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    1. Ernesto Dilan on

      Hi I’m interested in the article of any comet that I witnessed sightings when I was about 8-10 years old kid way back about 40 years ago maybe 1970 to 1974. Me and everybody on that time ( Project 4, Quezon City) witnessed the beautiful comet very clear in the sky that night and it took 3 to a week nights I remembered.Those days there were no special gadget, no computers, internet, cellphone to record it personally. But I know I saw it in the newpaper I remember our nespaper is always Manila times or Manila Bullettin that time.
      Now when I do research trough internet why I could NOT see any article, photos or any information. I only see Comet Kohotouk in the internet that reach our earth 1974.
      I hope I believe you had an article on the comet that appear and we witnessed maybe from the year 1970-1974.
      Ernesto Dilan , Calgary, Alberta, Canada