Palace bows to SC ruling stopping Arroyo trial


MALACAÑANG on Wednesday said it is bound to respect the Supreme Court (SC) order stopping for 30 days the plunder trial of former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo at the Sandiganbayan.

“Well, that is a resolution of the Supreme Court. As always, we will respect and respond to (it)… I think there is a resolution asking government to respond. So we will just act on what the Supreme Court has directed the government to do,” Palace spokesman Edwin Lacierda said.

In a press briefing, Lacierda also subscribed to the possibility that Arroyo may not even be convicted of the charges against her during the administration of President Benigno Aquino 3rd.

“There’s an expectation but there is also the reality that the judiciary operates separately, independently from the Executive branch,” the official told reporters.

He maintained that the tribunal has the sole power to act on such cases.

“When it comes to the judicial process, we always defer and respect the process and how a particular case proceeds,” Lacierda pointed out.

The SC issued a status quo ante order in relation to the case involving the allegedly anomalous disbursement of the intelligence fund of the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) amounting to P365 million during Arroyo’s term as president.

The High Court also ordered the Sandiganbayan’s 1st Division to comment on Arroyo’s petition for certiorari, which was filed by her legal counsel, former Solicitor-General Estelito Mendoza.


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  1. Ang sarap bobohin ng mga Filipino noh Lacierda? Tutal wala naman magagawa ang mga Filipino kahit bobohin mo…

  2. Why is Malcañang issuing a statement relative to the order of the SC. The SC order is directed at Sandigan, a supposed independent judicial body. It is Sandigan not Malacañang that should issue the statement. Is this proof that Sandigan is under the control of Malacañang?

  3. yes he isthe linta of pinoy lacierda boy wake up hwag mo ng lokohin ang mga tao gaya ng gngwa mo ang galing mo yur such a very sipsip boy

  4. He, he, the comedian is again at it, trying to soften the impact of the SC move against PNoy and his cohorts in the Sandigan. Lacierda have no other recourse but accept the SC decision with heavy heart of PNoy. Lacierda knows that there are only 4 rabid PNoy appointees in the SC and will be overwhelmed by the other neutral Justices in that organization when voting comes.