWeb chairman and initially decided to get out of the company through a public auction of his stake.

Earlier, he said that PhilWeb, “with no income, will surely disintegrate before the end of this month of August.”


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  1. Gambling is simply bad.

    As we start to clean up our country, we should have already realized that. We can not try to do good and then earn our living from evil at the same time.

    Let’s try to make an honorable living by honest work and sweat – it is these honest deeds that contribute to real productivity, capable of producing real goods and service, and remove the root cause of our problems.

    This is why the workers, farmers, fishermen are truly more honorable than judges, lawyers, senators and congressmen – who mostly get rich at the expense of the people, who have no contribution to real productivity – the toilet is much more useful than these elements.

  2. Calling all the vigilante groups. DO NOT victimize the the POOR victims of the drug LORDS. Instead, get rid of the announced drug lords from the PNP generals and officers and mayor as well as house of representatives and senator politicians and justices who are accused with evidences and just keep on denying. Hang them in front of a public place. It looks like the Duterte government gives due process only to the RICH and FAMOUS who can afford to buy the justices. Also include the CHINESE drug lords and oligarchs who have been exploiting the Filipino people. Remember what one senator said, “The Chinese invented corruption”.

  3. “with no income?” BS. YTD they have accumulated earnings plus retained earnings. How much will go to the laid off employees will measure how much social responsibility they feel towards their workers.