Palace allies defend Aquino in Mamasapano hearing


PRESIDENT Benigno Aquino 3rd did not send any statement regarding his role in the Mamasapano incident but his allies in the Senate were there to defend him during the reopening of the investigation of the massacre.

The President was heavily criticized for his decision to allow his friend, former Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Alan Purisima, to be involved in the planning and execution of Oplan Exodus despite his suspension by the Office of the Ombudsman.

Senate President Franklin Drilon shifted the blame to former Special Action Force (SAF) chief Getulio Napeñas, saying the police official disregarded instructions given to him by the President.

Drilon pointed out that despite the instructions of Aquino, Napeñas still followed the principle of time-on-target wherein coordination with other agencies was made at the time of the operation.

“Therefore when Napeñas insisted on time-on-target, he disregard the instructionsof the President for coordination with the AFP [Armed Forces of the Philippines],” the Senate chief said.

On claims that the President compartmentalized the operation, Drilon pointed out that it was Napeñas who kept the operation to himself when he decided that Oplan Exodus be done time-on-target.

“Since it was Napeñas who said the AFP was compromised and concluded that the operation is limited, then he is the one who compartmentalized it,” the senator said.

On an allegation that the President was monitoring the entire incident in Zamboanga but did nothing to save the SAF troops, Sen. Paolo Benigno Aquino 4th asked the officials who were with the President in Zamboanga if they received live feeds from drones that were deployed during the operation and they all said no.

Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin said he was with the President in Zamboanga and there was no such feed.

Resource persons were also asked if they received any order from the President or request from the government peace panel to stand down but they also said no.

Former Interior Secretary Manuel Roxas 2nd said the President, when informed that the SAF commandos suffered many casualties, immediately ordered the military to do everything to assist the police troops.


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  1. Nothing in this world a so called perfect mission…There are always factors that were not expected will arise…but Everyone involved in the mission has always a reason to justify a failure..and everyone who will notice a failure has always a comment…BUT SANA, BEFORE WE COMMENT, WE NEED TO THINK FIRST…IF I WERE HIM? WHAT WII I DO? Ya, it is very easy to criticize because sometimes we thought we are better than them without considering their achievements and accomplishments as compared to what we have had…

  2. The bottom line here is Mamasapano raid was poorly planned by only one person. ,, Napenas. Even his SAF commanders were poorly managed and trained. 390 SAF against 100 plus MILF with the advantage of surprise attack and they were the one killed instead of the other way around . How in the world did that happen? Answer, only the 44 did their job and the rest of the 390 soldiers left their fellow soldiers murdered by MILF. Tell me if I am wrong. That is the only credible answer. The other scenarios does not fit the equation. God bless these brave 44 who only followed the wrong leader.

  3. A leader who knows command responsibility and accept it has no doubt Mr. Aquino is responsible…period. A public officials like Drillon and others who agree with him are position lovers who do not like responsibilty but look for a scapegoat. Shameful!

  4. Drilon is another puppet and opportunist . Obviously , Drilon ,Guigona ,Roxas are trying to suppress the truth from coming out .
    The SAF solders deserve Justice . Enrile wants to make sure that BSAquino and his cabinet Incompetence and cowardice act be tried in court .
    Bring back the dignity of our man in uniform. Enrile is doing this country a favor.

  5. drillon is as rotten pig as he looks . lahat ng nagtatakip sa maliwanag na katutuhanan na PAGPABAYA SA SAF-44 NA IPINALAPA SA MGA MUSLIM, MAKAKARMA KAYUNG LAHAT … FILIPINOS CANNOT MOVE ON JUST LIKE THAT because this is not the only incident and definitely will not be the last incident to happen while aquino and his allies are holding public offices … akala ni trillanes kukupkupin sya ni aquino … trillanes , kung anung ginawa mung pagtatraydor, gagawin din sa yu

    • With due respect I disagree with your unprofessional comment to put it simply insult. I think Drillon is right when a commander on the ground has kept the information to himself and did not follow the instruction. He should be fired there and then!
      Everybody knows about the large incentive (5 million USD for the head of Marwan and the other fugitive) to be given to Napenas Team and what he claimed intelligence units. Just like any game or endeavor, if there is money involve it will destroy the operation!! THIS IS THE ROOT CAUSE. I will liken this to the corruption in sports and in government. It is clear that the President has no interested in the money. He is interested to show that Marwan is eliminated and perhaps get praise and that’s all. Napenas has the money, fame and glory if he succeeded without lost of SAF members. After knowing that Marwan was killed he probably rejoice and forgot all about his people. Where was he during the battle? There are still a lot of questions to ask Napenas. So let us not be quick in blame game. Lastly let’s not shoot the messenger.