Palace asks teachers: Don’t go on mass leave


Malacañang is asking state teachers to reconsider their plan to go on mass leave in protest of government’s refusal to raise their salary.

Deputy Presidential Spokesperson Abigail Valte said that instead of resorting to drastic action like a mass leave, the teachers could ask legislators to pass laws that will increase their salaries.

“Our appeal to our teachers is for them to also think of the welfare of the students who depend on them for education. Rest assured we continue to further our engagements with our teachers who may have grievances. I am very confident that they will continue to talk to our public school teachers about their concerns,” Valte told Radyo ng Bayan.

She said a pay raise across all sectors is more feasible, considering that other government workers such as nurses are also calling for a salary increase.

“It would really be better if there will be across the board salary increase so that those who are similarly situated with our teachers will receive the same benefit,” Valte pointed out.

There are a number of pending measures calling for a pay raise for teachers in the House of Representatives, she said. The most recent, filed by Rep. Romero Quimbo, proposes a P15,000 across the board increase.

The measures have yet to be approved at the committee level.


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  1. Maria Elena Lozano on

    Since the corruption is rampant in legislative they cannot have a salary they deserve . Teachers deserve a decent salary … Puro kayo kayo na lang yumayaman! Mga ganid! Ang dami ninyong proyekto na bilyones pero daming walang bahay at nagugugtom! BUNCH OF HYPOCTRITE!

  2. Yes dont go on strike ( as thats what it is ) let the legislators pass laws, just pay them a decent wage. My god you lot look after each other well enough with your high salaries & even better benefits & bonus’s & everything else that adds up to making them rich.
    Forget the laws that will take for ever, pay them a decent liveable wage.
    Or maybe spend more money on automated machines for voting, come on government whats more important.