PAL to provide in-flight MedAire services


Philippine Airlines has signed an agreement with MedAire, the world’s leading provider of in-flight medical advice and assistance, for the carrier’s long-haul international flights to assure round-the-clock access to medical services while airborne.

Under the agreement, MedAire will provide PAL round-the-clock access to advice and assistance from emergency physicians stationed at its MedLink Global Response Center.

“With MedAire, PAL’s flight crews now have direct access to emergency-room physicians at a Level One trauma center who can draw on the extensive medical resources available and then provide specific guidance on the case at hand. The flag carrier’s partnership with MedAire is most valuable as medical advice is made available at any point during a flight,” PAL said in a statement.

MedLink physicians have immediate knowledge of the medical equipment on the aircraft, the medications available, and their location within the medical kit. In addition, should a diversion be recommended, MedAire assists the pilot and operations center in determining the most medically appropriate diversion location based on the passenger’s medical needs.

It then arranges emergency medical services in accordance with airport protocols. Last year, MedAire assisted its global airline clients with more than 28,900 in-flight medical events. MedAire is part of International SOS, the world’s leading medical and travel security risk services company. Established in 1986, MedAire has provided assistance to more than 230,000 in-flight medical events.

The center is based at Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center, a nationally ranked, multi-awarded hospital in Phoenix, Arizona. MedLink medical assistance is available from anywhere in the world using the existing communications system of PAL aircraft.

MedAire’s MedLink doctors are available 24 hours a day to help manage in-flight medical situations as well as provide pre-flight medical guidance on whether an ill passenger is fit to fly. For instance, during an in-flight emergency, PAL pilots and cabin crew contact the MedLink center and communicate with a specialist physician via the aircraft’s satellite phone, HF/VHF radio or ACARS system.

The MedAire doctor assesses the situation, guides the crew in providing emergency care to patients and, depending on the severity of the illness, may recommend a flight diversion if needed.


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