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    Nailganic founder Krisha Cadiente

    Nailganic founder Krisha Cadiente

    There is something about perfectly polished nails that make women feel more beautiful and confident about themselves.  With every little task becoming more visually pleasing to do—whether typing away at a keyboard or cooking dinner for the family—the only downside to using nail polish is the possibility of using products that may expose the body to toxic chemicals.

    According to WebMD (webmd.com), many nail lacquers contain what is known as “the toxic trio” of dibutyl phthalate (DBP), formaldehyde, and toluene. These are the most dangerous of chemicals used in different beauty products.

    The online medical site further elaborates the harmful effects of the toxic trio. Toluene “is a toxin that may cause birth defects and developmental problems in children of pregnant women who have had extended exposure;” DBP “has been linked to birth defects in studies involving lab animals;” and formaldehyde “is a known carcinogen.”

    Worse, WebMD also reveals that some nail polish brands, though labeled non-toxic, still actually contain one, two or all three of these chemicals when tested in laboratories.

    Given this predicament, new and established brands have begun to address this concern by providing safer and healthier alternatives for countless women around the world who simply cannot do without lovely lacquers.

    Even nail lacquers have gone vegan

    Even nail lacquers have gone vegan

    Go vegan
    For the first time ever, 38-year-old, eco-friendly and fair trade brand from the United Kingdom, The Body Shop, globally launched its nail polish collection under the Colour Crush range of products.

    On November 14, The Body Shop Philippines proudly announced the arrival of its product expansion here in the Philippines to coincide with its 2014 Christmas campaign.

    According to Danica Leung, public relations and marketing communications manager, the entire collection is comprised of over 20 shades inspired by the colors of nature. There are blues, reds, naturals, grays and the signature Body Shop green.

    She also noted that the formulation of the nail lacquers reflects the company’s nature-loving ways since they are 100-percent vegetarian and packed with Marula Oil.

    Marula Oil is one of The Body Shop’s “Community Fair Trade Oils” sustainably sourced from small-scale livelihoods. The Eudafano Women’s Cooperative in Namibia supplies the English beauty company with the oil extracted from Marula trees, which provide the cooperative’s livelihood.

    In an interview with Daily Mail, Julia Noik, a spokesman for African Botanics, said, “Marula oil is a multi-functional anti-ageing oil that hydrates, protects, and rejuvenates the skin.”

    Asked why women should go for vegan nail polish, Leung replied, “They are chemical-free and totally healthy.”

    As a bonus, she promised that The Body Shop’s healthy version of nail colors dries quicker for a high-gloss finish.

    For the holiday season, she recommends two shades, the Mint Cream, a cool shade of green, and the Berry Gorgeous, a deep hue of pink. Each pick complements The Body Shop’s limited edition eye palette under the Winter Trend 2014 collection.

    Spa organically
    Meanwhile, 23-year-old Krisha Cadiente has introduced the concept of an organic nail spa in Manila with the grand opening of Nailganic Lounge on November 8.

    Located at Eight Forbes Tower in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Nailganic offers organic services using its sole product range, Sparitual.

    Founded by “slow beauty” pioneer Shel Pink, Sparitual “is committed to creating earth sustaining products that relax, nourish, and reconnect mind, body, spirit. . . [It also] provides spa treatment products and resources to help design and sustain a slow beauty practice.” (www.sparitual.com)

    With this philosophy the brand offers nail lacquers and nail care essentials that are free from the toxic trio.

    Asked why she decided on offering only Sparitual products in her spa rather than different brands as other establishments do, Cadiente told The Manila Times, “I am a Medical Technology graduate who practiced the profession for a year. Within that time, I realized that many people are already very conscious of their health. They always looking for something ‘organic’ and that translates even to nails. After doing research, I discovered Sparitual and knew this is what the market is looking for.”

    And although she never had prior experience in the beauty business, Cadiente is someone who knows a great deal about nail care. She shared, “I swear that I am really into nails! I go to a nail spa every week, and at some point I realized that there are actually very few nail spas here in Metro Manila because every time I would walk into one, it would always be full. I’d have to set an appointment two days in advance to get a slot.”

    And so Nailganic was born where she is still able to use her degree in terms of establishing and maintaining high sanitation standards at the spa.

    With regard to the actual services, a must try, according to Cadiente, are the range of “spa rituals” inspired by the nail brand. Beginning with a basic manicure and pedicure with hand and foot spa, there are four kinds of rituals offered to energize, soothe, calm or rejuvenate.

    “Each ritual depends on the mood of a person, and there are certain colors of nail lacquers that complement each mood, while keeping them healthy.” Cadiente ended.


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