• Palace backs Duterte probe


    MALACAÑANG has thrown its support behind a move of the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) to investigate Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, who earlier admitted that he had killed several criminals in the past.

    In an interview over state-run Radyo ng Bayan, Palace Communications Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr. said the “rule of law must prevail” and that no one is above the law.

    “Bilang isang demokratikong bansa, tayo ay tumatalima sa prinsipyo ng rule of law. Kinikilala natin na ang bawat mamamayan ay may karapatan na binibigyang proteksyon ng ating Saligang Batas at iba pang mga batas, kabilang na ang karapatang mabuhay at karapatang mabigyan ng due process sa alinmang aksyong ligal [As a democratic nation, we observe the rule of law. The Constitution upholds and protects the people’s rights, including the right to live and to due process],” he added.

    Coloma said the CHR is mandated to look into alleged human rights violations, without regard to whoever is involved.

    “Isinasagawa ng CHR ang tungkulin nito na alamin kung may katotohanan ang mga umano’y paglabag sa karapatang pantao. Kahit sino pa man ang tinutukoy, kailangang patas ang pagpapatupad ng batas [The CHR is just fulfilling its task to find out if human rights had been violated. No matter who is involved, the application of the law should be equal],” he pointed out.

    In a recent interview, Duterte, a frontrunner in the presidential elections, admitted that he killed three rape and kidnap suspects in 1988.

    He narrated that he emptied his gun’s magazines on the suspects who showed up after collecting the ransom payment.

    Earlier, Duterte sarcastically claimed to have killed 1,700 criminals when he was asked about the 700 summary killings by the Davao Death Squad in Davao.

    Meanwhile, Coloma said the full might of the military and police will be enforced to ensure the safe and peaceful conduct of the May 2016 elections and even prior to it.

    The Palace official added that the Commission on Elections will mobilize the Armed Forces as its deputy to prevent the outbreak of political violence.


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    1. Mind you..Duterte is not dumb.. he is a very intelligent person and you guys biting his antics will turn your wishes into naught, Duterte is a lawyer and he knew all the way if what he is saying is within the bounds of laws. The wishes of Malacanang for a probe is just to show their fans that there is still hope for Mar Roxas to become president by disqualifying one by one Mar’s opponent. Filipinos are already tired of Malacanang’s “do not care” attitude to complains of the people. Filipinos know that if Mar wins..Uupo lang yan sa Malacanang at wala rin gagawin sa krimen at sa problema ng sambayanan.

    2. what about those students who were picked up and now dead because they are accused as npas? is there justice for those people? what about the poor who were victimized by the rich, are there investigations too? what about the funds for the haiyan, mr roxas, can you make an accounting of the funds and post in plain view for the people to see? We deserve to know otherwise, we will petition the donees NOT or NEVER to give donations to the government again. except, when duterte is president because he has never enriched himself from public funds.

    3. how about human rights violations by the moro rebs. Besides, this human rights BS is a propaganda tool from the west. its a black propaganda popular among CIA operatives.

    4. The only ones the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) is not investigating is the government and its military. They are actually the most guilty when it comes to human rights violations!!!

    5. Demolition Job started for DUTERTE to ensure Mar Boy Pick up win the 2016 election. ONE BY ONE the frontrunner are gone. So no more contender. ROXAS WILL WIN.

      • Duterte demolished himself. Self inflicted.. shot himself in the mouth. As a public servant he should be seen as tough by implementing the laws of the land. He should refrain from womanizing. Our country is governed by laws and should be respected.
        I hope Mar Will Win too!