PAL offers free inflight internet for 30 minutes


FLAG carrier Philippine Airlines is now offering Internet for 30 minutes or 15 MB for free, and passengers may surf longer by subscribing to myPALWiFi upgrade plans at 50 percent off.

“The free Wi-Fi offer was very well received when we first launched it for a limited period. We are very proud to be the first airline in Asia to offer free Wi-Fi onboard for all passengers traveling on international flights that are equipped with the service”, PAL President and Chief Operating Officer Jaime Bautista said in a statement late Wednesday.

“We continuously work towards addressing our passengers’ needs and have also come up with more affordable renewal price plans, and soon, access to hi-speed internet even while flying at 30,000 feet,” Bautista added.

The subscription plan starts with the basic $5 for 35MB. The $20 plan for 150MB is suited for those who need more bandwidth.

The service is in line with the goal of becoming a five-star full service national carrier of the Philippines, according to PAL.


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