Palace blasts demolition job against Aquino


Malacañang on Thursday warned those behind the demolition job against President Benigno Aquino 3rd.

The Manila Times had earlier hinted that Aquino’s so-called “friends” could be behind the demolition job against him. The alleged extortion attempt by his sister Ballsy Aquino and her group is a case in point.

But, Palace spokesman Edwin Lacierda defended President Aquino, stressing that the country’s Chief Executive “knows what he does.”

”The President should watch out from his friends? The President need not be told,” Lacierda said. “So, as to the author of this demolition job, I have no names, but I think it’s not working, and I think he better stop it.”

The Palace official cited the improvement in the President’s trust and approval ratings shows how the public continues to trust the administration.

He noted that it is an affirmation that the people’s faith in Aquino’s leadership has not wavered and has in fact become stronger.

”We have seen so many times over the three-year period the various attacks against the President and, in spite of all these attacks against the President, the President’s approval ratings have remained at a record high,” he said.

”It shows that the people believe in the integrity of the President and, as long as the President continues in his path of ‘daang matuwid’, no amount of criticism, unfounded criticism, or demolition job against him will stick,” Lacierda added.

Meanwhile, the Palace official insisted that Aquino’s sisters ”have never involved themselves in any government affairs.”

”The only time that you will be seeing them is when there is an event here in Malacañan Palace and that’s very rare,” he said. “I can only think of two or three times, or four times lang, na nandito sila in the whole three years that their brother has assumed the presidency.”

Lacierda cited The Times publisher who wrote a column, stating “precisely that the sister, the presidential sister, will not besmirch the legacy of the parents—of the legacy handed down by their parents.”

”It is really malicious of people to impute involvement on the sister when we know for a fact that they carry the legacy of the names of their parents,” he said

”It’s a very precious legacy that they have been holding. They are the bearers of this legacy and they will not, in any way, shape, or form malign or demean this legacy,” he added.

Reports earlier revealed that the group of Aquino-Cruz was allegedly involved in an extortion attempt against a Czech company that is supposedly among the bidders for the new coaches of the Metro Rail Transit.

According to a source, some officials from the Czech firm Inekon Company refused to give an “advance” payment to the group of Aquino-Cruz, former Transportation Secretary Pete Prado and Engr. Steve Psinakis, husband of Precy Lopez, sister of the late Eugenio “Geny” Lopez Sr.

The alleged asking money amounts to between $2 million to $20 million, in order for the Inekon Company to get the assurance that the project will be awarded to them.

Officials from the Inekon Co. were surprised with the group’s proposal. The group even went to the Czech Republic to discuss the deal with them.

Based on the records of the DOTC, the Inekon Company is one of the bidders in purchasing of additional new trains for the MRT 3 and Transportation Secretary Jun Abaya said that they are indeed buying new trains in Czech Republic instead of the second hand ones being offered in Spain.


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  1. Halleluiah! Halleluiah! – Chief Prevaricator Lacierda.

    But let’s examine the indubitable facts which I quote, thus:

    “True enough, Ballsy and Eldon Cruz did travel to Prague sometime in 2011 upon the invitation of Czech Ambassador to the Philippines Josef Rychtar. While in Prague the three were treated to a social attended by representatives from the Czech government and business sector. It was purely social and no business matters were discussed. Even assuming they had attempted to extort $30 million from Inekon, as some speculators would put it, there was simply no window of opportunity to privately discuss business deals in the middle of a public gathering.” – excerpt from Dante Ang’s article, MT

    Take a close look on the second line of the preceding statements and you will be amazed to find that it foolishly assumed that “extortion issues” will be discussed in a “social gathering” and since there was no time to do it the issue did not exist. Furthermore, the statement is even erroneous in the first place. How can you say “privately discuss a business deal” in a public gathering?

    It is simply a desperate attempt to control damage. We can only surmise that the “social gathering” which did happen, was an offshoot of the previous private talks since it was attended by businessmen of the Chezch Republic. In the first place, ask yourselves what’s so special about that “social gathering?” Why was Balsy and Eldon Cruz, a civilian couple, was sent by PNoy instead of all concerned Phil. government officials who should be there? Of course, Lacierda knows that the palace predicament is indefensible so he resorts to “Hossana in the Highest.” Simply pathetic.

    Be that as it may, since the extortion issue allegedly happened in Chezch Republic, one thing is certain and that is, the source of the information either come from the the Chezch supplier of trains and parts named Inekon or it came from PNoy’s inner circle. It did not come from any critic “out to do a demolition job” as desperately alleged by PNoy. Nangyari sa Chezch Republic, papaano malalaman ng critics yon, PNoy?

    PNoy, the more you divert your indefensible position, the more you are showing that the extortion issue did exist.

    • Sleepless in Czech on

      Boommmm!!! you hit it right in the balding empty forehead. Possibly it may be controlled by now considering full control of everything but someday somehow that very suspicious smoke will surely come out in the open and that would surely turn their parents (however they were placed in their expensive coffins) away from their graveyards. Enough with all these too much praises, high ratings when in fact nothing has been done or proven for the past several years as a congressman, senator, president….. and soon Bgy. Captain? poor boy!