Palace belittles ouster plot vs Duterte


Any plan to oust President Rodrigo Duterte will not succeed because the Chief Executive enjoys strong support from the public, Malacañang said on Sunday.

Presidential Communications Assistant Secretary Ana Maria Paz Banaag made the statement after bloggers posted leaked e-mails online showing that some supporters of Vice President Maria Leonor “Leni” Robredo are behind efforts to undermine the President.

Banaag said there is no word yet if the leaked emails will be investigated.

“Well, we don’t honestly know so far if this will be investigated but whatever ouster plans or resign…These groups who are asking for the President to resign, we know that at this point malabong mangyari iyan kasi nagtatrabaho ang ating Presidente, malakas ang suporta ng ating mga kababayan sa kanya (that won’t happen because our President is working and he has the support of the public). So I don’t think that would really be something that would go for investigation. Although…we don’t know yet if that will be investigated,” she said in an interview with state-run dzRB on Sunday.

Last week, a Pulse Asia survey showed the President enjoying approval and trust ratings of 83 percent.

Banaag said it is up to Robredo to say if the so-called ‘Lenileaks’ are true or not.

“We will respect whatever the Vice President would claim and it’s up to her if there are photos or emails or leaks that came out” she added.

“Then it’s up for her to convince the public if it is true that she has nothing to do (with the plot) or (if) she is not coordinating with other groups in the US or other personalities in the Philippines about that,” she added.

The hashtag “#lenileaks” has been trending on social media particularly on Twitter, alleging that the Office of the Vice President is part of a well-orchestrated, well-funded campaign to discredit Duterte as well as former senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos, who is contesting the result of the vice presidential race last year.

Marcos lost to Robredo by only more than 200,000 votes.

Serious matter
However, National Security Adviser Hermogenes Esperon Jr. told Palace Communications Secretary Martin Andanar on Saturday night that he (Esperon) wants to look carefully into the matter.

“Seryosong bagay ito kaya gusto kong tignan nang mas malalim pa (This is a serious matter, that is why I want to look into this more deeply)” he said in a phone interview with Andanar during a live Facebook session of “Martin’s Mancave.”

Davao City first district Rep. Karlo Alexei Nograles also believes that Congress should look into the alleged plot to oust the President.

“Congress must investigate this immediately,” Nograles told The Manila Times in a text message on Sunday.

The lawmaker added that such plots will fail because of the public’s support to the President.

“Based on the high trust and approval ratings of President Duterte, the Filipino people are solidly behind him. Those who want to topple the President are those who stand to lose their interests in President Duterte’s war against drugs, corruption and crime,” Nograles said.

Senate Majority Leader Vicente Sotto 3rd however expressed doubts on the plot against the President.

“I doubt if it’s true,” he said in a text message.

Sotto said if there was such a plot, the Senate would have gotten wind of it.

“I’m sure we will sense tremors in the Senate if ever there were such plans,” he stressed.


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  1. It is disgusting and shameful that unproven statements are being taken as fact and then used to insult the Vice President. No matter how much one may dislike another person, one should not use unconfirmed statements as the basis for making attacks on that person.

  2. Tama, do not take this lightly Ms. Banaag. Tulog ng tulog sa pansitan tapos pag nangyari na eh saka kayo mag nganga ngalngal. You were given this hint, now whether there is truth or otherwise you need to take actions. AS IN ACTIONS!

  3. Which is more serious plunder or treason?

    Plotting treason, undermining a legitimate government is a serious criminal act, and should not be taken lightly.

    The survival of the country, defending it from evil and personal interests, making it stable to establish the foundation of sound economy, is a basic task.

    (Certainly more important than a beauty pageant that promotes loose morals. Why put the country’s scarce resources into promoting culture of “gro/prostis/sluts”, rather than building for clean, honorable, productivity and defending the country.)

    Must be investigated promptly and thoroughly, take all necessary actions, prevent (nip in the bud – extra judicial, covert, wipe-out, neutralize), prosecute…

    We hope and wish well for the country, not return it to control of the few elite plunderers and traitors to ransack and enslave its people.

  4. I for one would like to know where these news of supposed ouster plot is coming from. Everyday we are confronted with fake news coming from paid bloggers and keyboard warriors of Bongbong and Duterte that even a lawyer believed the shipment of gold bars by the Aquino admin and prompted them to file a case in court using fake news as their basis. NOW IT IS TIME TO APPREHEND THESE FAKE NEWS BLOGGERS AND PUT THEM IN JAIL.

    As for their survey about the popularity of Duterte I won’t believe it because the survey was done in Davao and doesn’t represent the whole Philippines.

    • It is an interesting “fact” to read through the communications between the said “Loida Lewis” and her gang.

      If you have facebook, try searching for the posts by Sass Rogando Sasot and Thinking Pinoy. The evidences there are for your own satisfaction, whether fabricated or not.

      One thing is for sure I guess, Google’s pages are hard to hack, and would take so much time to fabricate those exchanges. I can say because I have been working with Google analytics and archives, and have read the conversations as well.

      Coincidentally, the dates correspond to the communications of the Office of the Vice President.

      I still respect the VP. Torn between his role as VP and her friends, unfortunately, she chose her friends. She happens to have no choice since her “friends” are the ones making her relevant these days. :(

    • everyday fake news? true especially if you’re watching TV Patrol, Saksi, 24 Oras, Bandila, etc EVERYDAY.

    • linda, you are ignorant. the survey is countrywide. sorry marimar roxas lost even while using yolanda funds

    • until now you havent seen yet the #LENILEAKS? its from a yahoogroup that was supposed to be private but from their stupidity they only make it private when it was discovered. it is a karma at its finest.

    • This is one of the strategy that was leaked in the infamous LeniLeaks. To deflect the criticism and turn it around against BBM and President Duterte but the truth is the bots are coming from their side. You could be one.