• Palace: Arrest of President Aquino’s heckler not a deprivation of freedom of expression


    The arrest of a student activist who disrupted President Benigno S. Aquino III during his Independence Day speech is not a deprivation of freedom of expression, Malacanang said on Saturday.

    It can be recalled that 19-year-old student Emmanuel Mijares was arrested by Naga City police after making a sudden outburst which distracted the President during his speech at Plaza Quince Martires in Naga City on Independence Day.

    Deputy presidential spokesperson Abigail Valte in an interview over state-run dzRB said that local city police arrested Mijares to ensure that the Independence Day rites remained orderly and peaceful.

    She stressed that it was the Naga City police who filed charges against the protester and not the Presidential Security Group (PSG).

    “It was the local PNP who filed cases and it was not to curtail freedom of expression,” Valte said.

    Reports said that the activist was charged with “tumults and other disturbances of public order” or essentially creating “alarm and public scandal.”

    He was also charged with “assault against an agent of person of authority” for resisting arrest and damaging the uniform of an arresting officer. (PNA)


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    1. Angel Pulido on

      Exercising a freedom of speech is a right provided for by the constitution thus, not a violation. But creating a scene, then assaulting a police officer, is a crime. One could spend a time in jail for that. Is it not? I am not a lawyer but that’s what I think. The Palace is correct.

    2. Valte is again in her unadulterated sycophansy saying it was’nt pnoy but the local police who arrested the student who “disrupted” pnoy’s speech. Don’t look at us we have nothing to do with this and by the way arresting the “heckler” is not curtailment of free expression Valte adds sanctimoniously. What the hell was pnoy doing in Naga to begin with he should have just stayed in front f his big screen playing video games that way he would not arouse seething anger of many like this poor student who could no longer restrain himself from expressing his disgust at what is happening around him. Look at it this way Valte, advise pnoy to be scarse these days if you want to avoid being heckled or worse have things thrown at him lie rotten eggs or over ripe tomatoes. So you thought he was safe in Naga think again he will not be safe from protesters anywhere.

    3. Julio Florante on

      The naked “emperor” thought his barong & pants were nice & beautiful…Until a kid told him the truth that he’s “naked” through his lies and AMPAW rhetoric?? which drove the emperor to become ballistic & incoherent….That’s why Naga’s police force went crazy to handcuff the kid or else they’ll lose their pants too…..