• PAL starts P550 terminal fee integration into ticket


    Philippine Airlines (PAL) on Sunday started implementing the integration of terminal fees for international flights as a component of ticket cost in compliance with the memorandum of agreement signed between the Manila International Airport Authority and airline companies operating in the country. PAL said the integration of terminal fees with ticket cost “will streamline pre-flight procedures for the convenience of passengers.” Overseas Filipino workers and athletes with terminal fee exemptions certificates issued by the government can present their certificates at point of sale, such as ticket in offices, or they can get a refund at the airport. The integration of terminal fees of domestic flights onto the cost of ticket began in 2013, PAL said.


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    1. Eliseo Jr. P.Tenza on

      I believe, the purpose of the inclusion of the termonal fee on the airticket is to facilitate the movement of the passengers , and also reduce manpower needed to collect the terminal fees in the airport. While this is a good idea, it does not apply well to the OFW workers. The OFW are exempt from paying terminal fees. With this system the OFW will be burdened to get the reimbursement of their terminal fee.
      I suggest the following:
      In Singapore, the OFW is issued an Employment Pass card by the Singapore government, and an OEC by the Phil. Embassy, when the OFW goes home to visit the Philippines. All they need to do when buying an air ticket is to show proof that they are OFW, by showing their E Pass, or OEC documents.
      When buying ticket on line, they can mention the E Pass number, and have it verified at the check in counter.
      The OFW has been granted the priviledge of not being required to pay the terminal fee, because it is acknowledged that the OFW’s contribution to the Philippines has helped the Philippines financially.
      Why is it then the system of the Authorities in the Philippines, always makes it difficult for the OFW’s to visit their country?
      Please review your policies and make it pleasant for the OFW’s to visit their families in the Philippines.