• Palace allays fears land distribution ends June 30


    THE Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program Extension with Reforms Law (Carper)  will expire on June 30 but land acquisition and distribution under the law will continue, Malacañang said on Saturday.

    Some farmer groups fear that the expiration of the law will halt the distribution of land that may adversely affect poor farmers who rely on parcels of land they till.

    But deputy presidential spokesperson Abigail Valte said the President certified the CARP extension bill as urgent but Congress failed to act on it.

    Despite this development however, Valte said the Department of Agrarian Reform continues to issue Notices of Coverage for land distribution.

    What is important is the issuance of Notices of Coverage for lands covered by CARP and despite the expiration on June 30 this year, land acquisition and distribution could continue, she said.

    The Palace official said the public could view at the website of the Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) how many hectares of land were already processed by the department and also the number of Notices of Coverage that have been issued. DAR’s website is www.dar.gov.ph.

    Valte noted that farmers need not worry because DAR continues to pursue programs and projects to help farmers.



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    1. Arch. Lito L. Mallonga on

      We do not have trees in the mountain. During the term of Pres. F.Marcos
      those leaders just cut and cut trees without replacing them and sending
      those logs to Japan. Now what can we all do. We always talk of giving
      land to the farmers. It will never work. Let us do massive reforestation
      towards the mountain utilizing them on a joint undertaking with the DENR.
      TOTAL BAND in Cutting TREES. But not to worry as I have a way on getting
      those lumber from my own contacts so all existing operation in our local
      wood industries will not be compromised including our furniture industry
      specially on Wood Curving of Doors and Rattan. We produce better quality
      then does made by machines from other countries.

      Just make sure the farmers have the tools and the right technology including
      more forest rangers with better horses for them ( Appaloosa Horses).
      New verities of Trees including better salaries and medical coverage
      for their families. Those trees in Metro Baguio are not Pine Trees. They are
      Douglas Fir and Hem Fir planted by the First Nation of America who are now
      the Natives of Mountain Province.This will surely reduce the waves coming
      from the sea. I am bringing some of the First Nation of British Columbia on how
      to plants this trees on the Mountain and it will grow.

      But we also need two more buffer zones along the sea as well.

      I am bringing in a more effective greenhouses that can withstand more than
      140 KM wind uplift with full temperature control to make sure all the plants
      will survive before they are planted during the rainy season. It can also help in
      the food production of growing flowers and vegetable whole year round. PH
      government does not have the funds to do such undertaking due to limited
      funds and we can not deny that the rehabilitation of Yolanda and other
      calamities we have undergone last year. With our move and intention
      by our group will get it all done through the program of Pres. B.S. Aquino on
      the Private ( We) Public ( People of PH) Partnership through NEDA. This
      time Politics has to be keep aside once and for all.

      For sure all will benefit. I am not bothered on all the issues of Pork Barrel that
      most are taking about. It has been going on for decades not only during
      former Pres. Arroyo up to the present. But it is also good to address it once
      and for all so next time around when come election time the people have
      learned and will vote wisely on who will serve the country. It is just too
      bad that this is happening and the entire world are just observing us.
      It does not happened in PH alone but other countries including those from
      develop countries and it is a given fact anyways.

      Angel(Lito) J.L. Mallonga
      Architect / Urban Planner UAP

    2. They always talk about good intentions and always fall short with their results. Gumising na tayo! Malapit sa half a trillion pesos na ginasto natin dyan para sa ano? Para makinabang ang Leftist natin sa maynila na silang narereceive ng funding galing abroad?. Ang tanga naman natin.

    3. Arch. Lito L. Mallonga on

      The Land Reform will never work. Abuses by lots of politicians using
      the Farmers to take advantage of the land as well Landowners will never
      give those land take it or leave it. Pnoy can not solve Hacienda Luicita
      cause he can not decide alone. His Uncle Manong Peping will be the one
      to make the final decision and no body else.

      Remember that 85 % of our population are farmers and fisher folks. Philippines
      do not have enough land and we all know it. Rather than those land seating ideal
      might utilized them for food production, food processing and food distribution not
      only for the locals but towards international Market just like the way Thailand and
      now Vietnam.

      Thailand only learned how to plant rice from UP Los Banos and now they are supplying
      the rice to us. Vietnam who just came out of war is also exporting rice to PH as well.
      If we do not help the farmers this two countries are just laughing, taking advantage
      and sooner or later we will depend on them with our population out of control.

      A truly Cooperative & Profit Sharing be in placed on a Joint Undertaking. It will work
      and I will personally talk it over with Manong Peping. My group will utilized the entire
      Hacienda Luisita as the Model for other landowners and Farmers to do the same.
      We have the FUNDS toi back it up and it will work. Nothing is impossible once everybody cooperate. TRUST is all we need. That is the BOTOM LINE!!!!!

      It has been so long since the death of our beloved Pres. Ramon Magsaysay. Farmers are protected and landowners help its other. If we give this land to the farmers wala ng mati tira kung hindi paso na lang.

      Yours truly,

      Arch. Angelito (Lito) J.L. Mallonga
      Architect / Urban Planner UAP

    4. Stop the further issuance of NoCs. But conytinie land distribution on already covered.